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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

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2002 Cadbury-Schweppes Foods Ltd. Yowie Lost Kingdoms - Series C Information Papers
Yowie Lost Kingdoms - Series C Information Paper & Toy
Source: The Dinosaur Fan Collection
Yowie Lost Kingdoms - Series C Advertising
Source: The Dinosaur Fan Collection

Set ID:1197
Issuer:Cadbury-Schweppes Foods Ltd.
Product Category:Paper Items
Product Function:Candy & Gum
Topic:Extinct Life
Size (Inches):30 @ 1-3/8" x 8-1/16"
Qty. Album Pages:N/A
Qty. Master Set *:30
Qty. Base Items **:30
Qty. Filler Items ***:0
Qty. Variations ****:0
Qty. Item In Scope #:30
Qty. Item Out Scope ##:0
Qty. Item TBD Scope ###:0
      * Master Set (i.e., all items including fillers & variations)
    ** Basic Advertised Set
  *** Filler Items (e.g., checklists, title cards, ad. cards)
**** Variations (e.g., different numbering, text, design)
    # Items directly related to extinct life
  ## Items that are not directly related to extinct life
### Items I have not seen so I do not know if they are relevant
Base Set Checklist
Click Imageto Zoom DB IDNumberNotesQtyCaption/DescriptionSubjectFantasy LifeIn ScopeDF Collection
372361 1Giant Bony-toothed BirdPelagornis
372372 1Riversleigh Striped PossumDactylopsila
372383 1EmuaryEmuarius
372394 1WakaleoWakaleo
372405 1BizarrodontaYingabalanara
372416 1Burrowing BatIcarops
372427 1Riversleigh Marsupial MoleNotoryctes
372438 1SilvabestiusSilvabestius
372449 1Sprite Possum  
3724510 1Powerful ThylacineThylacinus
3724611 1GlaucodonGlaucodon
3724712 1Bluff Downs Giant PythonLiasis
3724813 1EuryzygomaEuryzygoma
3724914 1Giant GoannaMegalania
3725015 1Heavy-footed MoaPachyornis
3725116 1Giant EchidnaZaglossus
3725217 1Giant WombatPhascolonus
3725318 1Giant Tree-kangarooBohra
3725419 1Common PropleopusPropleopus
3725520 1Giant Ringtail PossumPseudokoala
3725621 1PlateosaurusPlateosaurus
3725722 1CryolophosaurusCryolophosaurus
3725823 1KentrosaurusKentrosaurus
3725924 1AmargasaurusAmargasaurus
3726025 1BaryonyxBaryonyx
3726126 1LambeosaurusLambeosaurus
3726227 1PrenocephalePrenocephale
3726328 1CaudipteryxCaudipteryx
3726429 1ChasmosaurusChasmosaurus
3726530 1EdmontoniaEdmontonia

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