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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

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This is a 'Rogue Issue'1996 Comic Images Boris with Julie All-Chromium Collector CardsThis is a 'Rogue Issue'
Regular Card
Source: The Dinosaur Fan Collection

Set ID:1366
Issuer:Comic Images
Country:United States
Product Category:Cards
Product Function:Collector Issues
Topic:Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Size (Inches):
76 @ 2-1/2" x 3-1/2"
Qty. Album Pages:N/A
Qty. Master Set *:90
Qty. Base Items **:90
Qty. Filler Items ***:0
Qty. Variations ****:0
Qty. Item In Scope #:4
Qty. Item Out Scope ##:86
Qty. Item TBD Scope ###:0
      * Master Set (i.e., all items including fillers & variations)
    ** Basic Advertised Set
  *** Filler Items (e.g., checklists, title cards, ad. cards)
**** Variations (e.g., different numbering, text, design)
    # Items directly related to extinct life
  ## Items that are not directly related to extinct life
### Items I have not seen so I do not know if they are relevant
Base Set Checklist
Click Imageto Zoom DB IDNumberNotesQtyCaption/DescriptionSubjectFantasy LifeIn ScopeDF Collection
414301 1The Supreme Goddess  
414312 1The Greatest Weapon  
414323 1Untitled  
414334 1Serpent Sage  
414345 1Mr. O.  
414356 1Sunai  
414367 1The Kick  
414378 1Parting Seas  
414389 1Medea's Chariot  
4143910 1Knighted  
4144011 1Soft as Steel  
4144112 1Dawn  
4144213 1London 2500 A.D.  
4144314 1Virtual Reality Extinct Critters
4144415 1Never Ending War  
4144516 1Opium Dream  
4144617 15000 Volts  
4144718 1Suntan Bed  
4144819 1Romance  
4144920 1Realm of the Dolphin  
4145021 1Coronis  
4145122 1Spider Whisper  
4145223 1Brinke  
4145324 1Wired for Sound  
4145425 1The Four Riders  
4145526 1The Gorgon  
4145627 1Leather Jacket  
4145728 1Pamati  
4145829 1Nesus  
4145930 1Acceptance  
4146031 1Martial Combat  
4146132 1Pandora  
4146233 1Branched Out  
4146334 1Mormak  
4146435 1She's Mine  
4146536 1Suzanne  
4146637 1On Top, Alone  
4146738 1Against the Odds  
4146839 1Time is a Dream  
4146940 1The Creation of Rainbows  
4147041 1Mutants  
4147142 1Orpheus and Eurydice  
4147243 1Gargoyle  
4147344 1The Dancer  
4147445 1Thorma  
4147546 1Berserker Monk  
4147647 1Swords and Fangs  
4147748 1Robo Stripper  
4147849 1Space and Time  
4147950 1Ariadne  
4148051 1Cave Princess  
4148152 1Corkscrew  
4148253 1Hercules  
4148354 1Andromeda in Chains  
4148455 1Brinke Sword  
4148556 1Karate Kick  
4148657 1Circe  
4148758 1Circe ["Ladies"]  
4148859 1Suzzle  
4148960 1Metal Fantasy  
4149061 1Unseeing Extinct Critters
4149162 1The Sleeper  
4149263 1Instants  
4149364 1Jason  
4149465 1Icarus in Flight  
4149566 1Summit  
4149667 1Hollywood  
4149768 1Hieroglyphic Egg  
4149869 1Gypsy  
4149970 1Future Trouble  
4150071 1Steel Wings  
4150172 1The Signs of Christmas  
4150273 1Logo Design Extinct Critters
4150374 1Flowering Nest  
4150475 1Enemy from Within  
4150576 1The Future is Here Extinct Critters
4247777 1The Valkyries  
4247878 1Dangerous Kiss  
4247979 1Bird of Prey  
4248080 1Power  
4248181 1Over the Hill  
4248282 1Dragon's Duel  
4248383 1Eurydice  
4248484 1Floating Island  
4248585 1Biker  
4248686 1Dragon Battle  
4248787 1Persephone  
4248888 1Persephone ["Ladies"]  
4248989 1From Infinity to Eternity  
4249090 1Boris with Julie Checklist  

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