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This is a 'Rogue Issue'1999 Ty Beanie Babies Collector Cards - Series 2 (UK)This is a 'Rogue Issue'
Steg the Stegosaurus (Card #227)
Source: The Dinosaur Fan Collection

Set ID:1767
Country:United States
Product Category:Cards
Product Function:Collector Issues
Topic:Beanie Babies
Size (Inches):301 @ 3-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Qty. Album Pages:N/A
Qty. Master Set *:301
Qty. Base Items **:151
Qty. Filler Items ***:0
Qty. Variations ****:150
Qty. Item In Scope #:6
Qty. Item Out Scope ##:295
Qty. Item TBD Scope ###:0
      * Master Set (i.e., all items including fillers & variations)
    ** Basic Advertised Set
  *** Filler Items (e.g., checklists, title cards, ad. cards)
**** Variations (e.g., different numbering, text, design)
    # Items directly related to extinct life
  ## Items that are not directly related to extinct life
### Items I have not seen so I do not know if they are relevant
This set features pictures of Ty's Beanie Babies stuffed toys and consists of four subsets; common cards (#'s 150-249), Birthday or Rookie (#'s 250-273), Retired Beanies (#'s 274-288), and Rare Bear Holographic Cards (#'s 289-300). Cards 250 through 300 are chase cards, each of which were printed in four variations: blue foil logo (least rare), green logo, silver logo, and gold logo (most rare).

NOTE: this set is identical to the USA version except three cards were removed (i.e., #194, 215 & 299). T

Thank you to the individual(s) listed below and/or to the owner(s) of the resource(s) listed below for contributing information, checklist data, and/or image(s) included on this page.
Jeff Allender's House of Checklists (www.nslists.com)
B/R = Birthday or Rookie, RB = Retired Beanies, HB = Holographic Bears
Base Set Checklist
Click Imageto Zoom DB IDNumberNotesQtyCaption/DescriptionSubjectFantasy LifeIn ScopeDF Collection
54113150 1Holiday Teddy 1997  
54114151 1Holiday Teddy 1998  
54115152 1Ants the Anteater  
54116153 1Batty the Bat  
54117154 1Bessie the Cow  
54118155 1Bongo the Monkey with the tan tail  
54119156 1Bronty the Brontosaurus Bronty
54120157 1Bubbles the Fish  
54121158 1Bucky the Beaver  
54122159 1Butch the Bull Terrier  
54123160 1Canyon the Cougar  
54124161 1Chilly the Polar Bear  
54125162 1Chocolate the Moose  
54126163 1Crunch the Shark  
54127164 1Cubbie the Brown Bear  
54128165 1Derby the Horse with fur mane and tail  
54129166 1Derby the Horse  
54130167 1Digger the Red Crab  
54131168 1Eggbert the Baby Chick  
54132169 1Ewey the Lamb  
54133170 1Fetch the Golden Retriever  
54134171 1Flash the Dolphin  
54135172 1Fortune the Panda  
54136173 1Fuzz the Bear  
54137174 1Germania the Bear  
54138175 1Goldie the Goldfish  
54139176 1Goochy the Jellyfish  
54140177 1Goatee the Mountain Goat  
54141178 1Happy the Lavender Hippo  
54142179 1Hippie the Ty-Dye Bunny  
54143180 1Hippity the Mint Bunny  
54144181 1Hope the Praying Bear  
54145182 1Hoppity the Rose Bunny  
54146183 1Humphrey the Camel  
54147184 1Iggy the Iguana with spine  
54148185 1Inch the Inchworm with yarn antennas  
54149186 1Inky the Tan Octopus  
54150187 1Kicks the Soccer Bear  
54151188 1Kiwi the Toucan  
54152189 1Lefty the Donkey  
54153190 1Legs the Frog  
54154191 1Lizzy the Ty-Dye Lizard  
54155192 1Loosy the Goose  
54156193 1Luke the Black Labrador Retriever  
54157194 1Not Issued - (Mac the Cardinal in USA Edition)  
54158195 1Mel the Koala  
54159196 1Millenium the Bear  
54160197 1Mooch the Spider Monkey  
54161198 1Mystic the Unicorn with fur mane and tail  
54162199 1Mystic the Unicorn with iridescent horn  
54163200 1Nanook the Husky  
54164201 1Nibbler the Rabbit  
54165202 1Nibbly the Rabbit  
54166203 1Nip the Gold Cat with white face  
54167204 1Nip the Gold Cat with white paws  
54168205 1Patti the Maroon Platypus  
54169206 1Peanut the Elephant  
54170207 1Peking the Panda  
54171208 1Pinchers the Lobster  
54172209 1Pinky the Flamingo  
54173210 1Prickles the Hedgehog  
54174211 1Quackers the Duck with wings  
54175212 1Radar the Bat  
54176213 1Rainbow the Chameleon with hood & tongue  
54177214 1Roam the Buffalo  
54178215 1Not Issued - (Sammy the Ty-Dye Bear in USA Edition)  
54179216 1Santa the Santa  
54180217 1Scat the Cat  
54181218 1Scoop the Pelican  
54182219 1Scorch the Dragon  
54183220 1Slippery the Seal  
54184221 1Slither the Snake  
54185222 1Sly the White Bellied Fox  
54186223 1Splash the Whale  
54187224 1Spot the Dog with a spot  
54188225 1Spot the Dog without a spot  
54189226 1Squealer the Pig  
54190227 1Steg the Stegosaurus Steg
54191228 1Stilts the Stork  
54192229 1Stinger the Scorpion  
54193230 1Stripes the Tiger  
54194231 1Strut the Rooster  
54195232 1Tabasco the Bull  
54196233 1Tank the Armadillo with a shell  
54197234 1Teddy the Brown Bear - New Face  
54198235 1Teddy the Brown Bear - Old Face  
54199236 1Teddy the Cranberry Bear - Old Face  
54200237 1Teddy the Jade Bear - Old Face  
54201238 1Teddy the Magenta Bear - Old Face  
54202239 1Teddy the Teal Bear - Old Face  
54203240 1Teddy the Violet Bear - Old Face  
54204241 1Tiny the Chihuahua  
54205242 1Trap the Mouse  
54206243 11999 Signature Bear  
54207244 1Valentina the Bear  
54208245 1Web the Spider  
54209246 1Wise the Owl  
54210247 1Zero the Penguin  
54211248 1Zip the Black Cat  
54212249 1Zip the Cat with white paws  
54213250B/R1Baldy (Blue)  
54217251B/R1Beak (Blue)  
54221252B/R1Caw (Blue)  
54225253B/R1Early (Blue)  
54229254B/R1Echo (Blue)  
54233255B/R1Fleece (Blue)  
54237256B/R1Freckles (Blue)  
54241257B/R1Gigi (Blue)  
54245258B/R1Gracie (Blue)  
54249259B/R1Halo (Blue)  
54253260B/R1Hissy (Blue)  
54257261B/R1Jabber (Blue)  
54261262B/R1Jake (Blue)  
54265263B/R1Kuku (Blue)  
54269264B/R1Nip (Blue)  
54273265B/R1Nuts (Blue)  
54277266B/R1Patti (Blue)  
54281267B/R1Peanut (Blue)  
54285268B/R1Punkin' (Blue)  
54289269B/R1Rainbow (Blue)  
54293270B/R1Rocket (Blue)  
54297271B/R1Rover (Blue)  
54301272B/R1Smoochy (Blue)  
54305273B/R1Snip (Blue)  
54309274RB1Ally (Blue)  
54313275RB1Bumble (Blue)  
54317276RB1Chops (Blue)  
54321277RB1Floppity (Blue)  
54325278RB1Grunt (Blue)  
54329279RB1Jolly (Blue)  
54333280RB1Luzzy (Blue)  
54337281RB1Lucky (Blue)  
54341282RB1Magic (Blue)  
54345283RB1Puffer (Blue)  
54349284RB1Rex (Blue) Rex
54353285RB1Seaweed (Blue)  
54357286RB1Sly (Blue)  
54361287RB1Snort (Blue)  
54365288RB1Twigs (Blue)  
54369289RBH1#1 Bear (Blue)  
54373290RBH1Billionaire (Blue)  
54377291RBH1Britannia (Blue)  
54381292RBH1Clubby (Blue)  
54385293RBH1Erin (Blue)  
54389294RBH1Garcia (Blue)  
54393295RBH1Glory (Blue)  
54397296RBH1Libearty (Blue)  
54401297RBH1Maple (Blue)  
54405298RBH1Peace (Blue)  
54409299RBH1Not Issued - (Princess in USA Edition)  
54410300RBH1Valentino (Blue)  
Variations Checklist
Click Imageto Zoom DB IDNumberNotesQtyCaption/DescriptionSubjectFantasy LifeIn ScopeDF Collection
54214250B/R1Baldy (Green)  
54215250B/R1Baldy (Silver)  
54216250B/R1Baldy (Gold)  
54218251B/R1Beak (Green)  
54219251B/R1Beak (Silver)  
54220251B/R1Beak (Gold)  
54222252B/R1Caw (Green)  
54223252B/R1Caw (Silver)  
54224252B/R1Caw (Gold)  
54226253B/R1Early (Green)  
54227253B/R1Early (Silver)  
54228253B/R1Early (Gold)  
54230254B/R1Echo (Green)  
54231254B/R1Echo (Silver)  
54232254B/R1Echo (Gold)  
54234255B/R1Fleece (Green)  
54235255B/R1Fleece (Silver)  
54236255B/R1Fleece (Gold)  
54238256B/R1Freckles (Green)  
54239256B/R1Freckles (Silver)  
54240256B/R1Freckles (Gold)  
54242257B/R1Gigi (Green)  
54243257B/R1Gigi (Silver)  
54244257B/R1Gigi (Gold)  
54246258B/R1Gracie (Green)  
54247258B/R1Gracie (Silver)  
54248258B/R1Gracie (Gold)  
54250259B/R1Halo (Green)  
54251259B/R1Halo (Silver)  
54252259B/R1Halo (Gold)  
54254260B/R1Hissy (Green)  
54255260B/R1Hissy (Silver)  
54256260B/R1Hissy (Gold)  
54258261B/R1Jabber (Green)  
54259261B/R1Jabber (Silver)  
54260261B/R1Jabber (Gold)  
54262262B/R1Jake (Green)  
54263262B/R1Jake (Silver)  
54264262B/R1Jake (Gold)  
54266263B/R1Kuku (Green)  
54267263B/R1Kuku (Silver)  
54268263B/R1Kuku (Gold)  
54270264B/R1Nip (Green)  
54271264B/R1Nip (Silver)  
54272264B/R1Nip (Gold)  
54274265B/R1Nuts (Green)  
54275265B/R1Nuts (Silver)  
54276265B/R1Nuts (Gold)  
54278266B/R1Patti (Green)  
54279266B/R1Patti (Silver)  
54280266B/R1Patti (Gold)  
54282267B/R1Peanut (Green)  
54283267B/R1Peanut (Silver)  
54284267B/R1Peanut (Gold)  
54286268B/R1Punkin' (Green)  
54287268B/R1Punkin' (Silver)  
54288268B/R1Punkin' (Gold)  
54290269B/R1Rainbow (Green)  
54291269B/R1Rainbow (Silver)  
54292269B/R1Rainbow (Gold)  
54294270B/R1Rocket (Green)  
54295270B/R1Rocket (Silver)  
54296270B/R1Rocket (Gold)  
54298271B/R1Rover (Green)  
54299271B/R1Rover (Silver)  
54300271B/R1Rover (Gold)  
54302272B/R1Smoochy (Green)  
54303272B/R1Smoochy (Silver)  
54304272B/R1Smoochy (Gold)  
54306273B/R1Snip (Green)  
54307273B/R1Snip (Silver)  
54308273B/R1Snip (Gold)  
54310274B/R1Ally (Green)  
54311274RB1Ally (Silver)  
54312274RB1Ally (Gold)  
54314275RB1Bumble (Green)  
54315275RB1Bumble (Silver)  
54316275RB1Bumble (Gold)  
54318276RB1Chops (Green)  
54319276RB1Chops (Silver)  
54320276RB1Chops (Gold)  
54322277RB1Floppity (Green)  
54323277RB1Floppity (Silver)  
54324277RB1Floppity (Gold)  
54326278RB1Grunt (Green)  
54327278RB1Grunt (Silver)  
54328278RB1Grunt (Gold)  
54330279RB1Jolly (Green)  
54331279RB1Jolly (Silver)  
54332279RB1Jolly (Gold)  
54334280RB1Luzzy (Green)  
54335280RB1Luzzy (Silver)  
54336280RB1Luzzy (Gold)  
54338281RB1Lucky (Green)  
54339281RB1Lucky (Silver)  
54340281RB1Lucky (Gold)  
54342282RB1Magic (Green)  
54343282RB1Magic (Silver)  
54344282RB1Magic (Gold)  
54346283RB1Puffer (Green)  
54347283RB1Puffer (Silver)  
54348283RB1Puffer (Gold)  
54350284RB1Rex (Green) Rex
54351284RB1Rex (Silver) Rex
54352284RB1Rex (Gold) Rex
54354285RB1Seaweed (Green)  
54355285RB1Seaweed (Silver)  
54356285RB1Seaweed (Gold)  
54358286RB1Sly (Green)  
54359286RB1Sly (Silver)  
54360286RB1Sly (Gold)  
54362287RB1Snort (Green)  
54363287RB1Snort (Silver)  
54364287RB1Snort (Gold)  
54366288RB1Twigs (Green)  
54367288RB1Twigs (Silver)  
54368288RB1Twigs (Gold)  
54370289RBH1#1 Bear (Green)  
54371289RBH1#1 Bear (Silver)  
54372289RBH1#1 Bear (Gold)  
54374290RBH1Billionaire (Green)  
54375290RBH1Billionaire (Silver)  
54376290RBH1Billionaire (Gold)  
54378291RBH1Britannia (Green)  
54379291RBH1Britannia (Silver)  
54380291RBH1Britannia (Gold)  
54382292RBH1Clubby (Green)  
54383292RBH1Clubby (Silver)  
54384292RBH1Clubby (Gold)  
54386293RBH1Erin (Green)  
54387293RBH1Erin (Silver)  
54388293RBH1Erin (Gold)  
54390294RBH1Garcia (Green)  
54391294RBH1Garcia (Silver)  
54392294RBH1Garcia (Gold)  
54394295RBH1Glory (Green)  
54395295RBH1Glory (Silver)  
54396295RBH1Glory (Gold)  
54398296RBH1Libearty (Green)  
54399296RBH1Libearty (Silver)  
54400296RBH1Libearty (Gold)  
54402297RBH1Maple (Green)  
54403297RBH1Maple (Silver)  
54404297RBH1Maple (Gold)  
54406298RBH1Peace (Green)  
54407298RBH1Peace (Silver)  
54408298RBH1Peace (Gold)  
54411300RBH1Valentino (Green)  
54412300RBH1Valentino (Silver)  
54413300RBH1Valentino (Gold)  

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