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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

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This is a 'Rogue Issue'1989 Kitchen Sink Press 20th Anniversary Trading CardsThis is a 'Rogue Issue'
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Card #22)
Source: Auction Website

Set ID:2808
Issuer:Kitchen Sink Press
Country:United States
Product Category:Cards
Product Function:Collector Issues
Size (Inches):TBD
Qty. Album Pages:N/A
Qty. Master Set *:36
Qty. Base Items **:36
Qty. Filler Items ***:0
Qty. Variations ****:0
Qty. Item In Scope #:1
Qty. Item Out Scope ##:35
Qty. Item TBD Scope ###:0
      * Master Set (i.e., all items including fillers & variations)
    ** Basic Advertised Set
  *** Filler Items (e.g., checklists, title cards, ad. cards)
**** Variations (e.g., different numbering, text, design)
    # Items directly related to extinct life
  ## Items that are not directly related to extinct life
### Items I have not seen so I do not know if they are relevant
Thank you to the individual(s) listed below and/or to the owner(s) of the resource(s) listed below for contributing information, checklist data, and/or image(s) included on this page.
The Trading Card Database (www.tradingcarddb.com)
Base Set Checklist
Click Imageto Zoom DB IDNumberNotesQtyCaption/DescriptionSubjectFantasy LifeIn ScopeDF Collection
458283191 1The Spirit  
458283202 1Li'l Abner  
458283213 1Megaton Man  
458283224 1Xenozoic Tales  
458283235 1Death Rattle  
458283246 1Blab!  
458283257 1Twist  
458283268 1Steve Rude Sketchbook  
458283279 1Kings in Disguise  
4582832810 1Dancin' Nekkid with the Angels  
4582832911 1Male Call  
4582833012 1Melody  
4582833113 1Robert Crumb  
4582833214 1Harvey Kurtzman  
4582833315 1Flash Gordon  
4582833416 1The Outer Space Spirit  
4582833517 1Goodman Beaver  
4582833618 1Omaha the Cat Dancer  
4582833719 1City People Notebook  
4582833820 1Snarf  
4582833921 1Steve Canyon  
4582834022 1Cadillacs and Dinosaurs  
4582834123 1Denizens of Deep City  
4582834224 1Li'l Abner  
4582834325 1A Life Force  
4582834426 1Nard 'n Pat  
4582834527 1Nancy  
4582834628 1Homegrown Funnies  
4582834729 1Sleazy Scandals of the Silver Screen  
4582834830 1Flash Gordon  
4582834931 1Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book  
4582835032 1The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen  
4582835133 1The Secret of San Saba  
4582835234 1Omaha the Cat Dancer  
4582835335 1Big Baby  
4582835436 1Kitchen Sink Press 20th Anniversary  

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