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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

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This is a 'Rogue Issue'1956 Sweetule Products Ltd. Wonders of the World Cards - A Series of 25This is a 'Rogue Issue'
Regular Card
Source: The Dinosaur Fan Collection

Set ID:468
Issuer:Sweetule Products Ltd.
Country:England (United Kingdom)
Product Category:Cards
Product Function:Candy & Gum
Topic:Extinct Life
Size (Inches):25 @ 2-5/8" x 1-3/8"
Qty. Album Pages:N/A
Qty. Master Set *:25
Qty. Base Items **:25
Qty. Filler Items ***:0
Qty. Variations ****:0
Qty. Item In Scope #:2
Qty. Item Out Scope ##:23
Qty. Item TBD Scope ###:0
      * Master Set (i.e., all items including fillers & variations)
    ** Basic Advertised Set
  *** Filler Items (e.g., checklists, title cards, ad. cards)
**** Variations (e.g., different numbering, text, design)
    # Items directly related to extinct life
  ## Items that are not directly related to extinct life
### Items I have not seen so I do not know if they are relevant
Base Set Checklist
Click Imageto Zoom DB IDNumberNotesQtyCaption/DescriptionSubjectFantasy LifeIn ScopeDF Collection
130421 1The Duck-Billed DinosaurHadrosaurus
130432 1Temple of Abu Simbel, Nubia  
130443 1Shwey Dagon Pagoda  
130454 1Giant Buddha at Kiatang, China  
130465 1Leaning Tower of Soo Chow, China  
130476 1The Golden Pheasant  
130487 1The Mount of the Holy Cross, Colorado  
130498 1Grand Column Stalagmite  
130509 1Sampan Pagoda  
1305110 1The Frilled Lizard  
1305211 1Sphinx and Pyramids  
1305312 1Coral Fish  
1305413 1The Sacred Bull, Mysore  
1305514 1Giant Bamboos, Ceylon  
1305615 1Temple of the Sun, Baalbek, Syria  
1305716 1Fruit Bat  
1305817 1Franz Josef Glacier  
1305918 1Easter Island Carvings  
1306019 1Solveranus Fish  
1306120 1Mount Fuji  
1306221 1Pyramidal Temple, Yucatan  
1306322 1The NaosaurNanosaurus
1306423 1Raffiesia  
1306524 1Sea Urchins  
1306625 1The Taj Mahal, Agra  

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