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Kreps, Penelope Banka
Zebra Books
Catastrophic “Natural” Events
Extinct Reptiles
Prehistoric/Primitive Humanoids
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Mike Riley (03/04/04)
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2 Scars
2 Scars
“Get the canoe,” Harvey gasped. "EMIL" He waded toward his friend. "EMIL!" Why didn't he move? Why didn’t he get the damned canoe? Why did he have that look … ? Harvey stopped three feet from Emil. Emil’s eyes were wide and shocked, and staring right at him. His mouth was open, and a thin trickle of blood ran down his chin and dripped into the water. He didn't blink. He didn't reach up to wipe away the blood. Harvey fought through his growing dread to take the few more steps to reach his buddy. When he put a hand Emil's shoulder, he watched with a strange and sudden sense of detachment as the top half of Emil rolled over in the water. There was no bottom half.”

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