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Footprints of Thunder
David, James F
TOR Books
Time Travel
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/04/04)
My Rating:
3-1/2 Scars
3-1/2 Scars
“Then Petra pushed her hips against Colter and leaned her head back. Colter bent his head to kiss her, but never got the chance. When Colter moved to kiss Petra he saw something coming out of the water behind her. It was the fish. This was like no fish he had ever seen. It had a fish shape, but it was armored from head to tail, with four flippers it used like legs to run along the lake bottom. Colter started to push Petra aside, but it was too late. The fish hit her from behind, clamping its jaws down on her left leg. The blow knocked Petra into Colter and be stumbled back, failing into the shallows. Screaming from the shock and the pain, Petra's leg was jerked out from under her as the killer fish pulled her toward the depths. In vain, Colter charged after them. "Kick at it, Petra," be shouted in desperation. Petra mouthed something Colter never heard and then her head was pulled beneath the surface. Diving into the water, Colter saw Petra pulled deeper into the lake, her arms outstretched, reaching for him. He stroked and kicked after her, reaching out to grab her retreating hands, but it was no use. He watched her pleading eyes and reaching hands fade into the murky depths, until she was gone.”

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