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Raptor Red
Bakker, Robert Thomas
Bantam Books
Extraordinary Circumstances/Fate
Extinct Mammals
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/05/04)
My Rating:
4 Scars
4 Scars
“The acro snaps her neck backward into a tight S-curve. Muscle groups work against each other-tensing the head and neck and torso. The whole joint-muscle apparatus is a coiled weapon, ready to fire and send the jaws down and forward. KAWOOOOOOSH! Raptor Red is knocked backward. Her head goes six feet under. Her muzzle drags along the bottom. Wet sand is stuffed up her nostrils. KAWOOOOOOOSH! A second explosive force sends tons of water over her, rolling her body along the bottom. Salt water clogs her throat. Five more surges keep her from grabbing the sand with her hindclaws. Raptor Red jabs all six of her foreclaws into a clump of brown seaweed. Then she jams one set of hindclaws in between two submerged rocks. She sticks her head and neck up is far as they'll go. Her nostrils break the surface. She spits out green water and a mouthful of salty mud. Her right eye opens just above the surface.
Drops of hot blood spatter the water all around her. She looks around. It’s a hideous sight. Streams of bright red arterial blood are squirting up from the surface. The acro has a huge open wound in the thorax that exposes three broken ribs and lacerated viscera. A hindleg, dislocated at the knee, flaps about in uncoordinated spasms."

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