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Ice Hunt
Rollins, James
HarperCollins Publishers
Cryogenic Restoration (Deep Freeze Thaw)
Extinct Mammals
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/07/04)
My Rating:
3-1/2 Scars
3-1/2 Scars
“Staring up, Lacy knew she had been mistaken a moment ago. With this realization, terror drove sanity to the edges of her consciousness. It was half a ton in mass, its skin smooth, shining oily, more like a dolphin's skin. Adding to this appearance, its head was sleek, earless, but domed high, sweeping down to an elongated muzzle, giving it a stretched appearance. The slitted nostrils rose too high on its face, almost above its wide-spaced eyes. Lacy stared numbly It was too large, too muscular, too primeval for the modern world. Even in her madness, she recognized what she was seeing: something prehistoric, saurian. . . yet still mammalian. The beast studied her in turn, its lips rippling back from its long snout to reveal rows of jagged teeth as bright as broken bone against pink gums. Razored claws sank into the ice. Some primitive part of her responded to the age-old instincts of predator and prey. A small mewling whimper escaped Lacy's throat. The beast began its slow climb into the pit.”

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