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Knight, Harry Adam
TOR Books
Genetic Mutation/Experimentation
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/07/04)
My Rating:
3 Scars
3 Scars
"They stared at each other for a full 30 seconds, though it seemed much longer to Cartwright. Then the creature's tail, which had been sweeping back and forth restlessly over the floor, suddenly stiffened and rose into the air behind it. This had the effect of pulling the upper body back until the creature was standing almost as straight as a man. Even as part of Cartwright's mind began to register this new development, the creature charged him. Emitting an earsplitting screech it covered the 10 feet with just two strides of its powerful hind legs. The claws on its forelegs grasped Cartwright by the shoulders and lifted him into the air. At the same time one of the hind feet rose up and slashed him down the length of his body. The scythe like middle claw opened up Cartwright from neck to groin before he even realized what was happening.

Then he was lying on his back on the floor and staring up at the lights on the ceiling. He felt terribly cold. He was dimly aware that the shotgun had gone off but he had no idea if he'd hit the creature. Perhaps the noise had scared it away. He wondered how badly he was hurt. He didn't want to look and see … The creature's head suddenly moved into his field of vision. It was bending over him. As the head came closer he felt its hot breath on his face. The stink was awful. The teeth closed on his neck and Cartwright knew nothing more."

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