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Rollins, James
HarperCollins Publishers
Catastrophic “Natural” Events
Mutant Life Forms
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/07/04)
My Rating:
4 Scars
4 Scars
"Leave it," Nate said. "Get away from the edge." The corporal released his pack with a slight splash and yanked his arm back. But he moved too slowly. The monster lunged up out of the depths, jaws open, water sluicing from its scales. It shot ten feet out of the swamp, a tower of armor plating and teeth as long as a man's forearm. The Ranger was pulled off his feet and shoved high into the air, screaming in shock and terror. The huge jaws clamped shut with an audible crunch of bones. Okamoto's scream changed in pitch to pain and disbelief. His body was shaken like a rag doll, legs flailing. Then the creature's bulk dropped back into the depths. "Fire!" Waxman called.”

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