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Page, Jake
University of New Mexico Press
Catastrophic “Natural” Events
Extinct Mammals
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/08/04)
My Rating:
2 Scars
2 Scars
“It roared again, and Sam struggled with another gear lever. He felt it slide home and the spinning cylinder began to descend, but suddenly the grotesque face dropped out of sight and in an instant appeared at the side of the machine, rearing up, its great maw agape, and the monster lunged upward. Sam fired the Colt again, the sound almost drowned out by the horrid voice, and he saw a fountain spray of red before he felt the agonizing pain and saw his left arm flop wildly before him and fall lifeless. He was sprawled on his side. His shoulder was crushed. A huge paw with talons longer than fingers raked across his face and neck, and he screamed until he choked as his own blood filled his threat. Huge teeth were coming at him and, as the world went black around him, Sam Blood was relieved to die.”

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