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Harriman, Steven
Berkley Publishing Group
Genetic Mutation/Experimentation
Mutant Life Forms
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/09/04)
My Rating:
4 Scars
4 Scars
“Link jerked and disappeared beneath the surface. Terrill dived under, grappling for the speargun strapped to his leg - get a spear into it, yes, explode the motherfucker. A submerged, gargling yell reached him. Terrill saw it under the surface, circling Link then rushing in to a second attack, incredibly fast, a giant head, ruby eyes, flexing its long body and tail like a dolphin. Terrill fought the straps on his thigh, tearing the speargun loose as the creature drove into Link's body again - too close; if he hit Link, the charge would blow his leg off; and then Link's leg was off, floating past Terrill's head, the poison flask sinking toward the bottom, still sealed, and he was trying to shout under water, furious, as blood began to cloud the channel around him.”

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