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Star Trek: First Frontier
Carey, Diane
Kirkland, James Ian
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Space Exploration
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (08/25/04)
My Rating:
3 Scars
3 Scars
“The predators were anxious to get to the open area. The spikers let themselves be driven forward, whistling with the rapture of the game. In a moment they would turn on their pursuers and attack. The bushes fell away and the running spikers came out into the bowl of the valley, an area with scrubby growth where sand was kicked up in great puffs by pounding feet and slashing claws. “Rusa!” Oya shouted, vaulting to her feet. “They’re being eaten! Rusa, go after them!" Even in the early tribal wars, before the planet squared away against the galaxy, they never ate each other. They even burned their enemy’s dead. None shall be devoured. “Rusa!” But Rusa was staring, too, entranced by a spray of blood and slashed skin rising out of the dust cloud. "Weapons out!” she shouted. "Go down! Weapons out!"

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