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Zindel, Paul
Hyperion Paperbacks
Lost World (Cryptozoology)
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (12/03/04)
My Rating:
2 Scars
2 Scars
“Zack tried to stand, but he was dazed. He looked up into the gaping jaws of the mother raptor. His body began to shake with terror as he reached out into the shadows, his fingers searching for a shoetree or a loose hanger. A weapon. Anything. Zack's lungs filled with the wet, stinking graveyard breath of the raptor. Hot yellow froth drooled down onto him from the spray of ginzu fangs that jutted out from the raptor's gums. The buzzardlike fingers of her forearms seized him, began to lift him up. Her tongue slithered from between her fangs. It crawled over his face, its slimy and scalding strip writhing down his brow toward his chin. The forearm squeezed him, pressed the breath half out of him. Gnarled fingers welted his skin, and he could barely think. What are you doing? He wanted to ask. What's happening? What? The raptor's thick rough tongue halted on Zack's lips and began to force down his chin and creep into his mouth. "NOOOOOO!" …”

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