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Night of the Bat
Zindel, Paul
Hyperion Paperbacks
Catastrophic “Natural” Events
Living Mammals
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (12/03/04)
My Rating:
2 Scars
2 Scars
“A thought – What is it? – shot through Magyar’s mind. Whatever the thing was, it rushed up his body, knocking the blowpipe from his lips. It had the weight of a large animal. He opened his mouth to cry out. To shout … But there was not sound. No terrible pain. Only a great pressure at his throat and a cracking of bone and cartilage. A moment later and he could feel a vise of needle teeth that rendered his jaw frozen. He was on the ground now on his back - and whatever it was held him down with the force and precision of a puma. Like a jungle cat, it had him by the neck, this thing, this black thing that now began to flap its wings on either side of him.

It took Magyar a moment to realize that the creature that held him was convulsing, the whole of its body shaking, vomiting fluids directly into his throat and mouth and ...”

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