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Drake, David
Tom Doherty Associates
Time Travel
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (02/02/05)
My Rating:
2-1/2 Scars
2-1/2 Scars
“The smell of death and rotting flesh lay like fog over a low ridge. .. The tyrannosaur's jaws had torn a yard-long ellipsis through the center of one mat. The edges of the gap were bloody. Blood had sprayed twenty feet high on tree trunks. A ring of feasting flies emphasized each spatter with glittering chitin. The tyrannosaur's claws had scuffled through the fire at the open end of one shelter, scattering it. .. There had probably been twenty or so Punans in the camp. Because they were asleep when disaster struck, they'd been unable to flee instantly the way the sounder of hogs had done when it met the tyrannosaur. Raggedly-severed limbs lay all about the encampment. A child's head and torso were face-down near where O'Neill landed the floater. The dinosaur had swallowed everything below the victim's waist.”

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