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Bones of the Earth
Swanwick, Michael
Time Travel
Extinct Reptiles
Submitted by:
Mike Riley (03/04/04)
My Rating:
2 Scars
2 Scars
“They got within thirty yards before some unseen signal passed among the animals and, as one, they rose to their hind legs and moved swiftly away. They did not run, exactly, but their bounding gait was so quick that they were, nevertheless, gone in a moment. "Come on," Leyster said. "Let's --” Tamara was tugging at his sleeve. "Look!" He looked back where she pointed. The Lord of the Valley came striding upriver. Leyster recognized the tyrannosaur by its markings. It was his old acquaintance and none other. The most dangerous predator the world had ever known glided swiftly through the low growth with a dreamlike lack of haste. His pace was unrushed, and yet his legs were so long, he moved with astonishing speed. Silent as a shark, he strode after the fleeing anatotitans.”

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