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Dinosaur †
Aardonyx P Abelisaurus P C Abrictosaurus P C Abrosaurus P Abydosaurus P
Acantholipan Acanthopholis P C Achelousaurus P C Acheroraptor P Achillesaurus P
Achillobator P Acracanthus P Acristavus P Acrocanthosaurus P C Acrotholus P
Actiosaurus P Adamantisaurus P Adasaurus P C Adeopapposaurus P Aegyptosaurus P C
Aeolosaurus P Aepisaurus P C Aepysaurus P Aerosteon P Aetonyx P
Afromimus P Afrovenator P C Agathaumas P C Agilisaurus P Agnosphitys P C
Agnostiphitys Agrosaurus P C Agujaceratops P Agustinia P C Ahshislepelta P
Airakoraptor P Ajancingenia P Ajkaceratops P Akainacephalus Alamosaurus P C
Alashansaurus P Alaskacephale P Albalophosaurus P Albertaceratops P Albertadromeus P
Albertonykus P Albertosaurus P C Albinykus P Albisaurus Alectrosaurus P C
Aletopelta P Algoasaurus P Alioramus P C Aliwalia P Allosaurus P C
Alnashetri P Alocodon P Altirhinus P C Altispinax P C Alvarezsaurus P
Alwalkeria P C Alxasaurus P C Amargasaurus P C Amargatitanis P Amazonsaurus P
Ammosaurus P C Ampelosaurus P C Amphicoelias P Amphicoelicaudia P Amphisaurus P
Amtocephale P Amtosaurus P Amurosaurus P Amygdalodon P Anabisetia P
Anasazisaurus P Anatosaurus P C Anatotitan P C Anchiceratops P C Anchisaurus P C
Andesaurus P Angaturama P Angloposeidon P Angolatitan P Angulomastacator P
Aniksosaurus P Animantarx P Ankylosaurus P C Anodontosaurus P Anoplosaurus P
Anserimimus P Antarctopelta P Antarctosaurus P C Antetonitrus P C Antrodemus P C
Anzu P Aorun P Apatodon P Apatosaurus P C Appalachiosaurus P C
Aquilops C Aragosaurus P C Aralosaurus P Araucanoraptor P Archaeoceratops P C
Archaeodontosaurus P Archaeoraptor P Archaeornithoides P Archaeornithomimus P Arcovenator P
Arcusaurus P Arenysaurus P Argentinosaurus P C Argyrosaurus P Aristosaurus P
Aristosuchus P Arkansaurus P Arkharavia Arrhinoceratops P C Arstanosaurus P
Asiaceratops P Asiatosaurus P Asilisaurus P Astrodon P C Astrodonius P
Astrodontaurus P Astrophocaudia P Asylosaurus P Atacamatitan P Atlantosaurus P
Atlasaurus P C Atlascopcosaurus P C Atrociraptor P Atsinganosaurus P Aublysodon P C
Aucasaurus P C Auroraceratops P Aurornis P C Australodocus P Australovenator P C
Austrocheirus P Austroposeidon P Austroraptor P Austrosaurus P C Avaceratops P C
Aviatyrannis P Avimimus P C Avipes P C Bactrosaurus P C Bagaceratops P C
Bagaraatan P Bahariasaurus P C Bainoceratops P Bajadasaurus Balaur P C
Balochisaurus P Bambiraptor P C Banji P Bannykus Baotianmansaurus P
Barapasaurus P C Barilium P Barosaurus P C Barrosasaurus P Barsboldia P
Baryonyx P C Bashunosaurus P Batyrosaurus P Baurutitan P Bayosaurus
Becklespinax P Beelemodon Beibeilong P Beipiaosaurus P Beishanlong P
Bellusaurus P Berberosaurus P Betasuchus P Bicentenaria P Bienosaurus P
Bihariosaurus P Bissektipelta P Bistahieversor P Blancocerosaurus P Blasisaurus P
Blikanasaurus P Bolong P Bonapartenykus P Bonatitan P Bonitasaura P
Borealopelta P Borealosaurus P Borogovia P Bothriospondylus P Brachiosaurus P C
Brachyceratops P C Brachylophosaurus P C Brachypodosaurus P Brachyrophus P Brachytrachelopan P
Bradycneme P Brasilotitan P Bravoceratops P Breviceratops P C Brohisaurus
Brontomerus P Brontoraptor P Brontosaurus P C Bruhathkayosaurus P Bugenasaura P
Buitreraptor P C Burianosaurus P Buriolestes P Byranjaffia P Byronosaurus P
Caenagnathasia P Caenagnathus P Caihong Calamosaurus P Calamospondylus
Callovosaurus P Camarasaurus P C Camarillasaurus P Camelotia P Camposaurus P C
Camptonotus P Camptosaurus P C Campylodoniscus P Canardia P Capitalsaurus P
Carcharodontosaurus P C Cardiodon P Carnotaurus P C Caseosaurus P Cathartesaura P
Cathetosaurus P C Caudipteryx P C Caudocoelus P Caulodon P Cedarosaurus P
Cedarpelta P Cedrorestes P Centrosaurus P C Cerasinops P Ceratonykus P
Ceratops P Ceratosaurus P C Cetiosauriscus P Cetiosaurus P C Changchunsaurus P
Changdusaurus Chaoyangosaurus P Chaoyangsaurus P Chaoyoungosaurus P Charonosaurus P C
Chasmosaurus P C Chassternbergia P C Chebsaurus P Cheneosaurus P Chialingosaurus P
Chiayusaurus P Chienkosaurus P Chihuahuasaurus P Chilantaisaurus P Chilesaurus P
Chindesaurus P C Chingkankousaurus P Chinshakiangosaurus P C Chirostenotes P C Chondrosteosaurus P
Chromogisaurus P Chuandongocoelurus P Chuanjiesaurus P Chubutisaurus P C Chungkingosaurus P
Chuxiongosaurus P Cionodon P Citipati P C Claorhynchus Claosaurus P
Clasmodosaurus P Clevelanotyrannus P Coahuilaceratops P Coelophysis P C Coelosaurus P
Coeluroides P Coelurus P C Colepiocephale P Coloradia P Coloradisaurus P C
Colossosaurus P Comahuesaurus P Compsognathus P C Compsosaurus Compsosuchus P
Concavenator P C Conchoraptor P C Condorraptor P Coronosaurus P C Corythoraptor P
Corythosaurus P C Craspedodon P Crataeomus P Craterosaurus P Creosaurus P
Crichtonsaurus P Cristatusaurus P Crittenceratops Crittendenceratops Cruxicheiros P
Cryolophosaurus P C Cryptodraco P Cryptosaurus P Cryptovolans P Cumnoria P
Cystosaurus P Daanosaurus P Dacentrurus P C Dachongosaurus P Dachungosaurus P
Daemonosaurus P C Dahalokely P Dakotadon P Dakotaraptor P Dalianraptor P
Daliansaurus P Damalasaurus P C Dandakosaurus P Danubiosaurus P Daptosaurus P C
Darwinsaurus P Dashanpusaurus P Daspletosaurus P C Datousaurus P Daxiatitan P
Deinocheirus P C Deinodon P Deinonychus P C Delapparentia P C Deltadromeus P C
Demandasaurus P C Denversaurus P Diabloceratops P C Diamantinasaurus P C Diceratops P C
Diceratus P Diclonius P Dicraeosaurus P C Didanodon P Dilong P C
Dilophosaurus P C Diluvicursor P Dimodosaurus P Dinheirosaurus P Dinodocus P C
Dinosaurus P C Dinotyrannus P Diodorus P Diplodocus P C Diplotomodon P
Diracodon P Dolichosuchus P C Dollodon P Domeykosaurus P Dongbeititan P
Dongbetitan P Dongyangopelta Dongyangosaurus P Doryphorosaurus P Draconyx P
Dracopelta P Dracoraptor P Dracorex P C Dracovenator P Dreadnoughtus P
Drinker P Dromaeosauroides P Dromaeosaurus P C Dromiceiomimus P C Dromicosaurus P
Dromomeron P Drusilasaura P Dryosaurus P C Dryptosauroides P Dryptosaurus P C
Dubreuillosaurus P Duriatitan P Duriavenator P Dynamosaurus P Dynamoterror
Dyoplosaurus P Dysalotosaurus P Dysganus P Dyslocosaurus P Dystrophaeus P
Dystylosaurus P Echinodon P C Echizensaurus P Edmarka P Edmontonia P C
Edmontosaurus P C Efraasia P C Einiosaurus P C Ekrixinatosaurus P Elaltitan P
Elaphrosaurus P C Elmisaurus P Elopteryx P Elosaurus P Elrhazosaurus P
Elvisaurus P Emausaurus P Embasaurus P Empaterias P Enigmosaurus P
Eoabelisaurus P Eobrontosaurus P Eocarcharia P Eoceratops P Eocursor P
Eodromaeus P Eohadrosaurus P Eolambia P Eomamenchisaurus P Eoraptor P C
Eosinopteryx P Eotrachodon P Eotriceratops P Eotyrannus P C Epachthosaurus P
Epacthosaurus Epanterias P Epichirostenotes P Epidendrosaurus P Epidexipteryx P C
Equijibus Equijubus P Erectopus P Erketu P Erliansaurus P
Erlikosaurus P C Eshanosaurus P Euacanthus P Eucamerotus P Eucentrosaurus P C
Eucercosaurus P Eucnemesaurus P Eucoelophysis P Eugongbusaurus Euhelopus P C
Euoplocephalus P C Euplocephalus P C Euronychodon P Europasaurus P Euskelosaurus P C
Eustreptospondylus P C Evazoum P Fabrosaurus P C Falcarius P Ferganasaurus P
Ferganocephale P Fruitadens P C Fukuiraptor P Fukuisaurus P C Fukuititan P
Fukuivenator P Fulengia P Fulgurotherium P C Fusuisaurus P Futalognkosaurus P
Futalongkosaurus P Gallimimus P C Galveosaurus P Galvesaurus P Gannansaurus P
Ganzhousaurus P Gargoyleosaurus P C Garudimimus P Gasosaurus P C Gasparinisaura P
Gastonia P C Geminiraptor P Genusaurus P Genyodectes P Geranosaurus P C
Gideonmantellia P Giganotosaurus P C Gigantoraptor P C Gigantspinosaurus P C Gilmoreosaurus P
Giraffatitan P C Glacialisaurus P Glishades P Glyptodontopelta P Gobiceratops P
Gobisaurus P Gobititan P Gobivenator P Gojirasaurus P C Gondwanatitan P C
Gongbusaurus P Gongxianosaurus P Gorgosaurus P C Goyocephale P C Graciliceratops P
Graciliraptor P C Gravitholus P Gryphoceratops P Gryponyx P Gryposaurus P C
Guaibasaurus P Gualicho P Guanlong P C Gyposaurus P Hadrosaurus P C
Hagryphus P Halszkaraptor P Halticosaurus P C Hanssuesia P Hanwulosaurus P
Haplocanthosaurus P C Haplocheirus P Harpymimus P Haya P Heilongjiangosaurus P
Heishansaurus P Helioceratops P Heptasteornis Herrerasaurus P C Hesperonychus P C
Hesperosaurus P Heterodontosaurus P C Hexing P Hexinlusaurus P Heyuannia P
Hierosaurus P Hippodraco P Hironosaurus Histriasaurus P Homalocephale P C
Hongshanosaurus P Hoplitosaurus P Huabeisaurus P Huanghetitan P Huangshanlong P
Huaxiagnathus P Huaxiaosaurus Huayangosaurus P C Hudiesaurus P Huehuecanauhtlus P
Hulsanpes P Hungarosaurus P Huxleysaurus P Hylaeosaurus P C Hypacrosaurus P C
Hypselosaurus P C Hypselospinus P Hypsibema P Hypsilophodon P C Hypsirhophus
Ichabodcraniosaurus Ichthyovenator P Ignavusaurus P Ignotosaurus P Iguanacolossus P
Iguanodon P C Iliosuchus P Ilokelesia P Incisivosaurus P C Indosaurus P
Indosuchus P C Ingenia P C Ingentia Inosaurus Invictarx
Irenichnites P Irritator P C Isaberrysaura P Isanosaurus P C Ischyrosaurus P
Isisaurus P Itemirus P Iuticosaurus P Ixalerpeton P Jainosaurus P
Jaklapallisaurus P C Janenschia P Jaxartosaurus P Jeholosaurus P Jeyawati P
Jianchangosaurus P Jiangjunosaurus P Jiangshanosaurus P Jiangxisaurus P Jianianhualong P
Jinfengopteryx P Jingshanosaurus P Jintasaurus P Jinyunpelta Jinzhousaurus P
Jiutaisaurus P Jixiangornis P Jobaria P C Jubbulpuria P C Judiceratops P
Juratyrant P Juravenator P Kaatedocus P Kagasaurus Kaijiangosaurus P C
Kakuru P C Kangnasaurus P Karongasaurus P Katsuyamasaurus P Kayentavenator P
Kazaklambia P Kelmayisaurus P Kentrosaurus P C Kentrurosaurus P Kerberosaurus P
Khaan P Khetranisaurus Kileskus P C Kinnareemimus P Klamelisaurus P
Kol P Koparion Koreaceratops P Koreanosaurus P C Kosmoceratops P
Kotasaurus P Koutalisaurus P Kritosaurus P C Kryptops P Krzyzanowskisaurus P
Kulceratops P Kulindadromeus P Kunbarrasaurus P Kundurosaurus P Kunmingosaurus P
Labocania P C Laelaps P C Laevisuchus P Lagerpeton P Lagosuchus P C
Lamaceratops P Lambeosaurus P C Lametasaurus Lamplughsaura P Lancanjiangosaurus
Lanzhousaurus P C Laosaurus P Lapampasaurus P Laplatasaurus P Lapparentosaurus P
Latirhinus P Leaellynasaura P C Ledumahadi Leonerasaurus P Leptoceratops P C
Leptorhynchos P Leshansaurus P Lesothosaurus P C Lessemsaurus P C Levnesovia P
Lewisuchus P Lexovisaurus P C Leyesaurus P Liaoceratops P Liaoningosaurus P
Liassaurus Ligabueino P Ligabuesaurus P Likhoelesaurus P C Liliensternus P C
Limaysaurus P Limusaurus P Lingwulong Linhenykus P Linheraptor P
Linhevenator P Lirainosaurus P Liubangosaurus P Llerdopteryx Loncosaurus P
Longosaurus P Lophorhothon P Lophostropheus P Loricatosaurus P Losillasaurus P
Lourinhanosaurus P Lourinhasaurus P C Luanchuanraptor P Lufengosaurus P C Luoyanggia P
Lurdusaurus P Lusitanosaurus Lusotitan P Lutungutali P Lycorhinus P
Lythronax P Machairasaurus P Machairoceratops P Macrogryphosaurus P Macrurosaurus P
Magnapaulia P Magnirostris P Magnosaurus P Magyarosaurus P Mahakala P
Maiasaura P C Majungasaurus P C Majungatholus P Malarguesaurus P Malasaurus
Malawisaurus P Maleevus P Mamenchisaurus P C Mandschurosaurus P Manidens P
Mansourasaurus Mantellisaurus P C Mantellodon P Mapusaurus P C Marasuchus P C
Marisaurus Marmarospondylus Marshosaurus P C Martharaptor P Masiakasaurus P C
Massospondylus P C Matheronodon P Maxakalisaurus P Medusaceratops P Megacervixosaurus
Megalosaurus P C Megapnosaurus P Megaraptor P C Mei P Melanorosaurus P C
Mendozasaurus P Merosaurus P Metriacanthosaurus P C Microcephale P Microceratops P C
Microceratus P Microdontosaurus Microhadrosaurus P Micropachycephalosaurus P Microraptor P C
Microsaurops Microvenator P C Mierasaurus P Minmi P C Minotaurasaurus P C
Miragaia P C Mirischia P Moabosaurus P Mochlodon P Mojoceratops P
Mongolosaurus P Monkonosaurus P Monoclonius P C Monolophosaurus P C Mononykus P C
Montanoceratops P C Montanoolithus P Morelladon P Morinosaurus P Morrosaurus
Murusraptor P Mussaurus P C Muttaburrasaurus P C Muyelensaurus P Mymoorapelta P
Naashoibitosaurus P Nambalia P Nanningosaurus Nanosaurus P C Nanotyrannus P C
Nanshiungosaurus P Nanuqsaurus P Nanyangosaurus P Narambuenatitan P Nasutoceratops P
Nebulasaurus P Nedcolbertia P Nedoceratops P Neimongosaurus P Nemegtomaia P
Nemegtosaurus P C Neosodon P Neovenator P C Neuquenraptor P Neuquensaurus P
Newtonsaurus P C Ngexisaurus Nigersaurus P C Ningyuansaurus P Niobrarasaurus P
Nipponosaurus P Noasaurus P C Nodocephalosaurus P Nodosaurus P C Nomingia P C
Nopcsaspondylus P Normanniasaurus P Nothronychus P C Notoceratops P Notohypsilophodon P
Nqwebasaurus P Nuoerosaurus P Nurosaurus P Nuthetes P Nyasasaurus P
Ohmdenosaurus P C Ojoceratops P Ojoraptorsaurus P Olorotitan P C Omeisaurus P C
Oohkotokia P Opisthocoelicaudia P C Oplosaurus P Orcomimus Orinosaurus P
Orkoraptor P Ornithodesmus P C Ornitholestes P C Ornithomimoides P Ornithomimus P C
Ornithopsis P Orodromeus P C Orthogoniosaurus Orthomerus P Oryctodromeus P
Oshanosaurus P Osmakasaurus Ostafrikasaurus P Ostromia P Othnielia P C
Othnielosaurus P C Otogosaurus Ouranosaurus P C Overosaurus P Oviraptor P C
Owenodon P Oxalaia P Ozraptor P C Pachycephalosaurus P C Pachyrhinosaurus P C
Pachysuchus P Pakisaurus Palaeopteryx Palaeoscincus P C Paludititan P
Pampadromaeus P C Pamparaptor P Panamericansaurus P Panoplosaurus P C Panphagia P C
Pantydraco P Paralititan P C Paranthodon P Pararhabdodon P Parasaurolophus P C
Parksosaurus P C Paronychodon P Parrosaurus Parvicursor P Patagonykus P
Patagosaurus P C Patagotitan P Pawpawsaurus P C Pectinodon P Pedopenna P
Pegomastax P Peishansaurus P Pelecanimimus P Pellegrinisaurus P Peloroplites P
Pelorosaurus P Penelopognathus P Pentaceratops P C Petrobrasaurus P Phaedrolosaurus C
Philovenator P Phuwiangosaurus P Phyllodon P Piatnitzkysaurus P C Pinacosaurus P C
Pisanosaurus P C Pitekunsaurus P Piveteausaurus P Planicoxa P Plateosauravus P C
Plateosaurus P C Platyceratops P Plesiothornipus Pneumatoraptor P Podokesaurus P C
Poekilopleuron P Polacanthoides P Polacanthus P C Polyonax P Ponerosteus
Pradhania P Prenocephale P C Prenoceratops P Priconodon P Priodontognathus P
Priodontosaurus P Proa P Probactrosaurus P C Proceratosaurus P C Procompsognathus P C
Prodeinodon P Proornis P Propanoplosaurus P Proplanicoxa Prosaurolophus P C
Protarchaeopteryx P C Protoavis P C Protoceratops P C Protognathosaurus Protohadros P
Pseudolagosuchus P Psittacosaurus P C Pteropelyx Pterospondylus P Puertasaurus P C
Pukyongosaurus P Pycnonemosaurus P Pyroraptor P Qantassaurus P C Qianzhousaurus P C
Qiaowanlong P Qijianglong P Qingxiusaurus Qinlingosaurus P Qiupalong P
Quaesitosaurus P Quilmesaurus P Rahiolisaurus P Rahonavis P C Rajasaurus P C
Rapator P C Rapetosaurus P C Raptorex P Ratchasimasaurus P Rayososaurus P
Rebbachisaurus P C Regaliceratops P Regnosaurus P Rhabdodon P C Rhadinosaurus
Rhoetosaurus P C Richardoestesia P C Rinchenia P Rinconsaurus P Riojasaurus P C
Rocasaurus P Rubeosaurus P Ruehleia P Rugocaudia P Rugops P C
Rutellum P Ruyangosaurus P Sacisaurus P Sahaliyania P Saichania P C
Saltasaurus P C Saltopus P C Saltriosaurus P Saltriovenator Sangonghesaurus
Sanjuansaurus P Sanpasaurus P Santanaraptor P Sarahsaurus P Sarcolestes P
Sarcosaurus P C Sarmientosaurus P Saturnalia P Saurolophus P C Sauroniops P
Sauropelta P C Saurophaganax P Sauroplites P Sauropodichnus P Sauroposeidon P C
Saurornithoides P C Saurornitholestes P C Savannasaurus P C Scansoriopteryx P Scelidosaurus P C
Scipionyx P Sciurumimus P Scleromochlus P C Scolosaurus P C Scutellosaurus P C
Secernosaurus P Segisaurus P C Segnosaurus P C Seismosaurus P C Seitaad P
Sellacoxa Sellosaurus P C Serendipaceratops P C Serikornis P Shamosaurus P
Shanag P Shantungosaurus P C Shanxia P C Shanyangosaurus P Shaochilong P
Shenzhouraptor P Shenzhousaurus P Shidaisaurus Shixinggia P Shuangmiaosaurus P
Shunosaurus P C Shuvuuia P Siamosaurus P Siamotyrannus P C Siats P C
Sigilmassasaurus P Silesaurus P C Siluosaurus P Silvisaurus P C Similicaudipteryx P
Sinocalliopteryx P Sinoceratops P C Sinocoelurus P Sinornithoides P C Sinornithomimus P
Sinornithosaurus P C Sinosauropteryx P C Sinosaurus P Sinotyrannus P Sinovenator P C
Sinraptor P C Sinusonasus P C Skorpiovenator P Sonidosaurus P Sonorasaurus P
Sphaerotholus P C Sphenospondylus P Spiclypeus P Spinophorosaurus P C Spinops P
Spinosaurus P C Spinostropheus P Spondylosoma P C Staurikosaurus P C Stegoceras P C
Stegopelta P Stegosaurides P Stegosaurus P C Stenonychosaurus P C Stenopelix P
Stokesosaurus P Stormbergia P Streptospondylus P Struthiomimus P C Struthiosaurus P C
Stygimoloch P C Styracosaurus P C Suchomimus P C Suchosaurus P Sugiyamasaurus
Sulaimanisaurus Supersaurus P C Suuwassea P Suzhousaurus P Szechuanosaurus P C
Talarurus P C Talenkauen P Talos P C Tangvayosaurus P Tanius P
Tanycolagreus P