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Placoderm †
Actinolepis P Aethaspis Aficanaspis Africanaspis Aggeraspis
Ailuracantha Aleosteus P Anarthraspis Angarichthys Antarctaspis P
Antarctolepis Antineosteus Arctolepis P Arctonema Arenipiscis
Asiacanthus Asperaspis Aspidichthys Asterolepis P Asterosteus
Atlantidosteus P Auchenosteus Australoptyctodus P Austrophyllolepis Baringaspis
Batteraspis Belemnacanthus Belgiosteus Belosteus Bimbianga
Boliosteus Bolivosteus Bollandaspis Boomeraspis Bothriolepis C
Brachydeirus Brachyosteus Braunosteus Breizosteus Brindabellaspis P
Brontichthys Bruntonichthys Bryantolepis Buchanosteus Bullerichthys
Bungartius Burrinijucosteus Burrinjucosteus Byssacanthus Callognathus
Campbellodus Camuropiscis Carolowilhelmina Cartieraspis Cathlesichthys
Ceraspis Changyonophyton Cheliophorus Chelyophorus Chuchinolepis
Clarkeosteus Cobandrahlepis Coccosteus P C Coelosteichthys Compagopiscis
Companognathus Conchopoma Copanognathus Cosmacanthus Ctenurella
Cyrtosteus Deinodus Deirosteus Denisonodus Desmoporella
Destnoporella Deveonema Dhanguura Diadsomaspis Diandongpetalichthys
Dianolepis Dickosteus Dicksonosteus Dinichthys C Dinomylostoma
Diplognathus Dobrowlania Draconichthys Duncleosteus C Dunkleosteus P C
Eastmanosteus Eczematolepis Eldenosteus Ellopetalichthys Enseosteus
Epipetalichthys Errolosteus Erromenosteus Eskimaspis Euantiarcha
Euleptaspis Euraspis Euryaspidichthys Eurycaraspis Fallacosteus
Gaspeaspis Gavinaspis Gemuendenaspis Gemuendina Gerdalepis
Glyptaspis Gogopiscis Golshanichthys Goniosteus Goodradigbeeon
Gorgonichthys Grazosteus Grenfallaspis Groenlandaspis C Grossaspis
Grossilepis Grossosteus Gymnotrachelus Gyroplacosteus Hadrosteus
Harrytoombsia Heightingtonaspis Heintzichthys Heintzosteus Herasrnius
Heterogaspis Heterosteus Heteroyunnanolepis Hillsaspis Holdenius
Hollardosteus Holonema Homosteus Homostius Huginaspis
Hussakofia Hybosteus Incisoscutum Jaekelaspis Jagorina P
Janiosteus Jerulalepis Jiangxilepis Jiangxilepus Jiuchangia
Jiuchengia Kendrichthys Kendrickichthys Kiangyosteus Kiangyousteus
Kianyousteus Kimaspis P Kimberia Kimberleyichthyes Kimberleyichthys
Kirgisolepis Kolpaspis Kolymaspis P Kosoraspis P Kueichowlepis
Kujdanowiaspis Kweichowlepis Lataspis Latocamurus Laurentaspis
Ledapolepis Lehmanosteus Lepadolepis Leptosteus Litilpetalichthyes
Liujiangolepis Livosteus Lophostracon Luetkeichthys Lunaspis
Lyhoalepis Machaerognathus Macnamarapsis C Macrodontophion Macropetalichthys
Maideria Malerosteus Materpiscis Mcnamaraspis Megaloplax
Melanosteus Microbachius Microbrachium Microsteus Migmatocephala
Millerosteus Minicrania Mithakaspis Monarolepis Monaspis
Murmur Murrindalaspis P Mylostoma Nawagiaspis Neopetalichtbys
Neopetalichthys Neophlyctaenius Nessariostoma Notopetalichthys Oestophorus
Ohioaspis Omalosteus Operchaliosteus Operchallosteus Ottanosteus
Overtonaspis Oxyosteus Pachyosteus Pageauaspis Palaeacanthaspis P
Pambulaspis Panxiosteus Parabelosteus Parabuchanosteus Paramylostoma
Parapetalichthys Paraplesiobatis Paraptyctodus Parawalterosteus Pelycophorus
Phlyctaenacanthus Phlyctaenaspis Phlyctaenius Pholidosteus Phylactaenium
Phylctaeniida Phyllolepis Phymolepis Phymosteus Placeolepis
Placolepis Plataspis Platyaspis Plourdosteus Ponerichthys
Prescottaspis Proaethaspis Procondylolepis Prosphymaspis Protitanicbthys
Protitanichthys Pseudopetalichtbys Pseudopetalichthys Pterichthyodes C Pterichthyodid
Pterichthys C Ptyctodopis Ptyctodopsis Ptyctodus Qataraspis
Quasipetalichthys Qujinolepis Rachiosteus Radotina P Ramphodus
Remigolepis Rhachiosteus Rhamphodontus Rhamphodopsis Rhamphodus
Rhampodus Rhenonema Rhinosteus C Rhynchodontus Rhynchodus
Rhynchognathis Rhynchosteus Ringinia Rinodus Rolfosteus C
Romundina P Sedowichthys Selenosteus Shearsbyaspis Sherbonaspis
Sigaspis Silurolepis Simblaspis Simosteus Sinolepis
Squamatognathus Stenosteus Stensioella P Steurtzaspis Stuertzaspis
Svalbardaspis Synauchenia Taemasosteus Taeniolepis Tafilalichthys
Tapinosteus Taunaspis Tenizolepis Tiaraspis Tieraspis
Timanosteus Titanichthys Tityosteus Tollichthys Tollodus
Tomaiosteus Tongdzuylepis Toombsosteus Torosteus Trachosteus
Trematosteus Tropidosteus Tubalepis Tubonasus Uralosteus
Vanchienolepis Vietnamaspis Vukhuclepis Walterosteus Watsonosteus
Weejasperaspis P Westralichthys Wheathillaspis Wijdeaspis Wijeaspis
Williamsaspis Woodthropea Woodwardosteus Wudinolepis Wurunguaspis
Wurungulepis Wuttagoonaspis P Xichonolepis Xinanpetalichthyes Xinanpetalichthys
Yinosteus Yunnanacanthus Yunnanocanthus Yunnanolepis Yunnanonlepis
Yurammia Zhanjilepis

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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