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Adacrinus Adaecyathus Adairia Adamanasuchus Adamanophyllum P Adamanterpeton
Adamantina Adamantinasuchus P Adamantisaurus P Adamczakia Adamczakites Adamisaurus P
Adamnestia Adamsoceras P Adamsochrysa Adansonella Adapidium Adapis P
Adapisorex P Adapisoriculus Adapoides Adaptatrypa Adaptyxis Adasaurus P C
Adastocephalum Adatsagochonetes Adaverina Adcrocuta P Adectorhynchus Adeditia
Adegokeastrea Adekoheastrea Adekunbiellda Adela Adelalopus Adelargo
Adelges Adelidium Adelites Adelobasileus P Adelobasilus Adeloblarina
Adeloblatta Adelocera Adeloceras Adelocoenia Adelocoris Adelocrinus
Adelocyrtis Adelocythara Adelodelphys Adelodonex Adelogonus Adelograptus
Adelogyrinus P Adelohelea Adelomelon Adelomyarion Adelomyia Adelomys
Adeloneura Adelophlebia Adelophthalmus P Adelopithecus Adelopneustes Adelopsyche
Adelosaurus Adelosina Adelospondylus P Adelotherium Adelphailurus P Adelpharctos
Adelphesiren Adelphobolbina Adelphoceras Adelphomys Adelungia Ademirsoyus
Ademosyne P Ademosynoides Ademtula Adencrum Adenifera Adensu
Adenus Adeona P Adeonella Adeonellopsis Adeopapposaurus P Adeorbis P
Adeorbisina Adercotryma Adesmoconularia Adetognathus Adetopora Adhaerentia
Adiagoceras Adianthus Adiantites P Adiantoides Adiantum Adiaphragma
Adiaphtharsia Adiastemus Adicophasma Adikia Adilophontes P Adinocrinus
Adinodon Adinophyllum Adinotherium P Adinotoxodon Adinus Adiozoptyxis
Adiphlebia Adiplebia Adipterites Adiyamanium Adjacivena Adjidaumo
Adjiderebos Adjutor Adkinsella Adkinsia P Adkinsites Adlatipora
Admete Admetophoneus P Admetopsis Admetula Adminiculoria Admirabilinella
Admiranda Admirandopora Admiratella Admissor Admixtella Admodorugosus
Adnatida Adnatoceras Adnethiceras Adocetocystis Adocoides Adocus P
Adoketophyton P Adolarryia Adolfia Adolfispirifer Adololopas Adolomys
Adontorhina Adoptysma Adorator Adoretus Adracon Adradosia
Adraheutina Adrana Adrastotherium Adrenia Adriacentrus Adriana
Adrianella Adrianites P Adriatella Adriocentrus Adriosaurus P Adroverictis
Adsumyia Adula Adulomya Adumbratomorpha Adumbratus Adunator P
Aduncrum Adusta Advena Advenaster Advenella Advenimus
Advenina Adventimus Adversella Adygeites Adygella Adygelloides
Adygellopsis Adygeya Adynasia Adyshevitheca Adytaster Adzhajloutshella
Adzhosuchus Aechmella Aechmina Aechminaria Aechminella Aechmophorus
Aedes Aedoeophasma Aedotes Aeduella P Aedulla Aegasteroceras P
Aegeiceras Aeger P C Aegialia Aegialodon Aegialornis P Aegicephalichthys
Aegides Aegilops Aegiria Aegirocassis P Aegiromena Aegironetes
Aegironites Aegirosaurus P Aegisuchus Aegitellus Aegithalos Aeglina
Aegoceras P Aegocrioceras P Aegolius Aegolytoceras Aegospyris Aegotheles
Aegrotocatellus P Aegunaspis Aegypius Aegyptiana Aegyptidium Aegyptobatus
Aegyptocetus Aegyptopithecus P C Aegyptopora Aegyptosaurus P C Aegyptosuchus Aegyrcitherium
Aehmospira Aeidimytilus Aelga Aelia Aellograptus Aellopos
Aelurocyon P Aelurodon P Aelurogale Aelurognathus P Aeluropsis Aelurosaurus P
Aelurosuchus Aelurotherium Aemula Aemulophyllum Aeneator Aenictobelostoma
Aenictosoma Aenigmabracon Aenigmacaris P Aenigmadelphys Aenigmagrillus Aenigmagryllus
Aenigmastricklandia Aenigmastrophia Aenigmatectus Aenigmatella Aenigmathyris Aenigmatidia
Aenigmatoceras P Aenigmatodes Aenigmephemera Aenigmestrinus Aenigmidelia Aenigmocoleus
Aenigmocrinus Aenigmoilus Aenigmys Aenne Aenocyon Aenona
Aenoscorpius Aeolisaccus Aeoliscoides Aeoliscus Aeolodon Aeolopithecus
Aeolopneustes Aeolopora Aeolosaurus P Aeolostreptis Aeonia Aeora
Aepinacodon P Aepisaurus P C Aepyaster Aepycamelus P C Aepyceros Aepyornis P C
Aepyosciurus Aepysaurus P Aepystoma Aequiconus Aequidens Aequifenestella
Aequipecten Aequispirella Aequispiriferina Aequspiriferina Aeretica Aerithyris
Aerodramus Aerophasma Aeroplana Aerosaurus P Aerosteon P Aerotitan P
Aeschna Aeschnidiella Aeschnidiopsis Aeschnidium P Aeschnogomphus P Aeschnophlebia
Aeschnopsis Aeshna Aesiocrinus Aesopichthys P Aesopomum Aesopus
Aestiaspis Aestilocusta Aetea Aethalinopsis Aethalion Aethalionopsis
Aethaspis Aetheapnomyia Aethedionide Aethehagla Aetheia Aetheloxoceras
Aetheodontus Aetheogramma Aetheolepis Aethephasma Aetheretmon Aetheretomon
Aethesia Aethia Aethiosolen Aethirhynchia Aethocarabus Aethocephalichthys
Aethoceras Aethochuangia Aethocola Aethocrinus Aethodionide Aethodontus
Aetholicotoxotis Aethomylos Aethomys Aethophlebia Aethotaxis Aethus
Aethyopus Aetiobatis Aetiocetus P Aetobarbakinoides Aetobates Aetobatis
Aetobatus Aetodactylus P Aetomacladia Aetomylaeus Aetonyx P Aetophlebia
Aetosauripus Aetosauroides Aetosaurus P Aetostreon Aexitrophocrinus Afairiguana
Afaromys Afens Afer Affinetrina Affiniptyxis Affinocrinus
Affrollonia Afganodesma Afghancephalites Afghanella Afghanocare Afghanospirifer
Afiacyathus Aficanaspis Afilasma Aforia Afossochiton Afradapis
Aframonius P Afranticythereis Afrapia Afraster Africanacetus Africanaspis
Africanictis Africanomys Africarca Africentrum Africogryphaea Africolithes
Africoterebellum Afriquiamus Afriscrobs Afristella Afrobolivina Afrocardium
Afrochoerodon Afrochoristella Afrocornulina Afrocricetodon Afrocyclops Afrocygnus P
Afrocyon Afrocypraea Afrocytheridea Afrodon Afroedischia Afrogrylloblattus
Afrohagla Afrohyrax Afrollonia Afromaenioceras Afromaimetsha Afromastodon
Afromeryx Afromimus P Afromyrma Afroperla P Afropithecus P Afropone
Afrops Afropterus Afrosmilus P Afrostenovicia Afrotarsius P Afrotragulus
Afrotriassothemis Afrovenator P C Afrovolutilithes Aftonius

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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