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Baabdasaurus Baataromomys Baba Babakotia Babakovia Babelispirillina
Babella Babelomurex Babiacetus P Babina Babinicardia Babinka
Babinocystis Babinops Babukella Babykamenia Babylonella Babylonia
Babylonites Babyrousa Bacarella Bacatocyathus Baccaconularia Baccanella
Bacchites Baccispongia Bacharaboilus Bacharia Bacharogryllus Bacharovoliopus
Bachitherium P Bachmania Bachmannia Bachmayerella Bacillastraea Bacinella
Backhausina Bactrellaria Bactridium Bactritella Bactrites Bactritimimus
Bactroceras Bactrocrinites Bactrocythara Bactrognathus Bactronella Bactronophorus
Bactropora Bactroptyxis Bactrosaurus P C Bactrospira Bactrotheca Bactrynium
Baculatisporites Baculina Baculites Baculocystites Baculograptus Baculogypsina P
Baculogypsinoides Baculopora Badainjaranaspis Badainjarania Badiostes Badiotella
Badiotites Badister Badistornis P Badjcinus Badouceras Badouxia
Badrostes Badulesia Baelenia Baena Baeocossus Baeomorpha
Baeoneura Baeopleuroceras Baeopteryx Baeorhynchia Baeotherates Baerocrinus
Baetis Baga Bagaceratops P C Bagaraatan P Bageherpeton Bagenovia P
Bagenoviella Baggatella Baggina Bagginoides Baghevangia Bagnolites
Bagnorthis Bagongshania Bagotum Bagous Bagradia Bagrasia
Baharellinus Baharellus Bahariasaurus P C Baharijodon Baharipristis Bahariyodon
Bahinia Bahinolophus Bahndwivici Baianochorista Baibishia Baicalemys
Baidites Baiera P Baieropsis Baieroxylon Baikadamaspis Baikalocyathus
Baikalopectinus Baikitolites Baikonuraspis Baikuris Bailiaspis Bailiella
Bailielloides Bailliena Bailongjiangella Bailya Bainbridgia Bainella
Bainguis Bainia Bainoceratops P Baioconodon Baiomys Baiosoma
Baiotomeus Bairdemys Bairdia Bairdiacratia Bairdiacypris Bairdianella
Bairdiella Bairdiocypris Bairdiohealdites Bairdiolites Bairdites Bairdoppilata
Bairdops Baisalina Baisepesthoneura Baishuilingella Baisochrysa Baisodicrana
Baisomyia Baisopardus Baisopsychops Baisoraphidia Baissa Baissaboilus
Baissacar Baissaeshna Baissalosteges Baissatermes Baisselcana Baissobittacus
Baissobius Baissobracon Baissococcus Baissocorixa Baissodes Baissoferus
Baissogryllus Baissogyrus Baissoleon Baissoleuctra Baissomantis Baissomyia
Baissophasma Baissophryganoides Baissophytum Baissopsyche Baissoptera Baissorhynchus
Baissoxyela Baitalites Baituganella Baituganocaris Bajacythere Bajaichthys
Bajanaspis Bajanchongoria Bajanerita Bajangoliaspis Bajanhongorella Bajanorthis
Bajanzhargalana Bajarinovia Bajarunia Bajgolia Bajiella Bajkaloceras
Bajkuria Bajolla Bajtugania Bakalovia Bakeroceras Bakesaurus
Bakevellia Bakevelloides Bakharia Bakonithyris P Bakonybatrachus Bakonyceras
Bakonycrinus Bakonydraco P Bakonyia Bakonyithyris Baksanophyllia Bakunella
Balabania Balachonoblatta Balacrinus Balaena Balaenella Balaenodon
Balaenoptera Balaenotus Balaenula Balakhonia Balanerodus Balanerpeton
Balangcunaspis Balangia Balangicystis Balanobius Balanocidaris Balanoconcha
Balanocrinus Balanocystites Balanoglossites Balanophyllia Balantiomys Balantionella
Balantioselena Balantiostoma Balantoides Balantsea Balanus Balashovia
Balatonia Balatonites Balatonospira Balatonspira Balaur P C Balbaroo P C
Balbiniconcha Balbinipleura Balboaina Balcacarcinus Balcanas Balcis
Balcoracania P Balderia Balduriella Baldwinonus Balearica Balearites
Balearocrinus Baleiichthys Baleiomyia Baleyopteryx Balhaeceras Baliactis
Balikunochonetes Balinula Baliqliqia Balistes Balistomorphus Balizoma P
Balkanites Balkhania Balkhasheconcha Balkoceras Ballantinia Ballardina
Ballerstedtia Ballistocucumis Ballusia Balmeisporites Balnibarbi Balochisaurus P
Balochititanops Baloghisphaera Balowella Baltagnostus P Baltameletus Baltarchaea
Baltemys Balticaphis Balticarthropterus Balticaspis Balticatypus Balticella
Balticeras Balticgnatha Baltichaitophorus Balticixius Balticoagrion Balticobaetisca
Balticoblemma Balticoceras Balticocryphoeca Balticoleria Balticolipus Balticomaraphis
Balticonesticus Balticonopsis Balticophlebia Balticopora Balticoporella Balticoporellina
Balticoridion Balticorostrum Balticothrips Balticovelia Balticpholcomma Baltiites
Baltilimnophila Baltimartyria Baltipanorpa Baltiscanella Baltisphaeridium Baltleucauge
Baltobergstroemia Baltocar Baltoceras Baltocteniza Baltodentalium Baltoeurypterus
Baltonemobius Baltoniodus Baltonotella Baltoparadoxides Baltorchestina Baltsuccinus
Baluchicardia Baluchimys Baluchitherium P C Balvia Bamberina Bambiraptor P C
Bambusicola Bambusoceras Bamyaniceras Bananogmius Banastella Bancroftina
Bancroftolithus Bandalaspis Bandaleta Bandaomys Bandelium Bandellina
Bandelnielsenia Bandelopsis Banderomys Bandoproductus Bandringa Bandyella
Banffella Banffia P Bangiomorpha P Bangtoupocrinus Baniaspis Banilatites
Banis Banisterobates Banji P Bankia Bankivia Banksia
Banksieaeidites Banksiops Banksites Bannerella Banoberotha Banqiaoites
Bantamia Bantiska Bantuchelys Banyuesminthus Baojingia Baonites
Baoqingichthys Baoshanaspis Baotianmansaurus P Baphetes Bapingaspis Baptanodon
Baptemys Baptista Baptopora Baptornis P C Baptosaurus Baragwanathia P
Baraioceras Barameda P C Baranarviomys Baranella Baranogale P Baranomys
Baranophrys Barapasaurus P C Bararaneus Barasaurus Barathronympha Baratoloporella
Baratuna Barawertornis Barbaestrophia Barbafera Barbarella Barbarenasuchus
Barbarofusus Barbarorthis Barbarothyris Barbastella Barbatia Barbatodon
Barbatulella Barbclabornia Barberahyus Barberenasuchus Barberenia Barbierella
Barbieria Barbigodithreca Barbosaia Barbosania P Barbotella Barbouria
Barbourinella Barbourofelis P C Barbouromeryx Barbus Barbuta Barcarenichthyes
Barcarenichthys Barcinosuchus Barcoona Bardalestes Bardapteron Bardocarpus
Bardohymen Barehamia Barella Barentsia Bareus Bargmannia
Barguru Baricarcinus Barilium P Barinasuchus Baringa Baringaspis
Barinophyton Barinostrobus Barinya Barkeria Barkerina Barklyella
Barkolia Barleeia Barlowodus Barmaleus Barnardina Barnea
Barnesella Barnesia Barnesiella Barnesoceras Barnumia Baroccoichnites
Barocospira Baronnites Baroqueosuchus Barosaurus P C Barracudasaurus Barrancapus P
Barrandagnostus Barrandecirrus Barrandeites Barrandeocarpus Barrandeoceras Barrandeocrinus
Barrandeograptus Barrandeolites Barrandeopeltis Barrandeophyllum Barrandia Barrandicella
Barrandicellopsis Barrandina Barrealispira Barremites Barrettia Barrimysia
Barroisella P Barroisia Barroisiceras Barroisocaulus Barroisucaulus Barrosasaurus P
Barrosina Barrosopus Barroubiocystis Barrychilina Barsboldia P Barskovia
Bartethusa Barthelopteris Bartoliniceras Bartonia Bartoninus Bartramella
Bartramia Bartrumia Bartschella Bartschichthys Bartzschiceras Baru
Barungoia Barunkhuraya Barunlestes Barwickia Barybryaxis Barycephalus
Barychilina Baryconites Baryconus Barycrinus P Barycypraea P Baryhelia
Barylambda P C Barylasma Barymactra P Barymepton Barynema Baryonyx P C
Baryphracta Baryphyllia Baryphyllum Baryschyr Baryshnyala Barysmilia
Barysoma Baryspira Barytellina Barytherium Barytichisma Barzellinia
Basalina Basalomys Basanellus Baschkirina Baschkirites Bascomella
Baseodon Baseopsis Bashania Bashkirella Bashkiria Bashkiriella
Bashkirobairdia Bashkirosaurus Bashkortoceras Bashkyroleter P Bashuchelys Bashunosaurus P
Basiaeschna Basiblattina Basicranodon Basidechenella P Basilemys Basileosaurus
Basilicoides Basilicorhynchus Basilicostephanus Basilicus Basiliella Basiliola
Basilirata Basilissa Basilitrona Basilochelys Basilodon Basilorhagio
Basilosaurus P C Basiloterus P Basilotritus Basinotopus Basiplanus Basirepomys
Baskaniceras Baskaniiceras Basleoceras Basleocrinus Basleonautilus Basleophyllum
Basocephalus Bassaricynoides Bassaricyonoides Bassariscops Bassariscus Basseaster
Basselodus Bassethullia Bassettina Bassina Bassinaria Bassipterus
Bassites Bassius Basslederella Bassleratia Basslerella Bassleridiscus
Basslerites Bassleroceras Basslerocystis Bassotrochus Bassozetus Basterotella
Basterotia Bastindoceras Bastropia Basutodon Batacanthus Batagur
Batalleria Batangophyllum Batavipusa Batavocythere Batchatiella Batchatocyathus
Batenevia Batenioides Batenoides Batequeus Bateridium Bateroboceras
Baterospirifer Bates Batgana Bathangia Bathericrinus Batherocystis
Bathichnus Bathignathus Bathmoceras P Bathmochoffatia Bathmodon Bathmophlebia
Bathmosmilia Bathoceleus Bathornis Bathosella Bathotheca Bathraspira P
Bathrocalpis Bathronocrinus Bathropyramis Bathrotomaria Bathurstia Bathyacmaea
Bathyactis Bathyarca Bathybalva Bathybembix Bathycardita Bathycheilodus
Bathycheilus Bathyclides Bathyclupea Bathycoenia Bathycorbis Bathycrinus
Bathycyathus Bathydiscus Bathyergoides Bathyergus Bathygadus Bathygale
Bathygalea Bathygenys Bathygerus Bathyglyptus Bathygnathus Bathyholcus
Bathylagus Bathylasma Bathymyonia Bathynassa Bathynotellus Bathynotus P
Bathyocos Bathyopsis Bathyopsoides Bathypsammia Bathyrhyncha Bathysiphon
Bathysoma Bathyspondylus Bathystomella Bathysynactites Bathytaptus Bathytheristes
Bathytoma Bathytormus Bathyurellus Bathyurina Bathyuriscellus Bathyuriscidella
Bathyuriscops Bathyuriscopsis Bathyuriscus Bathyurus Batillaria Batillariella
Batillona Batiola Batissa Batkenella Batkenia Batocara
Batocrinus Batodon Batodonoides Batodontoides Batofasciculus Batola
Batolites Batopora Batoremys Batostoma Batostomella Batostomellina
Batrachichnus Batrachiderpeton Batrachiosaurus Batrachognathus P C Batrachoides Batrachomimus
Batrachopodiscus Batrachopora Batrachopus Batrachosauroides Batrachosaurus Batrachoseps
Batrachosuchoides Batrachosuchus Batrachotomus Batropetes Batrumella Batschikicyathus
Batschykicyathus Battaglia Battambangia Batteniella Battenizyga Batteraspis
Battersbyia Battus Baturria Batyraspis Batyrosaurus P Bauchioceras
Baueria Baugeichthys Baumgartneria Bauneia Bauria Baurubatrachus
Bauruemys Baurusuchus Baurutitan P Bauxia Bauxitornis Bauzaia
Bavariboa Bavarichthys Bavaricordylus Bavarictis Bavarilla P Bavarioboa
Bavaripsitta Bavarisaurus P Bavariscyllium Bavarophlebia Bavarosmilia Bawitius
Bayania Bayanoteuthis Bayanulanius Bayfieldia Bayhaium Baykonaroceras
Baykonuroceras Baylea Bayleia Bayleicyathus Bayleites Bayleoidea
Bayloria Bayosaurus Bazardarella Bcharreglaris

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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