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Bharatagama Bharatisiren Bharattherium Bhargavia Bhimaites Biacumina
Biadelater Biamoaphis Biamogorytes Biamosa Biangularia Biapertorbis
Biarea Biarmeaspira P Biarmica Biarmiceras Biarmiella Biarmohymen
Biarmosuchoides Biarmosuchus P Biarritzina Biasterigerina Biaurina Biaverta
Biavertia Biavicularium Bibatiola Bibio Bibiodites Bibionites
Bibiopsis Bibophiura Bibos Bibradya Bibreviconus Bibucia
Bicamella Bicarina Bicarinatina Bicarinella Bicarinellata Bicarinocarcinus
Bicaspis Bicatillus Bicavea Bicella Bicentenaria P Bicepsirhynchia
Biceratops Bicercites Bichilina Bichordites Bicia Bicidiocrinus
Biciragnostus Bickmorites Bicoelia Bicolumnostratum Biconcava Biconostrophia
Biconulites Biconvexellina Biconvexiella Bicorbis Bicorbula Bicornella
Bicornellina Bicornifera Bicornipyge Bicornisranina Bicornucopina Bicornucythere
Bicornula Bicornuticaudina Bicoronipora Bicoscinus Bicrenucula Bicrenula
Bicrisia Bicrisina Bicuerda Bicuspidon Bicuspina Bicyathus
Bicyclopyge Biddulphia Bideirella Bidentatus Bidentia P Bidiastopora
Bidiscus Bidjinella Bieberiana Bienella Bienosaurus P Bienotherium
Bienotheroides Bienvillia Biernatella Biernatia Biernatium Bifarilaminella
Bifarina Bifarinella Bifariostroma Bifasciculus Bifaxaria Bifericeras
Bifida Bifidalithus Bifidichnium Bifidipes Bifidoscala Bifissurinella
Biflabellaria Biflabellum Biflustra Bifodina Bifolium Biforicula
Biforina Biformispira Biformites Bifossularia Bifoveoceras Bifungites
Bifurcammina Bifurciblatta Bifurcium Bifurculapes Bifurculipes Bigalea
Bigenerina Bigerina Bigeyella Bigeyina Bighornia Biglobigerinella
Bignonoides Bignotella Bigotella Bigotina Bigotinella Bigotinops
Bigotites Bigranulella Bigrumpta Bihariosaurus P Bihaticrinus Bihatites
Bihendulirhynchia Bihenduloceras Bihenithyris Bija Bijaspis Bijelina
Bijugopeda Bikocrinus Bilacunaspis Bilaminella Bilaterocoenia Bilecicrinus
Bilignea Biligulitheca Bilimbataia Bilinguites Bilingulogavelinella Bilinia
Billcobbanoceras Billevittia Billiemia Billingsaria Billingsaspis Billingsastraea
Billingsella Billingsites Billingsocystis Bilobatia Bilobia Bilobissa P
Bilobites Biloboconus Biloclymenia Biloculinella Bilotina Biltnerites
Bimbianga Bimonilina Bimuria Bimuropora Binatisphinctes Binda
Binderochonetes Binella Binelliceras Binervus Bingeria Binkhorstia
Binneyites Binoculites Binodaspis Binodella Binodina Bintoniella
Bioistodina Biokovina Biolgina Biorbis Biovicella Bipallicyathus
Biparetis Biparietata Bipedis Biphyllum Biplanata Biplanispira
Biplatyconcha Biplex Biplica Biplicatoria Biplices Bipulvina
Bipygmaeus Biradiolites Biragnostus Birastrites Birbalomys Birchsella
Birdsallela Birdsallella Bireophax Biretia Biretisporites Birgelenocrinus
Birgerbohlinia Birgeria Birkelundita Birkenia C Birkenmajeria Birmanitella
Birmanites Birmitoxya Biropristis Birostrina Bisaccioides Bisacculus
Bisatoceras Biscalitheca Biscoia Bisculcata Biscutum Biselenaria
Biseptum Biseriammina Biseridens Biseriella Bishanopliosaurus P Bishara
Bishops Bisidmonea Bisinocoelia Bisiphonella Bisolcatelasma Bison C
Bisonalveus Bisonoceras Bispathodus Bisphaera Bisphaerocephalina Bisphenella
Bispinacratia Bispinitia Bispiranella Bisporangiostrobus Bissektia Bissektipelta P
Bissulentactinia Bistahieversor P Bistarkum Bistius Bistomiacystis Bistramia
Bistrialites Bisulcata Bisulcina Bisulcocypris Bisulcoentomozoe Bitaunioceras
Bitaxia Bitectipora Bithecocamara Bithynia Biticinella Bitis
Bitraria Bitrigonocardia Bittacus Bitternella Bittiolum Bittiscala
Bittium Bittnerella Bittnereus Bittneria Bittnerilia Bittnerula
Bituberitina Bitubigera Bitubopyle Bitubulogenerina Bitubulogerina Bitumulina
Bivallupus Bivalvula Bivestis Bivetiella Bivetopsia Bivia
Bivonia Biwaella Biziura

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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