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Braarudosphaera Brabbia Brabeocrinus Brabovus Bracchiothuria Bracebridgia
Brachaelurus Brachaktassia Brachalletes Brachauchenius P Brachianodon Brachiaster
Brachiata Brachiatusmilia Brachicyon Brachidontes Brachilyrodesma Brachina
Brachinites Brachiocrinus Brachiograptus Brachiolites Brachiomonocrinus Brachionichthys
Brachiosaurus P C Brachiospongia Brachiospyris Brachipposideros C Brachipteraspis Brachisolaster
Brachopterella Brachthelia Brachyacanthus P Brachyallodesmus Brachyampyx Brachyaspidion
Brachyaspis Brachybelus Brachybittium Brachybrachium Brachycarcharias Brachyceratops P C
Brachycerites Brachycerithium Brachychampsa Brachychirotherium Brachycleistogaster Brachycoenia
Brachycomus Brachycormus Brachycretacea Brachycrus Brachycyathus Brachycycloceras
Brachycyon Brachycythara Brachycythere Brachycytheropteron Brachydectes Brachydegma
Brachydeirus Brachydelphis Brachyderes Brachydeuterus Brachydiastematherium Brachydiceratherium
Brachydirus Brachydomoceras Brachyelasma Brachyerix Brachygnathosuchus Brachygnathus
Brachyguanodonipus Brachyhipposiderus Brachyhyops Brachyhyrax Brachyichthys Brachylagus
Brachylaimon Brachylebias Brachylepas Brachylophosaurus P C Brachylycosa Brachymeandra
Brachymeris Brachymethoca Brachymetopella Brachymetopina Brachymetopus Brachymetroides
Brachymimulus Brachymylacris Brachymylus Brachymys Brachynasua Brachynotus
Brachyodus Brachyonerva Brachyops Brachyopsemys Brachyopsigale Brachyopterella
Brachyopteris Brachyopterus Brachyopteryx Brachyosteus Brachyostracon Brachyoxyela
Brachyoxylon Brachypareion Brachyphylla Brachyphyllia Brachyphyllophagus Brachyphyllum
Brachypicritus Brachypimpla Brachypleura Brachypoda Brachypodella Brachypodites
Brachypodosaurus P Brachypotherium Brachyprion Brachyprosopus Brachyprotoma Brachypsalis
Brachypsaloides Brachypterella Brachypterygius Brachypyge Brachyramphus Brachyrhamphus
Brachyrhinodon Brachyrhizodus Brachyrhizomys Brachyrhynchocyon Brachyrhynchus Brachyrhyncocyon
Brachyrhyphus Brachyrophus P Brachysaurana Brachysaurus Brachyscelio Brachyschisma
Brachyscirtetes Brachyseris Brachysiphon Brachysoecia Brachysomus Brachyspathus
Brachysphingus Brachyspirifer Brachystelechus Brachystephanus Brachystoma Brachystomia
Brachysuchus Brachysyntexis Brachytaenius Brachytarsites Brachytarsus Brachytherium
Brachythyrina Brachythyrinella Brachythyris Brachytoma Brachytomaria Brachytrachelites
Brachytrachelopan P Brachytrema Brachyuraniscus Brachyuranochampsa Brachyzapfes Brachyzostrodon
Brachyzyga Brackebuschia Brackites Bracon Bractea Bracteatacanthus
Bractechlamys Bracteoleptaena Bracthelia Bractocyathus Bracytrochus Braderupia
Bradfordia Bradfordirhynchia Bradfordoceras Bradgatia P Bradleya Bradocryphaeus
Bradoponera Bradoria Bradyblatta Bradycneme P Bradyfallotaspis Bradyia
Bradyina Bradyospira Bradyphyllum Bradypus Bradysaurus P C Bradysuchus
Braginastrum Braginella Brahcylyrodesma Brahimorthis Brahmacrinus Brahmaites
Braiesopora Braintreella Braithwaitea Bralitzia Braloweria Brama
Bramatherium Bramertonia Bramkampella Bramkampia Bramlettia Bramoides
Bramus Branacasaurus Brancasaurus Brancatherulum Branchierpeton Branchiocarcinus
Branchiocaris P Branchiolambrus Branchioplax Branchiopus Branchiosaurus C Branchioscorpio
Branchiostegus Branchiostoma C Branchipusites Brancichnus Brancoceras Branddysops
Brandmayria Brandneria Brandonia Brandysia Brandysops Branikia
Branisamyopsis Branisamys Branisaspis Branisella Branislavia Branmehlia
Brannerion Branneroceras Branneroceratoides Bransateryx Bransatoglis Bransonella
Bransonia Bransonoceras Branta Brantadorna Brantonites Branzoviella
Branzovodiscus Branzovya Brasacypris Brasenites P Brasilemys Brasileodactylus P
Brasileosaurus Brasilia Brasilichnium Brasiliella Brasiliguana Brasiliochoerus
Brasilioproductus Brasilitherium Brasilnemonyx Brasilodon Brasilogyps Brasilosuchus
Brasilotitan P Brassicicephalus Brauckmannia Braulioceras Braunops Braunosteus
Bravoceratops P Brayardites Brazaturia Brazhnikovia Brazilomunida Brazilosaurus
Brazosiella Breagyps Breameryx Brebina Brecanclawu Brechites
Brechmocrinus Bredocaris Bredyia Bregmacerina Bregmacerinia Bregmacernia
Bregmaceros Breileenia Breimeriblastus Breizhops Breizospira Breizosteus
Brembodus Brenckleina Brenthorrhinoides Brenthorrhinus Brephoblatta Brephocharieis
Bressanichnus P Brestopora Bretesuchus Bretzia Brevaxina Breviacanthus
Breviagnostus Breviarca Breviatractites Brevibatkenella Brevibelus Breviblattina
Brevibolbina Brevibole Brevicamera Brevicardium Breviceratops P C Brevicirrus
Brevicoceras Brevicula Brevidiscus Brevidorsa Brevidorsum Brevikites
Brevilabiatus Brevilagus Brevilamnulella Brevilocustavus Brevimaeandra Brevimucronus
Brevinucula Breviodon Breviorthonota Brevipalatus Breviparopus P Brevipelta
Breviphillipsia P Breviphrentis Breviphyllum Breviredlichia Brevisaurichthys Breviscutellum
Breviscutum Brevisensoria Breviseptophyllum Breviseptosia Breviseptum Brevisiphonella
Brevispirifer Brevista Brevisulcina Brevitermierell Brevitermierella Brevitheca
Brevitibia Brevivulva Brevizygia Brevrimatus Brewericeras Breyeria
Breyeriodes Breynia Brezelina Brianella Brianellium Briania
Brianina Brianispongia Briantelasma Briantia Brianurus Briardia
Briarocrinus Briaromys Briartina Bridegeina Bridegeites Bridetherium
Bridgeia Bridgeina Bridgeites Bridgeoceras Bridgerocrinus Brievabradys
Brigantibunum Brightia Brightonia Brightonicystis Brillanceausuchus Brilonella
Brimaphis Brimethyris Brimosaurus Brindabellaspis P Brisacia Brisaster
Briscoia Briseocrinus Brisingella Brissoides Brissolampas Brissomorpha
Brissopatagus Brissopneustes Brissopsis Brissus Bristolia P Britannacrida
Britannicola Brithopus Britobatos Britoichnium Britopygus Brittsia
Brizalina Brnia Brocchia Brocchinia Brocchitas Brochechinus
Brochidiella Brochidium Brochina Brochiphyllum Brochoadmones P Brochocarina
Brochocoleus Brochodora Brochopleurus Brochosogenys Brochuchus Brockocystis
Broctus Brodavis Brodekoceras Broderiptella Brodia Brodiana
Brodiechelys Brodieia Brodilka Brodiola Brodioptera Broeckina
Broeckinella Broeggeria Broeggeroceras Broeggerolithus Broggiiceras Brohisaurus
Broilia Broiliana Broiliellus Broilius Broinsonia Brokenriveria
Brome Bromella Bromidechinus Bromidella Bromidocrinus Bromidocystis
Brommellina Bromsgroveia Bromsgroviscorpio Bronaughocrinus Brongniartella Brongniartia
Brongniartiella Bronicella Bronnimannia Bronnothyris Bronsteiniana Bronteopsis
Brontes Bronteus Brontichthys Brontocephalina Brontocephalus Brontochelys
Brontogryllus Brontomerus P Brontopodus P Brontops C Brontopus Brontoraptor P
Brontornis Brontosaurus P C Brontoscorpio Brontotherium C Brontozoum Brookesena
Brooksella P Brooksina Brookula Brookvalia Brookvalichnus Broometta
Broomia Broomicephalus P Broomichnium Broomisaurus Broomistega Broomulus
Broovalia Brosme Brosmius Brotheotrachyceras Brotiopsis Brotomys
Brotula Brouffia Broughia Brouwerites Brouzetia Broweria
Browneella Browneichthys Browniella Brownimecia Brucemacfaddenia Bruchus
Bruclarkia Bruennichometra Bruesisca Bruetia Bruhathkayosaurus P Bruktererpeton
Brunetaeschnidium Bruniastarte Bruniopsis Brunneus Brunnirhyncha Brunoa
Brunonia Brunsia Brunsiella Brunswickia Bruntonella Bruntonia
Bruntonichthys Bruntonites Brushenodus Brutaspis Brutocycloides Brutonaspis
Brutonia Brutopisocrinus Bruxaspis Bryanictis Bryanka Bryanpattersonia
Bryantaspis Bryantodina Bryantodus Bryantolepis Bryantonchus Bryceomys
Brychaetus Brychiocrinus Brycon Brydonella Brygmophyseter Brylyella
Bryochelys Bryocryptella Bryodema Bryograptus Bryopa Bryopesanser
Bryopompilus Bryorhynchus Bryssomera

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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