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Bubalus Bubnoffiella Bubnoffiopsis Bubo Buboconia Bubodens
Bubogonia Bubovicus Bubupeltina Bucanella P Bucania P Bucaniella
Bucanoides Bucanophyllum Bucanopsina Bucanopsis Bucanospira Bucanotheca
Bucanthus Bucapra Bucardiomya Bucardites P Bucardium Buccella
Buccicrenata Buccinammonites Buccinanops Buccinaria Buccinofusus Buccinopsis
Buccinorbis Buccinulum Buccinum Buccitriton Bucconia Bucculentum
Bucella Bucephala Bucequia Bucerella Bucerobolbina Buchanathyris
Buchanoceras Buchanosteus Bucherina Buchholzbrunnichnus Buchia Buchiceras
Buchicrinus Buchiola Buchiproetus Buchnerina Buchotrigonia Buchozia
Buckantaus Buckhornia Bucklandia Bucklandium Bucklandula Buckmanina
Buckmanithyris Bucksella Bucorvus Budaia Budaiceras Budapanopeus
Budashevaella Buddhaites Budiopsis Budnianella Budurovignathus Buechelia
Bueckeburgichnus Buedingiisphaeridium Buehleroceras Buekkella Buelowiteuthis Buenaspis
Buenellus Bueningia Buergerocaris Buergliceras Buettneria Bufanchiste
Buffalopterus Buffonella Buffonellaria Buffonellodes Bufina Bufo P
Bufoceraurus Bufonariella Bugarachaster Bugenasaura P Buginbaatar Buglossidium
Bugtilelemur Bugtilemur Bugtimeryx Bugtimys Bugtipithecus Bugtirhinus
Bugtitherium Bugunzhites Bugyrorinaphis Buhakia Builstynia Buisnictis
Buitella Buitreraptor P C Bukkanodus Bukkenites Bukobaja Bukowskiites
Bukryaster Bukrylithus P Bulacanites Bulahdelia Bulaiaspis Bulaklestes
Bulamicrusta Bulbaspis Bulbiceps Bulbifusus Bulbihastula Bulbobaculites
Bulbobuccicrenata Bulbocanthus Bulbocyrtium Bulbocystis Bulbolenus Bulbophragmium
Bulbosclerites Bulbosohnia Bulbosulculus Bulbus Bulganbaatar Bulganemys
Bulgosuchus Bulimactaeon Bulimella Bulimina Buliminella Buliminellita
Buliminoides Bulimorpha Bulimus Bulkuraspis Bulla Bullacephalus P
Bullaeferum Bullaluta Bullalveolina Bullamirifica Bullarina Bullariscus
Bullata Bullatella Bullatimorphites Bullerichthys Bullia Bullicephalus
Bullichna Bullichthys Bullina Bullinella Bulliopsis Bullivena
Bullockornis Bullopora Bullopsis Bullothyris Bullulodictyon Bullweria
Bulnibarbi Bulogites Bulovia Bulungamaya Buluniella Bulunites
Bulvankeriphyllum Bulweria Bumastella Bumastides Bumastoides Bumastus
Bumbacorixa Bumbanius Bumbanomys Bunaia Bunburyiceras Bundenbachia
Bundenbachiellus Bundenbachochaeta Bungarbia Bungartius Bungoella Bunobrachyodus
Bunobrontops Bunocharax Bunodella Bunodentus Bunoderma Bunodes
Bunohyrax Bunolistriodon Bunolophodon Bunomeryx Bunophorus Bunopithecus
Bunostegos Buntonia Buntoxia Bunyerichnus Bupredactyla Buprestis
Buprestites Buprestium Burbonella Burckhardites Burckhardtia Burckhardtites
Burdekinostoma Burdigalocrinus Burdikinia Buregia Burenoceras Burgesina
Burgessia P Burgessochaeta Burgundia Burhinus Buria Burianosaurus P
Buriataphis Buridrillia Burijites Buriolestes P Burithes Burlagonomegops
Burlingia Burmacicada Burmacoccus Burmacompsocus Burmacrocera Burmaculex
Burmacypha Burmacyrtus Burmadactylus Burmadictyna Burmaimetsha Burmalepisma
Burmanteon Burmantis Burmaphlebia Burmaphron Burmapsilocephala Burmapygia
Burmascutum Burmasporum Burmastatus Burmazelmira Burmeisterella Burmeisteria
Burmelcana Burmemys Burmesarchaea Burmesia Burmesiola Burmhamia
Burminoptila Burminresia Burmirhynchia Burmitaphis Burmitembia Burmitempis
Burmomerope Burmomyrma Burmorchestina Burmorthezia Burmoselis Burmuloborus
Burnetia P Burnetiella Burnhamia Burnupena Burocratus Burovia
Burramys Burriera Burrinijucosteus Burrinjucosteus Burrirhynchia Burronoceras
Bursa Bursachitina Bursacrinus Bursata Burseolina Bursericarpum
Burshtynogena Burtensia Burtinella Burtinia Burtinopsis Burtonops
Buryatnemonyx Buryella Buschophyllum Buscotypus Buskea Buskia
Buskopora Busnardoites Bussonastraea Bussonastrea Bussonius Bustylus
Busuanga Busulcata Busycon Busycoptypus Busycotypus Butakovicyathus
Buteo Buteogallus Buterminaster Buthiscorpius Buthograptus Buthotrephis
Butkovia Butleria Butlerigale Butomys Butorides Butovia
Butovicella Butselia Butseloglis Buttsia Buttsiella Buttsina
Buttsoceras Butyrinia Buvignieria Buxella Buxobune Buxolestes
Buxtonia Buxtoniella Buxtonioides Buzasina Buzinia Buzulukia

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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