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Gaalomyia Gaarderella Gabanellia Gabbioceras Gabelia Gabillytes
Gablonzeria Gabonisporis Gabonita Gabreyaspis Gabriceraurus Gabriella
Gabriellus Gabrielona Gabrielsocyathus Gacella Gacina Gadella
Gadiculus Gadila Gadilina Gadomus Gadus Gaetanoceras
Gafrarium Gafsachelys Gagaria Gagarinicyathus Gagaticeras Gagesiniotrochus
Gaidropsarus Gaillardia Gaillardina Gaimanophis Gaimardia Gaindatherium
Gaitherites Gaka Galadi Galago Galagoides Galahetes
Galanaria Galanarla Galataestrophia Galateacrinus Galateastrophia Galathea
Galaticeras Galaxea Galbagnostus Galbanites Galbaster Galbreathia
Galcodes Galea Galeactena Galeanella Galeaspis Galeaster
Galeatagypa Galeatathyris Galeatella Galeatellina Galecavia Galechirus
Galecynus Galecyon Galemodesmana Galemys Galene Galenocaris
Galenopsis P Galeoatagypa Galeocerdo Galeodaria Galeodea Galeodina
Galeodinopsis Galeograptus Galeola Galeolamna Galeolaria Galeomma
Galeoocorys Galeops Galeopsis Galeorhinus Galeospalax Galeospongia
Galeotherium Galepus P Galeraster Galerella Galericulus Galerida
Galerites Galerix Galeroclypeus Galeropsis Galeropygus Galerosaukia
Galerucella Galesaurus Galesimorpha Galesphyrus Galesuchus Galethylax
Galeus Galfettites Galianemys Galicia Galicornus Galictis
Galileomys Galinaecyathus Galipea Galkinia Gallagnostoides Gallagnostus
Gallardosaurus P Gallatinospongia Gallegomorphoptila Gallegosichnus Gallerites Gallia
Galliaecystis Galliaecytheridea Galliagryllavus Gallicolumba Galliennithyris P Galliherina
Gallimimus P C Gallinago Gallinula P Gallinuloides Gallinympha Gallirallus
Gallisonchus Gallistrix Gallitellia Gallodactylus P C Gallodunstania Gallogoral
Galloisiana Gallolestes Gallolithoneura Gallophasma Gallorchestina Galloredlichia
Gallornis Galloromma Gallosemidalis Gallosphex Gallotia Gallotupus
Gallowaiina Gallowaiinella Gallowayinella Gallus Galtoceras Galtonia
Galtopora Galushamys Galvechelone Galveodon Galveosaurus P Galverpeton
Galvesaurus P Galwayella Gamachignathus Gamascolex Gambapes Gambelia
Gambusia Gamerabaena Gamerroites Gamizyga Gammacythere Gammadiscus
Gammarocrinites Gammarus Gammascolex Gamonedaspis Gamonetes Gamophyllites
Gamopleura Gamops Gamosaurus Gamphalosia Gampsolepis Gampsonychus
Gampsonyx Gampsophlebia Gampsurus Ganasauripus Ganatherium Ganawamaya
Ganbirretia Ganbulanyi Gandakasia Gandakites Gandheralophus Gandinella
Ganella Ganeopteromyia Ganesa Gangadharites Gangamocytheridea Gangamophyllum
Gangamopteris Gangdeeria Gangicobus Gangshanoceras Ganguroo Gania
Ganiella Ganinella Ganlea Ganloudina Gannansaurus P Gannibeyrichia
Ganntouria Ganocricetodon Ganodus Ganoessus Ganolepis Ganolophus
Ganolytes Ganonema Ganopristis Ganopristodus Ganorhynchus Ganosteus
Ganovexopyge Gansserina Gansucephalina Gansucossus Gansucupes Gansuella
Gansugyps Gansuodon Gansuplecia Gansurhinus Gansus Gansuselache
Gantarostraspis Gantechinobathra Ganungulatum Ganxiella Ganzhousaurus P Gaofengophyllum
Gaoloupingia Gaoqiaioella Gaotanaspis Gaotania Gapeevella Gaphuraspis
Gapparodus P Garabatis Garadelphys Garantella Garantiana Garateastrea
Garatherium Garazhovka Garbiella Gardeniceras Gardineria Gardinerichthys
Gardineroseris Gardinoseris Gardnerella Gargania Garganoaetus Gargantua
Gargantuavis Gargantuodon Gargasiceras Gargoyleosaurus P C Gari Garjainia P
Garmitermes Garnbergia Garnettius Garniella Garniericeras Garnierisphinctes
Garnotia Garnuella Garraconularia Garramites Garraspongia Garryoceras
Gartnerago Garudimimus P Garum Garumnaster Garwoodia Garypus
Garzonia Gasconadeoconus P Gasconadia Gasconsia Gasconsoceras Gashaomiaoia
Gashatostylops Gashternia Gasophlebia Gasosaurus P C Gasparinisaura P Gasparinisuchus
Gaspeaspis Gaspelichas Gaspephorus Gaspespongia Gaspestria P Gaspocyrtoceras
Gasteroclupea Gasterocoma Gasteronemus Gasterorhamphosus Gasterosteus Gastonia P C
Gastornis P C Gastrana Gastranopsis Gastreochrea Gastrioceras Gastroammina
Gastrobelus Gastrochaena Gastrochaenolites Gastrochaenopsis Gastroclupea Gastroconus
Gastrocopta Gastrocrinus Gastrodelus Gastrodetoechia Gastrodonta Gastrodorus
Gastropella Gastroplites Gastropolus Gastroratus Gastrosacus Gatagacyathus
Gatia Gatliffena Gattendorfia Gattenpleura Gaudeamus Gaudemerites
Gaudrya Gaudryanella Gaudryceras Gaudryella Gaudryina Gaudryinella
Gaudryinoides Gaudryinopsis Gaugainia Gaulocrinus Gaumia Gaurimacia
Gaurites Gaurocrinus Gaussia Gauthieria Gauthiericeras Gauthiosoma
Gavelinella Gavelinopsis Gavellinella Gavia Gaviacetus P Gavialinum
Gavialis Gavialosuchus Gaviella Gavinaspis Gavinia Gaviota
Gawinga Gaylordia Gaynaphyllum Gayneoconus Gazacrinus Gazameda
Gazdaganites Gazella C Gazellospira Gazimuria Gazinius Gazinocyon
Gazolapodus Gazza

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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