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Gdowia Gebeckeria Gebia Gebrayelichthys Gecatogomphius Gecchelicarcinus
Geczyceras Gedanohelea Gedauia Gedongaspis Geermuceras Geesops
Geffenina Geffenites Gefonia Gegania Gegenella Gegenemene
Gegepterus P Geidoloceras Geigibole Geikia C Geinitzaster Geinitzella
Geinitzia Geinitzina Geinitzinita Geintzina Geisacanthus Geiseloceros
Geiselotherium Geiseltaliellus Geiserolepis Geisfeldiella Geisina Geisonoceras
Geisonocerina Geisonoceroides Geisopora Geitonichthys Geitonoceras Geitonograptus
Geitonomys Gekkonidovum Gelagna Gelasene Gelasinocephalus Gelasinostoma
Gelasinotarbus Gelasmodon Gelasopteron Gelastops Gelenptron Geleorhinus
Gelidicella Gelidorthidina Gelidorthina Gelidorthis Gellensia Gelocius
Gelocus Geloina Geltena Gemaspira Gemelina Gemellaria
Gemellides Gemellipora Gemelliporella Gemelliporidra Gemelliporina Gemerithyris
Geminella Geminiclavula Gemininodoa Gemininodosa Geminiraptor P Geminospira
Gemixystus Gemma Gemmacarcinus Gemmacrinus Gemmactena Gemmanella
Gemmaphora Gemmarcula Gemmaterebra Gemmelarodus Gemmellarocarcinus Gemmellaroceras
Gemmellarodus Gemmellaroia Gemmellaroialla Gemmoliva Gemmula Gemmulicosta
Gemmuloborsonia Gempylus Gemuendenaspis Gemuendina Gemuendolepis Gena
Genabacia Genalaticurus Genaphis Genartina Genaxinus Gendrotella
Genentomum Genetochoerus Genetreta Genetta Genevievella Genicularia
Geniculatus Geniculicyathus Geniculifera Geniculigypa Geniculina Geniculograptus
Geniculomclearnites Geniohyus Genkaimurex Gennaeocrinus Genonota Genophantis
Genopteryx Genota Genotia Gentilapsis Gentilia Gentilicamelus
Gentoniceras Gentrytragus Genuclymenia Genusaurus P Genuspira Genuspirifer
Genyodectes P Genyonemus Genyornis Genypterus Geocapromys C Geochelone
Geochen Geoclemys Geococcyx Geocoma P Geocyathus Geodia
Geodiopsis Geodites Geoemyda Geoffbondia Geofossor Geogale
Geolabis Geolcomia Geomana Geometridites Geomitra Geomys
Geopeltis Geophagus Georgenthalia Georgethyris Georgia Georgiacetus P
Georgiasaurus P Georgiellus Georgina Georgioceras Georgiomeryx Georhithronella
Georissites Georissus Georyssus Geosaurus C Geosoma Geosternbergia P
Geoteuthinus Geothomasia Geotiphia Geotrupes Geotrupoides Geotrypus
Gephuropora Gephyroberyx Gephyrobiscutum P Gephyromyiella Gephyrophora Gephyrosaurus
Gephyrostega Gephyrostegus P Gephyrotes Gerablattina Geracephalina Geragnostella
Geragnostus Geraldinella Geralinura Geralophus Geralycosa Geramya
Geranchon Gerandia Gerandogekko Geranoaetus Geranocephalus Geranodornis
Geranoides Geranopsis Geranopterus Geranosaurus P C Geraocrinus Geraphrynus
Gerapompus Gerardiella Geraroides Gerarulus Gerarus Gerasaphes
Gerasimovcyclus Geraspis Gerassimovia Gerastos Geratarbus Geratonephila
Geratozygops Geratrigonia Geratrinodus Gerbeckites Gerbikanaecyathus Gerbillurus
Gerbillus Gerdalepis Gerdalia Gerdia Gerdiopsis Gerdiorum
Gerephemera Geresia Gergovia Gerhardodon Geringia Geringophis
Gerkeina Gerkella Gerkispira Gerlus Germanasterias Germanobatos
Germanodactylus P C Germanomys Germanonautilus Germanophlebia Germanosaurus Germanostenolestes
Germaraphis Germariceras Germaropyge Gerobatrachus Geroconiocompsa Gerocynips
Geroldicrinus Gerolsteinites Geroncolabis Geroneura Geronogyps Geronticus
Gerontoformica Gerontoseps Gerontothrips Geropteron Gerothyris Gerres
Gerrhonotus Gerrhynx Gerris Gerronaspis Gerronodictyon Gerronostroma
Gerrothorax C Gersemia C Gerstaeckerella Gerthia Gerthiceras Gertholites
Gerubiella Gervachoerus Gervillancea Gervillaria Gervilleia Gervilleignoma
Gervilleiogoma Gervilleioperna Gervillella Gervilletia Gervillia Gervilliopsis
Gerygone Geryon Geryonichthys Gesneropithex Gesomyrmex Gesoriacula
Gessella Getohetherium Getuloxerus Gevanites Gevreya Geyerella
Geyeriella Geyeroceras Geyeronaotia Geyerophyllum

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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