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Gjelispinifera Glabauria Glabella Glabellacythere Glabelytron Glaberagnostus
Glabercolumbites Glabertryonia Glabratella Glabratellina Glabrella Glabretina
Glabrichonetina Glabrimyceroporus Glabripecten Glabrisubcorona Glabrocingulum Glabrocythara
Glabrophysodoceras Glabropilumnus Glabropilumus Glacialepis Glacialisaurus P Gladbachus
Gladiatoria Gladidenagama Gladigondolella Gladiobrachus Gladiobranchus P Gladioscutum
Gladioserratus Gladiostrophia Gladius Gladocephaloideus P Glaesacarus P Glaesamictus
Glaesoconis Glaesolonchaea Glaesoncodes Glaesorthactia Glaesosmia Glaesotropis
Glaessnerella Glaessnericaris P Glaessnerina P Glaessneropsis Glamocites Glamys
Glamyspriscus Glandulina Glandulinoides Glandulopleurostomella Glanochthon Glanosuchus P
Glans Glansicystis Glanta Glaphoptera Glaphurella Glaphurina
Glaphurochiton P Glaphurus Glaphyocrinus Glaphyorthis Glaphyraspis Glaphyrina
Glaphyrites Glaphyrocystis Glaphyrokoris Glaphyromyrmex Glaphyrophlebia Glaphyroptera
Glaphyropterites Glaphyropterodes Glaphyropterula Glaphyrorhynchus Glaphyrorthis Glaphyrus
Glareola Glaresis Glarichelys Glasbius Glassia Glassina
Glassoceras Glatziella Glaucidium Glaucochelone Glaucocrinus Glaucodes
Glaucodon C Glaucolepis Glaucolithites Glaucomys Glauconia Glauconiella
Glauconome Glauconomella Glaucopsyche C Glaucosaurus Glaucosoma Glauderia
Glaukolithus Glaukosocrinus Glazewskia Gleboceras Glebosoceras Gleditsia
Gleesonia Gleicheniidites Gleichenipteris Gleichenites Glenaraea Glenarea
Glendella Glendonia Glendotricha Glenisteroceras Glenocythere Glenodictyum
Glenopterus Glenotremites Glenrosa Glessaria Glesseumeyrickia Glessoscardia
Gleviceras Glevosaurus Glezeria Glibemys Glibertia Glibertturricula
Glibia Glibzegdouia Glickmanodus Glikmania Glikmanius Glimmatobolbina
Glipostena Gliravus Glirodon Glirudinus Glirulus Glirurus
Glis Glisachaemus Glischra Glishades P Gloassamyophorous Globacrochordiceras
Globacrocrinus Globampyx Globanomalina Globator Globatrypa Globaura
Globicarina Globicephala Globicephalus Globicetus Globiconcha Globicornis
Globicuniculus Globidens P C Globidentosuchus Globidrillia Globiella Globifusulina
Globigerapsis Globigerina Globigerinatella Globigerinatheka Globigerinella Globigerinelloides
Globigerinita Globigerinoides Globigerinoidesella Globigerinoita Globigerinopsis Globigerinopsoides
Globihexapus Globimorphina Globiocephalus Globiomorpha Globirhynchia Globisinum
Globispira Globispirifer Globispiroplectammina Globispiroplectamminha Globispongia Globithyris
Globivalvulina Globivenus Globoblastus Globobulimina Globobulimorpha Globocardium
Globocassidulina Globochernella Globoconella Globoconusa Globocrinus Globocunusa
Globodoma Globodrillia Globoendothyra Globoeocrinus Globofissurella Globoides
Globolaxtorum Globonema P Globopsocus Globoquadrina Globoreticulina Globorilus
Globoritubulus P Globorosalina Globorotalia Globorotalites Globorotaloides Globosinuitina
Globosobucina Globosochonetes Globosocyathus Globosoproductus Globospirillina Globostroma
Globotetrataxis Globotruncana Globotruncanella Globotruncanita Globoturborotalita Globozyga
Globozygia Globtruncanella Globula Globularia Globulaspis Globulella
Globulidion Globuligerina Globulina Globulipora Globulirhynchia Globulitopa
Globulocerithium Globulocystites Globulodus Globulospinella Globusia Globusiella
Globusoidea Glochiceras Glochinodontoides Glochinomorpha Glockeria Glockerichnus
Gloeocapsamorpha Glomalveolina Glomeropyle Glomerula Glomocystospongia Glomodiscus
Glomomidiella Glomospira Glomospiranella Glomospirella Glomospiroides Glomotrocholina
Glomus Gloria Gloriagloria Glorianella Gloriosocyathus Gloripallium P
Glosia Glossaulax Glossella Glosselytron Glosseudesia Glosshypothyridina
Glossicephalus Glossifungites Glossina Glossinotoechia Glossinulina Glossinulinirhynchia
Glossinulirhynchia Glossinulus Glossites Glossocardia Glossoceras Glossocoryphus
Glossocrinus Glossodus Glossograptus Glossoidaspis Glossoleptaena Glossomorphites
Glossomyophorus Glossophaga Glossophyllum Glossopleura Glossopteris P Glossopterum P
Glossorthis Glossospongia Glossotheridium Glossotheriopsis Glossotherium Glossothyropsis
Glossotrypa Glossus Glottidia Glottoceras Glottopteryx Glottoptychinites
Gloverilima Glubokoevella Gluckstadtella Glueckmanotodus Glushkovella Glycera
Glycerites Glycimeris Glycobtrys Glycydonta Glycymerella Glycymeris
Glycymerita Glycymerula Glymmatacanthus Glymmatobolbina Glyphanellus Glyphanodus P
Glypharthrus Glyphaspellus Glyphaspis Glyphastraea Glyphea Glyphembia
Glyphephyllia Glyphepithema Glyphichnus Glyphidites Glyphidocrinus Glyphiolobus
Glyphis Glyphisaria Glyphiteuthis Glyphithyreus Glyphocyphus Glyphodeta
Glyphopeltis Glyphopneustes Glyphostoma Glyphostomella Glyphoturris Glypotocidaris
Glypta Glyptacrothele Glyptacrothrele Glyptaesopus Glyptagnostotes Glyptagnostus P
Glyptambon Glyptambonites Glyptanachis Glyptapis Glyptarca Glyptarpites
Glyptaspis Glyptatelus Glyptechinus Glyptemys Glypterina Glyptias
Glypticus Glyptoactis Glyptocardia Glyptocephalus Glyptoceras Glyptochelone
Glyptochiton Glyptochrysalis Glyptocidaris Glyptoconcha Glyptoconularia Glyptoconus
Glyptocrinus Glyptocyphus Glyptocystella Glyptocystites Glyptocythere Glyptodendron
Glyptodiadema Glyptodon P C Glyptodontidium Glyptodontopelta P Glyptodynomene Glyptogatocythere
Glyptogenys Glyptoglossella Glyptograptus Glyptogypa Glyptohallicardia Glyptoleda
Glyptolepis Glyptolichvinella Glyptomaria Glyptomena Glyptometopsis Glyptometopus
Glyptonychia Glyptophiceras Glyptophidium Glyptopleura Glyptopleurella Glyptopleurina
Glyptopleuroides Glyptopomus Glyptopora Glyptops Glyptorhynchia Glyptoria
Glyptorthis Glyptosaurus Glyptosceptron Glyptoscorpius Glyptosphaerites Glyptosphaeronites
Glyptospira Glyptospirifer Glyptosteges Glyptostracon Glyptostromoides Glyptostyla
Glyptotermites Glyptotherium Glyptotoma Glyptotomaria Glyptotrophia Glyptoxoceras
Glyptozaria Glytospirifer

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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