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Graamocetus Grabauphyllum Grabella Grabinopsis Gracemerea Gracianella
Graciella Gracilechinus Gracilentactinia Gracilepteryx Graciliala Gracilibatrachus
Graciliceratops P Gracilichnium Gracilicupes Gracilidris Gracilignathichthys Gracilignathicthys
Gracilinanus Gracilinervia Gracilineustes Gracilipurpura Graciliraptor P C Gracilisaurus
Gracilisphinctes Gracilispira Gracilisuchus P C Gracilisuggestus Gracilitarsus Gracilites
Gracilitheca Gracilitipula Gracillariites Graciloceras Graciloceratites Gracilocoryphe
Gracilocyathus Gracilocyon Gracilopora Gracilornis Gracilotoechia Gracquina
Graculavus Graculus Gradiella Gradiornis Graea Graecoanatolica
Graecodiscus Graecopithecus Graeophonus Graffhamicrinus Graftonoceras Grahamelytron
Grallaria Grallator P Grallavis Grallistrix Gramannella Gramannicythere
Grambergia Gramella Graminospongia Grammanotosoecia Grammapsychops Grammascosoecia
Grammatodon Grammatodonax Grammatomya Grammatorcynus Grammechinus Grammella
Grammoceras Grammohagla Grammohippus Grammolingia Grammolomatella Grammomys
Grammoplecia Grammorhynchus Grammositus Grammothoa Grammysia Grammysioidea
Gramnopteris Granastrapotherium Granata Granatocrinus Granatodontus Granbergia
Grandagnostus P Grandalveolites Grandaurispina Grandaxinea Grandetortura Grandfieldia
Grandiarca Grandicaputus Grandicornus Grandidiericeras Grandifavia Grandinasus
Grandioculus Grandiproductella Grandirhynchia Grandoculus Grandostoma Grangerella
Grangeria Grangerimus Granitzia Granobrissoides Granocardium Granoconus
Granolenus Granosolarium Granoturris Grantarhabdus Grantitheca Grantlandispira
Grantonia Grantziceras Granula Granulacanthus Granulagnostus Granularapis
Granularaspis Granularia Granulatagnostus Granulidictyum Granulifera Granuliferella
Granuliferelloides Granulina Granulirhynchia Granuliscala Granulispongia Granulittorina
Granuloagnostus Granulochlamys Granulolabium Granulus Granutaspis Graomys
Graoullyodon Graphepleurus Graphiadactyllis Graphiadactylloides Graphidula Graphiglis
Graphimys Graphiocomassa Graphiocrinus Graphiodon Graphiolites Graphiptilus
Graphis Graphiurichthys Graphiuricthys Graphiurops Graphiurus Graphoceras
Graphoderus Graphoscyphia Graphoscyphus Graphularia Graptacme Graptemys
Graptoblastoides Graptoblastus Graptocamara Graptocarcinus Graptodictya Graptogeitonia
Graptolithus Graptolodendrum Graptopora Graptoporella Graptovermis Grasia
Grasirhynchia Grasselites Grassyaphis Gratagnostus Grateloupia Graticladus
Graticula Gratiosina Gratomyia Gratshevbelus Gratshevicar Grauvogelia
Gravellina Gravemys Gravesia Gravesicerithium Gravestockia Gravia
Gravicalymene Gravieropsamma Gravieropsammia Gravitholus P Grayemys Grayiceras
Grayina Graysonia Graysonites Grazosteus Greenfieldia Greenidea
Greenideoida Greenlandoceras Greenops P Greenwoodella Greererpeton P C Gregariella
Gregaripus Gregikia Gregorioiscala Gregoriura Gregorius Gregoryaster
Gregoryceras Gregorycoenia Gregorymys Grekoffiana Grendelius Grenfallaspis
Grenfellacanthus Grenprisia Gresslya Grevillea Grewgiphyllum Grewingkia P
Grewiopsis Greylockia Greys Gricetoides Griesbachites Griffithidella
Griffithides Grigelis Grigorjevaelasma Grillina Grillita Grimalantha
Grimaldiella Grimaldiraphidia Grimaldivania Grimmaratavites Grimmenaphis Grimmenia
Grimmenopteron Grimmyia Grimsbyoceras Grimsdaleinella Grinioneis Grinnelaspis
Grinnellaspis Grinnellia P Griphasaphus Griphippus Griphoconion Griphocrinus
Griphodictya Griphodon P Griphognathus Gripholagomys Griphologus Griphomys
Griphopithecus Griphoporella Griphopteron Griphornis Griphosaurus Grippia
Groeberella Groeberia Groebericeras Groeberitherium Groebertherium Groenlandaspis C
Groenlandella Groenlandibelus Groenlandites Groenlandophyllum Groenwallia Groenwallina
Groessensia Grogonophontes Gromovia Gronausaurus Gronotherium Groomodiscus
Grootia Grorudia Grosmorneus Grossaspis Grossia Grossilepis
Grossipterus Grossius Grossoproetus Grossopterus Grossosteus Grossotubenella
Grossouvria Grossouvrites Grossoxipha Grotriania Groveromyia Grovesella
Grovesichara Grozonodon Gruendelella Gruendelicythere Gruenewaldia Gruenewaldtia
Gruetia Gruipeda Gruipedia Grumantaspis Grumantia Grumiphyllia
Grumpta Grundelella Grundensia Gruneria Gruntallina Gruntea
Gruntelasma Gruntia Gruntoconcha Grus Grycia Gryllacrimima
Gryllacris Gryllavus Gryllites Gryllomantis Gryllospeculum Gryllotalpa
Gryllulus Gryllus Gryoidinoides Grypania Gryphaea Gryphaeligmus
Gryphaeostrea Gryphellina Gryphiswaldensia Gryphites Gryphoca Gryphoceratops P
Gryphochiton Gryphodobatis Gryphophyllum Gryphopteron Gryphosuchus Gryphus
Grypoblattites Grypoceras Grypocrinus Grypodon Grypolithax Gryponautilus
Gryponyx P Grypophyllum Gryposaurus P C Gryposuchus Grypotherium Gryzaja

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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