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Haagella Haasia Haasiasaurus Haasiophis Haastina Habadraites
Habanaster Habanocnus Habayia Habecardium P Habelia P Haberleoblatta
Habonucula Haborophocoena Habrobrochus P Habrocephalus Habrocythere Habrohagla P
Habroichthys Habromeryx Habrosaurus Habrosium Habrostroma Haccourtaster
Hackerochelys Hacobjanella Hacobjania Hacquetia Hadanechura Haddonia
Hadentomoides Hadentomum Hadeocoleodes Hadeocoleus Hadimopanella Hadoceras
Hadongsuchus Hadoprion Hadrachne Hadragnostus Hadralucina Hadranax
Hadranderaster Hadraspis Hadriania Hadrianus Hadrictis Hadroblastus
Hadrocephalites Hadrocephalus Hadrochiton Hadrochthus Hadrocodium P Hadrocoris
Hadrocrinus Hadrocyon Hadrocystis Hadrodelphis Hadrodiscus Hadrodontina
Hadrodus Hadrogyps Hadrohybus Hadrohyus Hadroichthys Hadrokirus
Hadrokkosaurus Hadrokraspedon Hadroleptauchenia Hadromeros Hadronector Hadroneuria
Hadronomas Hadrophragmos Hadrophycus P Hadrophyllia Hadrophyllum Hadropipetta
Hadropithecus Hadropsylla Hadrorachus Hadrorhynchia Hadrorhynchus Hadrosaurichnus
Hadrosauropodus P Hadrosaurus P C Hadrosia Hadroskolos Hadrosteus Hadrotatorhynchus
Hadrothisbites Hadrotorhynchus Hadrotreta Hadyrhyncha Haeckelicyrtium Haedropleura
Haeggochiton Haematopus Haematosaurus Haematotanypus Haenamichnus Haenbea
Haenleinia P Haenoblattina Haentzschelinia Haerella Haereticotaxocrinus Haeretocrinus
Haeuslerella Haffnericambria P Hagabirhynchia Hagenoselache Hagenowella Hagenowia
Hagenowina Hagenowinella Hagenulites Hagiastrum Hagiorites Hagiphasma
Hagla Haglodes Hagloedischia Haglomorpha Haglopsis Hagloptera
Haglotettigonia Hagnocrinus Hagnometopias Hagryphus P Hahazimania Hahnia
Hahnodon Hahnotherium Haibowania Haichelys Haichemys Haidingerites
Haidomyrmex Haidomyrmodes Haidoterminus Haikoucaris P Haikouella P Haikouichthys P
Haileyia Haimasiella Haimea Haimeicyclus Haimeina Haimesastraea
Haimesastrea Haimesiastraea Haimesiphyllia Hainanema Hainbergia Hainina
Haininchelys Hainosaurus Hajarispongia Hajrullian Hajulia Hakelia
Hakeliosomus Hakelocaris Hakusanobaatar Hakusanodon Halajaphis Halazaisuchus
Halazhaisuchus Halcyornis Haldanodon Haldonia Halec Halecodon
Halecopsis Halenia Halesium Halia Haliaeetus Halianassa
Halicalyptra Halicardia P Halicardissa Halice Halicetus Halichondria
Halichondrites Halicondrites Halicoryne Halictops Halictus Halicyne P
Halidictyum Halidracon Haliestes Haligonia Halilimnosaurus Halilucites
Halimeda Halimedides Halimornis Halina Haliodictya Haliomma
Haliommilla Haliophis Haliotiomorpha Haliotis Haliphormis Haliplanktos
Halirhachis Haliris Halisaurus Halistylus Halitherium C Haljulia
Halkeria P Halkieria Halkyardia Halla Hallandclarkeops Hallanta
Hallaspis Hallaster Hallatia Hallautherium Hallebune Hallelemur
Hallensia Hallex Hallia Hallicystis Hallidaya Halliella
Hallina Hallinetes Hallipterus Hallirhoa Halloceras Hallocrinus
Hallodapomimus P Hallodictya Hallograptus Hallopora Halloporina Hallopus
Hallotheca Halloysia Hallstadtia Hallucigenia P C Hallucinochrysa Halmadromus
Halmarhiphus Halmarhippus Halmaselus Halobates Halobia Halocarpus
Halochitina Halocrinites Halodeima Halodictyon Halodon Halogetocrinus
Haloginella Halometra Halomitra Halonanus Halonodon Halonympha
Halopoa Haloragis Halorella Halorellina Halorelloidea Halorites
Halszkaraptor P Halticophana Halticosaurus P C Halticotops Haltictops Halymenidium
Halys Halysicyathus Halysiocrinus Halysis P Halysisis Halysitastraea
Halysites P Halytherium Hamacantha Hamacuna Hamadachelys Hamadasuchus
Hamamelites Hamanosauripus Hamaraxonia Hamarilopora Hamarodus Hamarophyllum
Hamashania Hamatia Hamatoconus Hamatolenus Hamatophyton Hamatus
Hambastella Hamburgia Hameaschmidtella Hamicaudus Hamicossus Hamiltonichthyes
Hamiltonichthys Haminoea Hamipes Hamiroproetus Hamitella Hamites
Hamiticeras Hamitoides Hamlingella Hamlinia Hammadachelys Hammannopyge
Hammanococcus Hammapteryx Hammatoceras Hammatocnemis Hammatocyclus Hammatocythere
Hammatopsis Hammatospira Hammatostroma Hammephemera Hammondella Hamodus
Hampilina Hamptonella Hamptonia Hamptoniella Hamptonina Hamrabatis
Hamulina Hamulinites Hamulus Hamusella Hamusina Hana
Hanaeproductus Hanaia Hanaibursa Hanaicythere Hanaispira Hanaites
Hanakia Hanbogdemys Hanburia Hanchiangella Hanchungella Hanchungolithus
Hancrania Hanetia Hangaiemys Hangjinia Hanhaicerus Hanielites
Hanilepis Hanivella Haniwa Haniwapyge Haniwoides Hanjiangaspis
Hankaxis Hanleya Hanleyella Hannaites Hannanomys Hannaoceras
Hannatoma Hannestheronia Hannoptera Hannovera Hanosaurus Hanostaffella
Hansenisca Hanshania Hansotreta Hanssuesia P Hantkeniceras Hantkenina
Hanusatrypa Hanusia Hanusispira Hanwulosaurus P Hanyangaspis Hanzawaia
Hanzhongaspis Haodolichopodites Haoella Haopterus P Haozi Hapalocrinus
Hapalodectes P Hapaloides Hapalomys Hapalopegma Hapalopleura Hapalopleuridae
Hapalops C Hapaloptera Hapalorbis Hapalorestes Hapalospongia Hapilaspis
Haplacanthus P Haplaletes Haplaraea Haplaraera Haplentactinia Haplistion
Haplistionella Haploaxon Haplobittacus Haplobolbina Haplobunodon Haplocanthosaurus P C
Haplocephalopora Haploceras Haplocerus Haplocetus Haplocheirus P Haplochelus
Haplocochlias Haploconus Haplocrinites Haplocyon Haplocyonoides Haplocyonopsis
Haplocytheridea Haplodiacanthus Haplodontherium Haplodontosaurus Haplogale Haplograptus
Haplohelia Haplohippus Haplolambda Haplolasma Haplolepis Haplomastodon
Haplomeryx Haplomylus Haplomys Haplooecia Haplophlebium Haplophragmella
Haplophragmina Haplophragmium Haplophragmoides Haplophrentis Haplophylloceras Haploplax
Haplopleuroceras Haplopoma Haplopomella Haploprimitia Haplopterum Haploptyxis
Haploscaphites Haplosiren Haplosphaeronis Haplospira P Haplospirifer Haplospondylus
Haplostiche Haplostigma Haplostropha Haplotaeniatum Haplothecia Haplothrips
Haplotichnus Haplotipula Haplotrypa Haplovoluta Happlodontus Hapsiceraurus
Hapsidocare Hapsidopalla Hapsidopareion Hapsidophyllas Hapsidopora Hapsiphyllum
Hapsizaphrentis Hapsomela Haptaphyllina Haptodus P Haptophyllum Haptosphenus
Haqius Haqueina Haquiena Harajicadipterus Haramiya Haramiyavia P
Harasewychia Harataspis Hardaghia Hardieopterus Hardistiella Hardmanoceras
Hardouinia Harduinia Hardyia Hardyoides Harenacorystes Harengula
Haresiceras Harfordia Hargeria Harginisulcus Hariosteus Harklessia
Harknessella Harlaniella Harleites Harmatia Harmatosia Harmeria
Harmeriella Harmodontosaurus Harmogenanina Harmostites Harmostocrinus Harpa
Harpabollia Harpacanthus Harpacochampsa Harpacodus Harpactocarcinus P Harpactognathus P
Harpactor Harpactosphecion Harpactoxanthopsis P Harpago Harpagocyon Harpagodes
Harpagofututor Harpagolestes Harpagophagus Harpagornis P C Harpagosaurus Harpaleocyon
Harpalidium Harpalomimes Harpalus Harpax Harpedactylus Harpella
Harpeola Harpepus Harperopsis Harpes P Harpesoides Harpidella
Harpides P Harpidium Harpidochiton Harpidoides Harpillaenus Harpina
Harpoceras Harpoceratoides Harpohildoceras Harpophylloceras Harpovoluta Harpula
Harpulina Harpymimus P Harpyodus Harrelicrinus Harrellicrinus Harringtonacaste
Harriotta Harrisianella Harrisina Harrisiothecium Harrisoceras P Harrisonsaurus
Harrisothecium Harrycaris Harryhausenia P Harrymys Harrytoombsia Harsa
Hartella Hartenbergeromys Hartmanina Hartmannia Hartsellea Hartshillia
Hartshillina Harttella Harttites Hartungia Hartwellia Hartzia
Haruspex Harvella Hasala Hasaracancer Haskinsia Hasmona
Hassiabole Hassiacosuchus Hassianycteris Hassiavis Hastacypris Hastagnostus
Hastanectes Hastatellina Hastichthys Hastigerina Hastigerinella Hastigerinoides
Hastigerinopsis Hastimima Hastina Hastiremopleurides Hastites Hastula
Haswellia Hataiarca Hataiella Hataiyoldia Hatangeus Hatangia
Hatasia Hatayia Hatayin Hatchericeras Hatcheritherium Hathliacynus
Hathlyacynus Hattomys Hattonia Hattopsis Hatzegobatrachus Hatzegopteryx P C
Hauericeras Hauerina Hauerites Hauffiopteryx Hauffiosaurus Haughtonaster
Haughtoniana Haughtonileberis Haugia Haugiella Haumea Haumuriaegla
Haupiria Haurakia Haurania Hausmannia Haustator Haustellum
Haustrum Hautura Havlatia Havlicekella Havlicekia Havlicekiela
Hawaiarca Hawkercyathus Hawkinsaspis Hawkinsia Hawleia Hawletrochus
Haworthina Hawthorneachiton Haya P Hayamia Hayamiella Hayasakaia
Hayasakaina Hayasakapecten Hayasakapora Haydenaspis Haydenella Haydenia
Haydenoceras Haydenoides Haydnella Hayemys Hayesites Hayina
Haynesina Haynespongia Hayoceros Haywardia Hazarania Hazelia P
Hazelina Hazhenia

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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