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Hiantopora Hiatavolva Hiatella Hiatobairdia Hiatula Hibacetus
Hibbardella Hibbarderix Hibbardia Hibbardomys Hibbertia Hibbertopterus
Hibernaspis Hibernicoceras Hibernodonta Hiberotrypa Hibiscadelphus Hibolites P
Hibolithes Hicetes P Hicklingia Hicksia Hicoria Hidaella
Hidagaienites Hidascutellum Hidina Hidrosotherium Hiekeolycus Hiemalora P
Hieraaetus Hierogramma Hierosaurus P Highgatea Highgatella Higotherium
Higumastra Hijitrigonia Hikelaster Hikorocodium Hilalia Hilara
Hilarimorphites Hilarisirex Hilberia Hilberocladia Hilda Hildaites
Hildaitoides Hildaphillipsia Hildebrandia Hildenaspis Hildoceras Hildoceratoides
Hildoglochiceras Hilgardella Hilgardia Hillaepora Hillastraea Hillaxon
Hillia Hillichnus Hillites Hillius Hillmeria Hillophyllum
Hillsaspis Hillyardina Hiltermannella Hima Himalairhynchia Himalayacetus P
Himalayactaga Himalayasaurus Himalayites Himalayosaurus Himalisania Himanthalites
Himantoceras Himantonia Himantopterus Himantopus Himantura Himatella
Himathyris Himatione Himavatites Himeraelites Himerocrinus Himerometra
Himispiticeras Hina Hinaclema Hinasuri Hincksina Hincksipora
Hindeastraea Hindella Hindenites Hindeoceras Hindeodella Hindeodelloides
Hindeodina Hindeodus Hindeoprion Hindeosphaera Hindermeyeria Hindia
Hindsia Hindsiclava Hindsiella Hinea Hinedorcus Hinemoana
Hinganastraea Hinganella Hinganotrypa Hingganoleptaena Hinia Hinnites
Hintzecurus Hintzeia Hintzesnonaia Hintzespongia Hintziella Hiodon
Hippadenella Hippagus Hippalimus Hippaliosina Hipparion Hipparionix
Hipparionoceras Hipparionyx Hippasteria Hipperechonella Hippidion Hippidium
Hippiopora Hippipeda Hippocamelus Hippocampoides Hippocampus P Hippocardia P
Hippochaeta Hippochrene Hippochrenes Hippocoon Hippocrepina Hippocrepinella
Hippocystis Hippodiplosia Hippodon Hippodraco P Hippoexechonella Hippoglossoides
Hippohyus Hippoklosma Hippolyrula Hippomaneoidea P Hippomenella Hippomonavella
Hippomya Hipponicharion Hipponix Hippopharangites Hippophylactella Hippopleurifera
Hippopodina Hippopodinella Hippopodium Hippoporella Hippoporidra Hippoporina
Hippopotamodon Hippopotamus C Hippopozoon Hippopus Hipporhinus Hipposauroides
Hipposaurus P Hipposera Hipposideros Hipposyngnathus Hipposyus Hippotamus
Hippotherium Hippothoa Hippotigris Hippotragus C Hippozeugosella Hippula
Hippuritella Hippurites Hirasea Hircinisca Hiregiroceras Hirella
Hirmoneura Hirmoneurites Hirnantia Hirneacrinus Hiromurex Hironosaurus
Hiroshimaphyllum Hirotyphis Hirpexipes Hirschmannia Hirsonella Hirsutella
Hirsutina P Hirsutipalpus Hirsutodontus Hirsutograptus Hirsutospirella Hirtomurex
Hirtoscala Hirudocidaris Hirudopsis Hirundo Hiscobeccus Hiscocapsa
Hisingerella Hisingeria Hiskatherium Hisnitites Hispanelcana Hispaniaspis
Hispaniastraea Hispanigalathea Hispaniolyna Hispanirhynchia Hispanoblatta Hispanocader
Hispanocar Hispanocarodes Hispanochampsa Hispanochlorogomphus Hispanoclavina Hispanoconus
Hispanodorcas Hispanomeryx Hispanomys Hispanonesticus Hispanophis Hispanopithecus
Hispanosauropus P Hispanosinuites Hispanostenophlebia Hispanotherium Hispanothrips Hispidaria
Hispidaspis Hispidocrinus Hispidofusus Hispidopetra Histerammina Histiastrum
Histina Histiodella Histioderma Histiodia Histiomona Histionotophorus
Histionotus Histiothrissa Histiurus Histocidaris Histocrinus Histopomphus
Historbitoides Histosyrinx Histriasaurus P Histrionicus Histriophoca Hithis
Hitonkala Hiwegicyon Hiwia

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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