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Isabelinia Isaberrysaura P Isacia Isacrodus Isadia Isaea
Isahelinia Isalaux Isalauxina Isalorhynchus Isanacetus Isanda
Isanemys Isanichthys Isanodus Isanosaurus P C Isapsis Isaraselis
Isarcicella Isaster Isastraea Isastrea Isastrocoenia Isaura
Isbergia Ischadia Ischadites P Ischadium Ischignathus Ischigualastia P
Ischnacanthus P Ischnochiton Ischnocolinopsis Ischnocoris Ischnodon Ischnognathus
Ischnolepis Ischnoneura Ischnophyton Ischnoptera Ischnoptilus Ischnoptygma
Ischrosmilus Ischymomys Ischyodon Ischyodus Ischyopteron Ischyosporites
Ischyrhiza Ischyrictis Ischyrinia P Ischyrochampsa Ischyrocyon Ischyrodelphis
Ischyrodidelphis Ischyrodonta Ischyromys Ischyrophyma Ischyrorhynchus Ischyrosaurus P
Ischyrotherium Ischyrotoma Ischyrotomus Iscopinus Isculites Isculitioides
Isculitoides Isechinus Isectolophus Iselica Iserosaurus Isfarispira
Isfaroptera Isfjordosaurus Ishanablattina Ishaquia Ishatherium Ishigaconus
Ishigaum Ishimia Ishmiella Ishnacanthus Ishnula Ishpella
Isidobatus Isidreana Isidrella Isiola Isiphyllastrea Isis
Isisaurus P Isisfordia Isispongia Isistius Isitella Isiticyathus
Isitiella Isititheca Isjuminelina Isjuminella Iskutella Islamia
Islandiella Islipia Ismailia Ismenia Ismidaster Ismidites
Isnella Isoallagecrinus Isoarca Isobuntonia Isobuthus Isobythocypris
Isocampe Isocardia Isocatillocrinus Isocetus Isochilina Isochirotherium
Isochonetes Isoclavus Isocolum Isocolus Isoconcha Isocrania P
Isocrassina Isocrinites Isocrinus Isocrystallithus Isocyprina Isocythereis
Isodectes Isodomella Isodontocardia Isodontosaurus Isodus Isoetites
Isognomon Isogomphodon Isogramma P Isograptus Isohabrocythere Isohomoceras
Isohoplites Isohyaenodon Isojulus Isolinia Isolithus Isolobodon
Isolophodon Isometractinia Isomicraster Isomyopotamus Isonema Isonerva
Isonychia Isoodon Isopetalum Isophlebia Isophlebiodes Isophragma
Isophya Isophyllastrea Isophyllia Isoplates Isopneustes Isopodichnus
Isopodites Isopoma Isopora Isopristes Isoprusia Isopsetta
Isoptychus Isoraphinia Isorophus Isorophusella Isorthis Isorthoceras P
Isospinatrypa Isospira Isostylomys Isostylus Isotaenia Isotancredia
Isotella Isoteloides Isotelus Isotemnus Isothea Isothrix
Isotoma Isotomocrinus Isotremornis Isotriphora Isotrypa Isotypotherium
Isovella Isoxys Isphairamella Ispharaella Ispharina Israelaria
Israelites Issadische Issafenia Issafeniella Issedonia Isselia
Isselicrinus Issinella Issinellina Issiodoromys Issites Issolites
Isterites Istieus Istiodactylus P Istiophorus Istorinus Istreites
Istriloculina Isurichthys Isurolamna Isuropsis Isurus Isutaetus
Isyrakella Isyrakopeltis Itaboraidelphys Itaboraitherium Itaboravis Itagbostus
Itagnostus Italialbunea Italogeisina Italolestes Italomyrmeleon Italophlebia
Italoptygmatis Itanzatherium Itaphlebia Itapyrodus Itararella Itardiornis
Itasuchus Itatodon Itcheriella Itchetuja Iteacrinus Itemirella
Itemirus P Iteria Ithacadictya Ithycephalus Ithycythara Ithyektyphus
Ithygrammodon Itia Itieria Itilochelys Itimaites Itimaspira
Itomelania Itruvia Itsukisauropus Itydeois Ityophorus Iugomortiferum
Iuliusina Iulus Iuticosaurus P

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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