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Laasbium Labaella Labaia Laballa Labandeiraia Labascicorona
Labeceras Labechia Labechiella Labechiellata Labechiina Labenopimpla
Labes Labidelytron Labidiosuchus Labidodemas Labidolemur Labidosaurikos P
Labidosaurus P C Labiduromma Labiococcus Labiocrinus Labioporella Labiostoma
Labiostrella Labiostria P Labiostrina Labiostrombus Labis Labocania P C
Laboceras Labradoria Labradorina Labradorocoleus Labridens Labrilancea
Labriproductus Labriscorpio Labrisomus Labrocuspis Labrodioctes Labrodon
Labrophagus Labrosavelum Labrostochelys Labrostrea Labrotaxis Labrus
Labuella Labyrinthidoma Labyrinthina Labyrinthites Labyrinthoceras Labyrinthochitinia
Labyrinthoconus Labyrinthodictyon Labyrinthodon Labyrinthosphaera Labyrinthotuba Labyrinthus
Lacazella Lacazina Lacazinella Laccinum Laccobius Laccocephalus
Laccochilina Laccocrinus Laccognathus Laccophilus Laccophyllum Laccopithecus
Laccoprimitia Laccopygus Laccosaurus Laccosiphonella Laccosmylus Laccotriton P
Laceratus Laceripora Lacerna Lacerta Lacertasterias Lacertulus
Laceya Lachesilla Lachnarius Lachnopodus Lachnostoma Lachryma
Lachrymula Lacia Lacinia Laciolina Lacisus Lacon
Lacorsalina Lacosteina Lacriforma Lacrimiforma Lacrimula Lacrimyza
Lactarius Laculatina Laculina Lacuna Lacunaerhynchia Lacunaria
Lacunarites Lacunauchenius Lacunella Lacunina Lacunites Lacunolithus
Lacunoporaspis Lacunosella P Lacunospira Lacurnaria Lacusitendipes Lacusovagus P
Ladadiscus Ladaecyathus Ladamarekia Ladatheca Ladinaticella Ladinella
Ladinocampe Ladinochorista Ladinoglosselytron Ladinotrochus Ladinula Ladjia
Ladogia Ladogiella Ladogifornix Ladogilina Ladogilinella Ladogiodes
Ladogioides Ladoliplica Ladoronia Laekitherium Laelaps P C Laeliichthys
Laemargus Laemonema Laeogyra P Laeterohelix Laethoprusia Laetifautor
Laetmophasma Laetolia Laetopsia Laevella Laevibaculus Laevibole
Laevibuccinum Laevicamera Laevicarcinus Laevicardium Laevichlamys Laevicirce P
Laeviconulus Laevicordia Laevicyclus Laevicyphomena Laevidentalina Laevidentalium
Laevigaterhynchia Laevigatocrinus Laevigatosporites Laevigyra Laevihastula Laeviheterohelix
Laevilittorina Laevinerinea Laevipatagus Laevipeneroplis Laeviprosopon Laeviranina
Laevirhynchia Laeviselica Laevisoolithus Laevispirifer Laevistrombus Laevisuchus P
Laeviterebrum Laevithyris Laevitomaria Laevitrigonia P Laevityphis Laevorhynchia
Laffitteina Lafkenia Lafonius Laganemys Laganoclymenia Laganosuchus
Laganum Lagarocrinus Lagarodus Lagarograptus Lagarostrobos Lagarozoum
Lagena Lagenammina Lagenanectes P Lagenicyathus Lageniocrinus Lagenipora
Lagenochitina Lagenocystis Lagenodosaria Lagenoglandulina Lagenorhynchus Lagenostoma
Lagenosypho Lagerpeton P Laggani Laggania Lagnea Lagochila
Lagodon Lagomeryx Lagomys Lagonibelus Lagonimico Lagonoburmops
Lagonoecia Lagonomegops Lagopsis Lagopterus Lagopus Lagorchestes C
Lagostomopsis Lagostomus Lagosuchus P C Lagotherium Lagowites Lagrivea
Laguncula Lagunculapes Lagunitus Lagurodon Lagurus Lagynocystis
Lagynodes Lagynophora Lagynopora Lahilleona Lahillia Lahimia
Lahnia Lahnospira Laidleria Laidobracona Laima Laimocenos
Lainodon Lainoryctes Laiocochlis Laioporella Laiyangia Laiyangitabanus
Laiyangohagla Laiyangpus Lajanaster Lajishanaspis Lajonkairia Lakaspis
Lakella Lakkella Lakotalestes Lakumasaurus Lalage Lalax
Laliacanthus Laluzia Lama Lamaceratops P Lamaichnum Lamanonia
Lamanskya Lamanskytes Lamarckella Lamarckina Lamarckispirifer Lamarmorella
Lamarquesaurus Lambdaconus Lambdarina Lambdoceras Lambdodus Lambdopsalis
Lambdotherium Lambeichthys Lambelasma Lambeoceras C Lambeophyllum Lambeosaurus P C
Lambericeras Lambertechinus Lambertella Lambertiaster Lamberticeras Lambertocyon
Lambertona Lambis Lambropsis Lamcispinifera Lameereites Lamegoia
Lamellacratia Lamellaeoporella Lamellaerhynchia Lamellaria Lamellastraea Lamellata
Lamelliconcha Lamelliconchidium Lamelliconus Lamellidea Lamellinucula Lamelliostroma
Lamelliphorus Lamellispongia Lamellistroma Lamellofungia Lamellokoninckina Lamellomeandra
Lamellophyllia Lamellopora Lamellorthoceras Lamellosathyris Lamellosia Lamellospira
Lamellox Lametasaurus Lamiasaurus Lamiites Lamina Laminatia
Laminites Laminocyathus Laminononion Laminoplasma Laminopora Laminurus
Lamiophanes Lamiostoma Lamiproductus Lammidhania Lammuastacus Lamna
Lamnaespina Lamnayella Lamnimargus Lamniplica Lamontopterus Lamottia
Lamottoceras Lamottopora Lampadaster Lampadena Lampadocorys Lampadophorus
Lampadosocrinus Lampanella P Lampangella Lampanyctodes Lampanyctus Lampasa
Lampasopsis Lampichthyes Lamplughsaura P Lampra Lampraspis Lampris
Lamprocyclas Lamprocyrtis Lamprodoma Lamprodomina Lamprolithax Lampromyrmex
Lampropeltastes Lampropeltis Lampropholis Lamprophyllum Lamproptilia Lamprosauroides
Lamproscutellum Lamprosterigma Lampsilis Lampterium Lampteroblastus Lampterocrinus
Lamptonium Lampusia Lamtshinopora Lamyella Lanarkia Lanarkopora
Lanarkopterus Lancangjiangia Lancanjiangosaurus Lancastria P Lancedellia Lancedellopsis
Lanceolatites Lanceolites Lanceoloboceras Lanceomyonia Lanceopora Lanceosaurus
Lancepyris Lanchangjiangia Lanczichebairdia Landanichthys Landenodon Landercyathus
Landeroceras Landinia Landonia Landyia Lanea Lanecrinus
Laneites Langbergia Langdaia Langdaiceras Langdenia Langeites
Langella Langenheimia Langenhemia Langenosolenia Langepis Langeria P
Langgonbole Langgoni Langgonia Langiella Langkawai Langlieria
Langobardisaurus Langqia Langshanthyris Langsonella Langsonia Langstonia
Langtonia Languedopeltis Langvophorus Langyashania Lanicoidichna Lanicyathus
Lanieria Lanipustula Lanistes Lanistina Lanius Lankacythere
Lankesterina Lannacus Lannea Lanopora Lantanotherium Lanternarius
Lanternocrinus Lanthanaster Lanthaniscus Lanthanocephalus Lanthanolania Lanthanostegus
Lanthanosuchus P Lanthanotherium Lanthus Lantianius Lantianospongia Lantiantragus
Lantschichites Lantus Lanubus Lanzhousaurus P C Laocaetis Laocoetis
Laodon Laolestes Laonogekko Laophyllum Laoporus P Laopteryx
Laornis Laosaurus P Laosciadia Laosia Laostaphylinus Laoyingshania
Laoyingshanpus Lapampasaurus P Laparon Lapasnia Lapazites Lapeirousella
Lapeirousia Lapeyria Laphamoceras Laphyctis Lapichiropteryx Lapidaria
Lapideacassis Lapidopiscum Lapillocystites Lapillopsis Lapispecus Lapispira
Laplatasaurus P Lapparentemys Lapparentichnus Lapparentophis Lapparentosaurus P Lapparia
Lapposisporites Lapradella Lapteviella Laputavis Lapworthella P Lapworthicrusta
Lapworthura Laqueichnus Laqueoceras Laqueoserpula Laqueus Larachelus
Laratheca Larawa Larcidium Larcopyle Larcospira Lardeuxella
Lardeuxia Larecyathus Laredochoerus Laredomys Larenites Largirostrisornis
Largirostrornis Largocephalosaurus Laricola Larifugula Larimus Larinopsis
Lariojablatta Lariojaprosbole Lariosaurus C Larisolena Larispirifer Larispongia
Larium Larkinia Larma Larnacalpis Larnacantha Larnovaspis
Larocheopsis Larolepis Laroonaphyllum Larrazetia Larrophanes Larryia
Larssonaphis Lartetictis Lartetium Lartetomys Lartetotherium Larus
Larvula Laryngosigma Lasaea Lasaeina Lasaeokellya Lasaeoneaera
Lasaguaditas Lasalichthys Lasanius Lasanocrinus Lasarchopyge Lasasaurus
Laschmaspira Lascoa Laseina Lashushania Lasiocladia Lasiocrinus
Lasiodiscus Lasioglossum P Lasiograptus Lasiohelea Lasiopodomys Lasioptera
Lasiosyne Lasiothrix Lasiotrochus Lasiurus Lasius Lasmophyllum
Lasmosmilia Laspeyresia Latahcoris Latanarcestes Lataspis Lataxiena
Latebina Latecephalus Latemaria Latemarites Latentemys Latentibifistula
Latentidiota Latentifistula Lateopisciculus Lateralatirostrum Laterallus Latereschara
Latericriodus Laterignathus Lateriseptomena Laterispina Laternocrinus Laternula
Laternulina Laterocavea Laterocea Lateroflustrellaria Laterophores Laterophyllia
Laterostomella Laterotecatia Laterotubigera Lates Lateuloma Lathahypossia
Lathamella Latheticocarcinus Lathrobium Lathrotriccus Lathyrulus Lathyrus
Latiala Latiarca Latiarista Latiastraea Latiastrea Latiaxis
Latibasalia Latiblatta Latibole Latibolivina Laticarinina Laticephalus
Laticlypus Laticopulus Laticornus Laticoryphe Laticrura Latiendothyra
Latiendothyranopsis Latiflexa Latifusus Latiglobusia Latikingaspis Latilorenzella
Latimaeandra Latimaeandraraea Latimeandra Latinopollia Latipalaeolenus Latiphyllia
Latiplecus Latipons Latiproductus Latiproetus Latiredlichia Latirhinus P
Latirhynchia Latirogona Latirolagena Latirostraspis Latirostratus Latirus
Latisageceras Latischisma Latiscopus Latiscutella Latisipho Latispinifera
Latispirifer Latisternon Latitaenia Latitendipes Latitrigonia Latitriphora
Latium Latocamurus Latocupes Latohelia Latomaeandra Latomeandra
Latona Latonia Latonotoechia Latoplatecarpus Latoucheia Latouchella P
Latouchia Latridiites Latridius Latrunculia Latusastraea Latusastraeopsis
Latusastrea Latuzella Latviacanthus P Latvius Latzelia P Laubeia
Laubella Laubenfelsia Laubeocrinus Laubierina Laubopsis Laubriereia
Lauchellum Laudonia Laudonocrinus Laudonomphalus Laugaritiomys Laugeites
Laugia Laumontoceras Lauranthus Laureloceras Laurelocrinus Laurentaspis
Laurentiaupterum Laurentiptera Laurentoscandodus Laurieipterus Laurieopterus Laurocarpum
Laurophyllum Laurus Lautoconus Lauzonella Lavadamia Lavaloceras
Lavanify Laveineopteris Lavenachiton Laventiana P Lavocatavis Lavocatia
Lavrushinia Lavsanodiscus Lawiaspis Lawnia Lawrenceoceras Lawrenciella
Lawsonina Laxaspis Laxella Laxifenestella Laxifusulina Laxispira
Laxoendothyra Laxograptus Laxoseptabrunsiina Laxtorum Laxuscingula Laytonia
Lazarenkiura Lazarevia Lazarevonia Lazariella Lazarussuchus Lazella
Lazithyris Lazutkinia

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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