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Leaella Leaellynasaura P C Leaia Leakeymis Leakeymys Leakitherium
Leanchoilia P Leangella Leaphis Lebachacanthus Lebambromyia Lebanaphis
Lebanevania Lebanococcus Lebanoconops Lebanoculicoides Lebanoecobius Lebanognoriste
Lebanophytum Lebanoraphidia Lebanoretes Lebanorthocladius Lebanotermes Lebansegestria
Lebedictya Lebediorthis Lebesconteia Lebetoceras Lebetocrinus Lebetodiscus
Lebia Lebias Lebonichthyes Lebonichthys Lecadonileia Lecanaspis
Lecanella Lecanites Lecanoaspis Lecanocrinus Lecanopleura Lecanopyge
Lecanospira Lecathylus Lecfedites Lechites Lechriodus C Lechritrochoceras
Lechroceras Lechusa Leckhamptonia Leclercqia Lecobasicrinus Lecocrinus
Lecointriceras Lecompteia Lecomptella Lecompteus Leconteia Leconteiceras
Leconteites Leconychia Lecopterum Lecorium Lectavis Lectrum
Lecythiocrinus Lecythioscopa Lecythioscpoa Lecythocaris Lecythocrinus Leda
Ledahia Ledapolepis Ledella Ledidocidaris Ledina Lednevia
Ledoides Ledomyiella Ledophora Ledopsis Leecyaena Leedsichthys P C
Leehermania Leeina Leeites Leella Leeporina Lefortia
Lefroyella Legendrelepis Legetetia Legnonotus Legnophora Legrandella
Legrandina Legumen Leguminella Leguminocythereis Leguminosites P Lehahichnus
Lehmaniceras Lehmanosteus Lehmanotus Lehua Leiacanthus Leiagnostus
Leiaspis Leibaella Leibotheca Leichneyella Leichuangia Leidapoconcha
Leidybatis Leidymys Leidyosuchus Leighiscus Leilaomys Leimitzia
Leinia Leinzia Leioactis Leiobienvillia Leiocarenus Leiocarpa
Leiocephalikon Leiocephalus Leioceras Leiochaetetes Leiochonetes Leiochonia
Leiocidaris Leioclema Leiocoryphe Leiocyamus Leiocyphus Leiodermatium
Leiodistichites Leiodon Leiodorella Leiodus Leiodysodonta Leioechinus
Leiofungia Leiofusa Leiognathus Leioheterodon Leiokarinosuchus Leiolambrus
Leiolepismatina Leiolichas Leiolopisma Leiolpisma Leiomarginata Leiomene
Leionema Leionucula Leiopathes Leiopecten Leiopedina Leiopelma
Leiophyllites Leiophyllum Leioplanaxis Leioprimitia Leioproductus Leiopteria
Leiopyrga Leiorhinus Leiorhynchoidea Leiorhynchoides Leiorhynchus Leioria
Leioscorpio Leioscutellum Leiosella Leioseptathyris Leioshumardia Leiosoecia
Leiosolenus Leiosphaeridia Leiospongia Leiostegina Leiostegioides Leiostegium
Leiostomaster Leiostraca Leiostracosia Leiostrototropis Leiostyla Leiothorax
Leiothycridina Leiothyridina Leiotrochus Leioxyela Leipoa Leipolygaeus
Leipsanolestes Leipsanon Leiribatos Leislingites Leistotrophus Leistus
Leitchia Leithia Lejopyge Lekanichthys Lekanophyllum Lekiskochiton
Lekocrinus Lekythionia Lekythoglena Lekythopora Lema Lembacus
Lembicus Lembitites Lembitsarvella Lembochrysa Lembonax Lembulus
Lemdadella Lemennocrinus Lemintina Lemmaphyllum Lemmatonympha Lemmatophora
Lemmatophoropsis Lemmiscus Lemmus Lemniscolittorina Lemniscomys Lemonea
Lemoneites Lemooria Lemosquetella Lemoynea Lemur C Lemurchelys
Lemuroceras Lemurosaurus P Lenacanthus Lenacare Lenadiscus Lenaella
Lenagraulos Lenalitus Lenalituus Lenallina Lenapora Lenaspis
Lenastella Lenatella Lenatheca Lenatoechia Lenella Lenesornis
Lengwuella Lenica Lenicyamidia Leniechinus Leningradites Leninia
Leniocythere Lenita Lenitrophon Lennea Lenneocrinus Lennontoviella
Lennukella Lenobelus Lenoconus Lenocyathus Lenodus Lenothyris
Lenotropites Lensataphrus Lensotreta Lententactinia Lenticeras Lenticidaris
Lenticoceltites Lenticorbula Lenticraterion Lenticularis Lenticulina Lenticulinella
Lentidium Lentigo Lentilla Lentipecten Lentipleura Lentitheca
Lentodinella Lenzia Lenzites Leobergia Leocephalus Leochlamys
Leocrinus Leodia Leoforteyia Leolasma Leolites Leonardoceras
Leonardocheilus Leonardophyllum Leonardus Leonaspis P Leonerasaurus P Leonhardtina
Leoniceras Leoniella Leoniorthis Leonispirifer Leonodus Leonotus
Leontiella Leontinia Leontocephalus Leontoceryx Leontosaurus Leopardus
Leopecten Leophyllites Leopoldamys Leopoldia Lepadocystis Lepadolepis
Lepagia Lepas Leperditella Leperditelloides Leperditia P Leperditicopida
Lepeta Lepetella Lepetopsis P Lepiconus Lepicythara Lepidactis
Lepidaspis Lepidaster Lepidasterella Lepidasterina Lepidechinoides Lepidechinus
Lepidenteron Lepidesthes Lepidion Lepidites Lepidium Lepidocalix
Lepidocardia Lepidocaris P Lepidocentrus Lepidocephaloides Lepidochelys Lepidochitona
Lepidochrysops Lepidocoleus Lepidocolus Lepidoconia Lepidocottus Lepidocrania
Lepidocyclina Lepidocycloides Lepidocyclus Lepidocystis Lepidodasypus Lepidodendron P
Lepidoderma Lepidodiscus Lepidodiscusb Lepidogobius Lepidoleptaena Lepidolina
Lepidomeda Lepidomena Lepidopecten Lepidophloios Lepidophyllia Lepidophylliopsis
Lepidophylloides Lepidopleurus Lepidopora Lepidoproetus Lepidopteris Lepidopus
Lepidorbitoides Lepidorhinus Lepidorhombus Lepidorhynchia Lepidorthis Lepidosemicyclina
Lepidosigillaria Lepidospirifer Lepidospongia Lepidosteus Lepidostrobophyllum Lepidostrobus
Lepidotes Lepidothamnus Lepidothrix Lepidotrigla Lepidotrochus Lepidotus C
Lepidozamia Lepidozona Lepilaena Lepilucina Lepiskites Lepisma
Lepismatina Lepismophlebia Lepisosteus Lepium Lepocrinites Lepoides
Lepomis Lepophidium Leporemax Leporicypraea Leporidichnites Leporillus C
Leporimetis Lepralia Lepralina Leproconcha Lepsiella Lepsithais
Leptacantholepidus Leptacanthus Leptacodon Leptadapis Leptadrillia Leptaena
Leptaenisca Leptaenoidea Leptaenoidia Leptaenomenclax Leptaenomendax Leptaenopoma
Leptaenopyxis Leptaeschnidium Leptagnostus Leptagonia Leptaleoceras Leptalestes
Leptalosia Leptaphelocheirus Leptarctus Leptarius Leptaster Leptastichidia
Leptastrea Leptathyris Leptauchenia P Leptaxinus Leptaxis Leptechinus
Leptechioceras Leptecodon Leptegauana Leptelasma Leptella Leptellina
Leptelloidea Leptembolon Leptephialtites Lepteremochaetus Lepterpeton Leptesthes
Leptestia Leptestiina Lepteviella Lepthoplites Lepthyaena Leptichnus
Leptictidium P C Leptictis Leptobatopsis Leptobenthos Leptoblattina Leptobolbina
Leptobolus Leptobos Leptobrachion Leptobrachites Leptobrochus Leptocallites
Leptocampus Leptocardia Leptocaryorhynchus Leptocaryorhyncus Leptoceras Leptoceratoides
Leptoceratops P C Leptoceris Leptochamops Leptocharias Leptocheilopora Leptochilodiscus
Leptochirognathus Leptochiton Leptochoerus Leptochondria Leptochonetes Leptochromus
Leptochuangia Leptocidaris Leptocladus Leptocleidus C Leptocleistogaster Leptocoelia
Leptocoelina Leptocolpus Leptoconchus Leptoconocardium Leptoconops Leptoconus
Leptocottus Leptocyathus Leptocyon Leptocyrtoceras Leptocystis Leptocythere
Leptodelphis Leptodesma Leptodolichopodites Leptodonta Leptodontella Leptodontomys
Leptodus Leptoganga Leptogasterites Leptogasteritus Leptogastrella Leptogenichthys
Leptogenys Leptognoriste Leptogonium Leptograptus Leptogyroceras Leptoides
Leptolacis Leptolambda Leptolepides Leptolepis P C Leptolima Leptolingia
Leptolithophyllum Leptolophus Leptolythica Leptomactra Leptomaria Leptomeryx C
Leptomitella Leptomites Leptomithrax Leptomitus Leptomphalus Leptomurex
Leptomussa Leptomya Leptomylus Leptomyrmex Leptomyrmula Lepton
Leptonectes Leptoneta Leptoneurula Leptonotoceras Leptonychotes Leptonycteris
Leptonysson Leptonyx Leptoomus Leptopecten Leptophlebia Leptophloeum
Leptophoca Leptophractus Leptophragma Leptophyllaraea Leptophyllastraea Leptophyllia
Leptophyllon Leptopilus Leptoplastides Leptoplastus Leptoplatophrenoceras Leptoplax
Leptoplecia Leptoplesictis Leptopleuron P Leptopleurus Leptopora Leptopoterion
Leptoprimitia Leptoprosbole Leptopsammia Leptopterus Leptopterygius C Leptoptilos
Leptoptilostipus Leptoptygma Leptoredlichia Leptoreodon Leptorhynchos P Leptoria
Leptorima Leptoromys Leptoropha Leptorophus Leptorramphus Leptorycteropus
Leptosalda Leptosalenia Leptosaurus Leptoscapha Leptoscaptor Leptoschisma
Leptoscopus Leptoserinetha Leptoseris Leptosiagon Leptoskelidion Leptosocyathellus
Leptosocyathus Leptosolen Leptosolenophorus Leptosomus Leptosorus Leptosphinctes
Leptospira Leptostega Leptosteus Leptostrobus Leptostrophia Leptostrophiella
Leptostyrax Leptosuchus Leptosurcula Leptotarbus Leptotataromys Leptotetragonites
Leptoteuthis P Leptotheridium Leptothorax Leptothyra Leptothyrellopsis Leptothyropsis
Leptotila Leptotipula Leptotipuloides Leptotomus Leptotorymites Leptotrachelus
Leptotragulus Leptotragus Leptotrigonia Leptotriticites Leptotrypa Leptotrypella
Leptoxis Leptozoa Leptozone Leptozyga P Leptura Leptychoptera
Leptynticus Lepus Lepyriactis Lercarella Lercaritubus Leridatoma
Leriella Lermontovia Lermontoviella Lernella Lerouxia Lescuropteris P
Leshanella Leshansaurus P Lesleya Lesliella Lesnilomia Lesothosaurus P C
Lesothosuchus Lesperonia Lessemsaurus P C Lesserorthis Lessinigalathea Lessinioplax
Lessnessina Lessnikovaea Lessonothuria Lestanshoria Lestes Lestichthys
Lesticodus Lestidiops Lestobradys Lestodelphys Lestodon Lestodontidion
Lestophis Lestornis Lestosaurus Lestrodus Lesuerella Lesueurilla P
Letepsammia Lethamia Lethenia Lethiersa Lethiscus Lethocoleus
Lethonectes Lethops Lethopterus Letniites Letognathus Letopala
Letopaloptera Letoverpeton C Leucichthyops Leuciscus Leucocarbo Leucocharis
Leucochrysa Leuconia Leucopeza Leucopogon Leucorhynchia Leucosia
Leucosilia Leucosyrinx Leucotaphus Leucozonia Leuctra Leucus
Leuderia Leufroyia Leufuichthys Leugeo Leukadiella Leukaristomys
Leukomoides Leupoldina Leurelasma Leuresthes Leuroactis Leuroceras
Leurocidaris Leurocycloceras Leurorthoceras Leurosina Leurospondylus Leurostega
Leurotrochoceras Leuthardtia Leutorhinion Leutzenia Leveillites Levella
Levenea Levenhookia Levenia Levenolasma Leverhulmia Levesquaspis
Leviathan Leviathania Levibiseptum Levibuchiola Levicamera Leviceraurus
Levicidaris Leviclymenia Leviconcha Leviconchidiella Levicyathus Levicyclus
Leviechinus Leviella Levifenestella Levifusus Levigatella Levihelix
Levileugeo Levimyrtaea Levinia Levinotothyris Levipleura Levipugnax
Levipustula Levisaspis Leviscila Levisella Levisettius Levisia
Levisoceras Levispira Levisulculus Levitusia Leviunguis Levnesovia P
Levuana Lewalanipollis Lewesiceras Lewinia Lewinskia Lewisiella
Lewisuchus P Lewyites Lexovisaurus P C Leyeceras Leyesaurus P Leymeriaster

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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