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Liadoblattina Liadobracona Liadolocusta Liadonaucoris Liadonecta Liadopsylla
Liadoptilia Liadotaulius Liadothemis Liadotypus Liadoxyela Liadroporus
Liadytes Liadytiscus Liagnshanella Lialosia Lianghusuchus Lianglangshania
Liangshanaspis Liangshandiscus Liangshanella Liangshanocephalus Liangshanophyllum Lianhuashania
Lianira Liantuoconus Liantuoia Lianyuanoceras Liaoaphis Liaobaatar
Liaobatrachus Liaoceratops P Liaochelys Liaoconodon Liaocossus Liaoeurytomites
Liaoformica Liaohenia Liaoichneumon Liaonemobius Liaoningaspis Liaoningella
Liaoningocladus Liaoningolacerta Liaoningopterus P Liaoningornis P Liaoningosaurus P Liaotaenionema
Liaotendipes Liaotherium Liaotoma Liaotropis Liaotungia Liaoxia
Liaoxifungivora Liaoxiichthys Liaoxiornis Liaoxipterus P Liaoxisaurus Liaoxitriton
Liaoyangaspis Liardiphyllum Liardites Liarthrus Liasina Liasirex
Liasis C Liasopteron Liassaurus Liassiscorpionides Liassobetraccium Liassocarabites
Liassocercopis Liassochorista Liassochrysa Liassochyrsa Liassocicada Liassocorixa
Liassocupes Liassogomphus Liassogrylloides Liassonympha Liassopanorpa Liassophila
Liassophlebia Liassophyllum Liassopsocus Liassopsychodina Liassopsychops Liassosatumalis
Liassosaturnalis Liassostenophlebia Liassotettigarcta Liassothrips Liassotipula Liauria
Libanoberyx Libanoborus Libanocaris Libanochlites Libanochrus Libanoconis
Libanodiamesa Libanoeuaesthetus Libanoglaris Libanohypselosoma Libanolestes Libanomphientomum
Libanopelopia Libanophron Libanopristis Libanorhinus Libanoseminalis Libanoteuthis
Libellula Libellulapis Libellulium Libera Liberella Liberocoleus
Libertella Libinia Libodiscus Libognathus Libonectes Libotonius
Libralces P Libristoma Librostoma Librovitchites Librovitschiceras Libumella
Libyaconchus Libyaeglossa Libyaerhynchus Libycerithium Libycoceras Libycochoerus
Libycosaurus Libycosuchus Libypithecus Libys Libythea Libytherium
Licania Licaphrium Licaphrops Lichakephalina Lichakephalus Lichanocoryphe
Lichanura Lichapyge Licharewia Licharewiconcha Licharewiella Licharewina
Lichas Lichenalia Lichenaria Lichengaspis Lichengia Lichenocrinus
Lichenoides Lichenopora Lichenotrypa Lichnatrypa Lichnocephala Lichnocyon
Lichnomesopsyche Lichnophthalmus Lichnoplecia Lichnoscorpius Lichokephalina Lichuanoceras
Lichuanopora Lichuanospongia Lichvinia Licmosinion Licnocephala Licnograptus
Lidaconus Liebea Liebusella Lienardia Lievinella Liexiaspis
Ligabueichnium P Ligabueino P Ligabuesaurus P Ligatella Ligavena Ligerimys
Ligerina Ligeromeryx Ligerosaurus Ligiscus Lignanicystis Lignihomola
Lignimus Lignitella Ligogramma Ligometopus Ligonodina Ligulalepis
Ligulella Liguloclema Ligulodictyum Ligyrokala Liholites Lihoodon
Liivilepis Lijiangichthys Lijiangoceras Likanella Likharevites Likhoelesaurus P C
Likhoeletherium Likinia Lilangina Lilax Liliaspis Liliasterites
Liliensternus P C Liliocrinus Liljevallia Liljevallospira Lillia Lilliputianella
Lilloetia Liloa Lilpopia Lima Limacina Limacodites
Limaconyssus Limaea Limaia Limaites Limalbocarpon Limanda
Limanomia Limarca Limaria Limataceps Limatia Limatuella
Limatula Limatuletta Limatulina Limayichnus P Limaysaurus P Limbadiscus
Limbatrypa Limbella Limbicysta Limbifera Limbimurina Limbinaria
Limbinariella Limbocalymene Limburgia Limburgina Limea Limenavis
Limeryx Limfjordia Limicolavis Limicorallus Liminympha Limipecten
Limmatoblatta Limnacis Limnatornis Limnenetes Limnephilus Limneria
Limnerpeton Limniphacos Limnobiophyllum P Limnocema Limnochares Limnocorax
Limnocyon Limnocythere Limnoecus Limnofregata Limnogramma Limnogyrinus
Limnohyops Limnoiketes Limnomis Limnonyx Limnophila Limnopithecus
Limnopsyche Limnoretheles Limnorhyphus Limnoscelis P C Limnosceloides Limnoscelops
Limnoselache Limnostonyx Limnostygis Limognitherium Limois Limonia
Limopsis Limoptera Limopteria Limosa Limosavis Limouolenus
Limpeina Limpidograptus Limstrophina Limulatys Limulicubichnus Limulitella
Limulites Limuloides Limulomyia Limulus C Limusaurus P Lina
Linaeschnidium Linaresia Linatella Linchengoceras Linckia Lindapecten
Linderina Linderochelys Lindholmemys Lindinella Lindoliva Lindsaea
Lindsaya Lindsayella Lindstroemella Lindstroemia Lindstroemoceras Lindstroemophyllum
Lineagruan Linearia Linearis Lineastroma Lineata Linemera
Linetia Linevitus Linga Lingatrypa Linglingella Lingomphus
Lingshanella Linguaclymenia Linguacycloides Linguagnostus Linguaphillipsia Linguaproetus
Linguaserra Linguatornoceras Lingucephalichas Linguchuangia Linguisaukia Linguithyris
Lingukainella Lingula Lingulapholis Lingularia Lingulasma Lingulella
Lingulellotreta Lingulepis Lingulibolina Lingulichnus Lingulina Lingulinopsis
Lingulipora Lingulobolus Lingulocystis Lingulodiscina Lingulogavelinella Lingulonodosaria
Lingulops Lingulosacculus Lingulosmilia Linguocalymene Linguopugnoides Lingyuanaspis
Lingyuanornis Lingyunites Lingyunocoelia Linhagla Linhenykus P Linheraptor P
Linhevenator P Liniaxis Linibactrites Linipalus Linispinella Linispinus
Linnaea Linnania Linnarssonella Linnarssonia Linobrachiocrinus Linochitina
Linochone Linocrinus Linograptus Linoldhamina Linomys Linonautilus
Linonema Linophryne Linoporella Linoproductoides Linoproductus Linoprotonia
Linopteris Linoptes Linopyrga Linosoma Linostrophomena Linotaxis
Linotrigonia Linquornis Linsayella Linsdallia Linshuichonetes Linsleyella
Linstroemoceras Linter Linterella Linthia Linucula Linuparus
Linwuceras Linxiangxiella Linyphia Lioberus Liobole Liobolina
Liocalymene Liocarcinus Liocare Liocarenus Liocaris Liocephalus
Lioceratoides Liocerithium Liochlamys Liocium Lioclema Lioclemella
Liocnemis Liocoelia Lioconcha Liocyma Liocypris Liodesmus
Liodon Liodonax Liodontia Lioestheria Lioglyphostoma Liognathus
Liogomphus Lioharpes Liokootenia Liolalax Lioleptaena Liolithax P
Liolophops Lioma Liomegalaspides Liomesaspis Liomesus Liometopum
Liomolgocrinus Liomopterella Liomopterina Liomopterites Liomopterum Liomoptoides
Liomphalus Liomys Lioparella Lioparia Liopeishania Liopelta
Liopeplum Liophioneura Liopistha Liopleurodon P C Lioporida Liosolenopleura
Liosomena Liosotella Liosphaera Liosphinctes Liospira Liospiriferina
Liostracina Liostracinoides Liostracus Liostrea Liostrophia Liotella
Lioteuthis Liothyrella Liothyrina Liothyris Liotia Liotiastralium
Liotina Liotomus Liotrigonia Liotrigonopsis Lipaesthesius Lipanella
Lipanorthis Lipanteris Liparoblatta Liparoceras P Liparocrinus Lipinella
Lipinellina Lipmanium Lipogramma Lipopora Liposcelis Lipotes
Lippistes Lippsina Lipsanocystis Lipsanothrips Liptodendron Liptonia
Liptornis Lipuites Liquania Liquia Liracassis Lirachiton
Liracraea Liradiscus Lirainosaurus P Liramia Liraplecta Liraria
Liraspirifer Lirastrombina Lirasyrinx Liratilia Liratomina Lirellaria
Lirellarina Liriamnica Liricamera Liriospyris Liriplica Liripora
Liris Lirobittium Liroceras Lirocingula Liroclymenia Lirodiscus
Lirofusus Lirometacoceras Liromissus Liromytilus Lironoba Lirophora
Lirosceles Lirosoma Lirotarte Lirotheca Lirularia Lisania
Lisaniella Lisboasaurus Lisbonia Lisca Lischkeia Liscombea
Liscombispongia Lisgodus Liskeardia Lisogodus Lisogoragnostus Lisogoraspis
Lisogorites Lispacanthus Lispagnostus Lispidecodus Lispinomimus Lispoceras
Lispodesthes Lispognathus Lisponema Lissajousithyris Lissantauga Lissanucula
Lissapiopsis Lissarca Lissatrypa Lissatrypella Lissatrypoidea Lissella
Lissemys Lisserpeton Lissidium Lissoberyx Lissocardia Lissoceras
Lissoceratoides Lissochilina Lissochilus Lissochlamis Lissochonetes Lissoclymenia
Lissocoelia Lissocoelina Lissodelphis Lissodus Lissolepis Lissoleptaena
Lissomarginifera Lissomartus Lissomuricopsis Lissonia Lissoniceras Lissonites
Lissopecten Lissopleura Lissoprion Lissopsis Lissorhynchia Lissosia
Lissospira Lissostrophia Lissotesta Lissotestella Lissothyris Lissotreta
Listerella Listracanthus Listraspis Listriodon Listroa Listrognathosuchus
Listromycter Listronotus Listroteuthis Litagnostoides Litagnostus Litakis
Litaletes Litanaia Litargosuchus P Litaspis Litavina Litavkaspis
Lithacoceras Lithacosphinctes Lithadothrips Lithagrion Lithancylus Lithandrena
Lithanthidium Lithapechtis Lithaphis Lithapium Litharaea Litharaeopsis
Lithargosuchus Lithaster Lithastrinus Lithatractus Lithecphora Lithelius
Lithembia Lithemis Lithentomum Litheuphaea Lithexorista Lithianthidium
Lithioperna Lithiotis Lithoaeschnidium Lithobatrachus Lithobelyta Lithobia
Lithoblatta Lithobotrys Lithocalamus Lithocampana Lithocampe Lithocarpium
Lithochromus Lithochytris Lithocicada Lithoconus Lithocoris Lithocrinus
Lithocupes Lithocyclia Lithodendron Lithodesmium Lithodomina Lithodomus
Lithodrumus Lithodryas Lithofundulus Lithogenes Lithognathus Lithogomphus
Lithogramma Lithographus Lithogryllites Lithohypna Lithohypoderma Litholabis
Litholingia Litholygaeus Lithomacratria Lithomantis Lithomelissa Lithomespilus
Lithomitra Lithomylacris Lithomyza Lithoneura Lithopanorpa Lithopbis
Lithopera Lithopetia Lithophaga Lithophasma Lithophis Lithophotina
Lithophylax Lithophyllia Lithophyllon Lithophyllum Lithophysa Lithophysema
Lithopissodes Lithoplaision Lithoplanes Lithopoma Lithopora Lithoporella
Lithopsis Lithopsocidium Lithopsyche Lithoptila Lithoptilus Lithorabus
Lithorhadia Lithorhagio Lithornis Lithornithium Lithortalis Lithoryssus
Lithoscytina Lithoserix Lithosialis Lithosmylidia Lithosmylus Lithosomyia
Lithospermites Lithostoma Lithostrobilis Lithostrobilus Lithostrobus Lithostromation
Lithostrotion P Lithostrotionella P Lithostrotionoides Lithostrozionoides Lithotachina Lithothamnion
Lithothamnium Lithotiphia Lithotorus Lithotrochus Lithotrotionoides Lithoxyela
Lithraphidites Lithurge Lithurgus Lithymnetes Lithymnetoides Litigiella
Litilpetalichthyes Litiopa Litiugraptus Litobrochus Litocephalus Litoceras
Litocherus Litocodia Litocothia Litocrinus Litodonomys Litodontomys
Litogaster P Litograpsus Litogyroceras Litokoala Litolagus Litolestes
Litolophus Litomatopus Litometopus Litomylus Litoneura Litophlebia
Litophyllum Litoptychius Litorhadia Litoria Litoripes Litotaspis
Litothyris Litotix Litotrigonia Litoyoderimys Litozamia Litschkovitrigonia
Litsea Littoraria Littorella Littoridina Littorina Littorinides
Littorinolacuna Littorinopsis Littorniscala Lituites Lituola Lituolipora
Lituonelloides Lituotuba Lituotubella Lituyapecten Litvolasma Liubangosaurus P
Liuchengoceras Liufaia Liuheaspis Liujiangolepis Liujingnia Liulinoceras
Liupanshania Liushuicephalus Liushusaurus Liuzhaiphylloides Liuzhaiphyllum Liuzhinia
Liuzhouceras Livarella Liveringia Livia Livinalongella Livonia
Livoniana Livosteus Livyatan P C Liwia Lixatrypa Lixouria
Lixus Liza Liztor

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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