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Lobactinocapsa Lobalocrinus Lobalopex P Lobantale Lobateuchus Lobaticorona
Lobatospongia Lobatula Lobeatta Lobendoceras Lobianchia Lobichnus
Lobiochrea Lobipetrolisthes Lobites Loboarchaeoctonus Loboarochiton Lobobactrites
Lobobairdia Lobocarcinus Lobocarpus Lobocephalina Lobocephalus Lobocorallium
Lobocyclendoceras Lobogalenopsis Lobograptus Loboidothyris Loboidothyropsis Lobokosmokeras
Lobolytoceras Lobomelocrinus Lobomesenteripora Lobonotus Lobophyllia Loboplasma
Lobopora Lobopsammia Lobopterus Lobopyge Loborina Loboseris
Lobosiphon Lobosoecia Lobosphinctes Lobothyris Lobothyroides Lobotornoceras
Lobulata Lochengia Lochkothele Lochkovella Lochmaeosmilia Lochmanaspis
Lochmanolenellus Lochmocercus Lochmocereus Lochmocola Lochriea Lockeia P
Lockhartia Lockportia Locrites Locularia Loculibairdia Loculibolbina
Loculicyathopsis Loculicyathus Loculipora Loculitheca P Loculocavata Locusta
Locustavus Locustella Locustites Locustophanes Locustopsis Locustopsites
Locustrix Loczyceras Loczyella Lodanaria Lodderena Lodderia
Lodeacanthus Lodenicia Lodetiella Lodevia Lodevohymen Lodevopterum
Loeblichia Loeipyge Loemmelella Loenthyris Loerentheya Loewiella
Loffa Lofochaius Loftusia Loganamaraspis Loganella Loganellia
Loganellus Logania Loganiella Loganoceras Loganographus Loganograptus
Loganopeltis Loganopeltoides Logocrinus Lohanpopsis lohomia Lohoodon
Lohsania Loilemia Loisthostomata Lokius Lokontailurus Lokotunjailurus
Lokutella Loligo Loligosepia Loloichnus Lomacetus Lomalatachelys
Lomaphorelus Lomaphorops Lomaphorus Lomaphyllum Lomasuchus Lomasulcachites
Lomatiocyathus Lomatiphora Lomatobolbina Lomatopisthia Lomatorthis Lombardia
Lombardina Lomia Lomirosa Lomonossovella Lomorupithecus Lompoquia
Lomsucaspis Lonchidion Lonchidium Lonchidon Lonchinouyia Lonchisaurus
Lonchistium Lonchobasilicus Lonchocephalus Lonchocrinus Lonchodectes P Lonchodelphis
Lonchodina Lonchodomas Lonchodraco P Lonchodus Lonchodytes Lonchognathosaurus P
Lonchograptus Lonchomyrmex Lonchophylla Lonchopteridium Lonchopteris P Lonchopterites
Lonchopteromorpha Lonchopygella Lonchosaccus Loncodelphis Loncornis Loncosaurus P
Londinia Londinimola Longaeviceras Longaevicupes Longaevus Longchaeus
Longchengornis Longchengpterus P Longchenornis Longdeichthys Longdongshuia Longduia
Longianda Longianteclypea Longiapertina Longicapitia Longicellochrysa Longicerciata
Longicerithium Longichela Longiclava Longiclavula Longicollaria Longicopula
Longicornia Longicoryphe Longicrusavis P Longicyathus Longidaonella Longidorsa
Longidorsum Longiformica Longifurcula Longigastrula Longilabia Longileptolepis
Longilobus Longimactra Longimaxilla Longimornis Longiochrea Longiocrea
Longioculus Longipedia Longipegma Longiproetus Longipteryx Longiradius
Longirostravis Longirostromeryx Longiscitula Longiscula Longiserra Longispina
Longisquama C Longithyris Longitubus Longivenula Longiverena Longlingaspis
Longlinophyllia Longmenshania Longmenshanoceras Longobardites Longobarditoides Longoconcha
Longodromites Longodus Longoporcellana Longosaurus P Longosoma Longosuchus
Longquania Longshania Longstaffia Longstrethia Longtancunella Longtanella
Longulatus Longusorbis Longusunguis Longvillia Longxianaspis Longxianirhynchia
Longxumenia Longyuanella Longzhua Longziceras Lonsda Lonsdaleia
Lonsdaleiastraea Lonsdaleoides Loomberaphyllum Looneyella Loopus Lopadiocrinus
Lopadophorus Lopanella Loparella Loparia Lopasnia Lopatinia
Loperia Lopeuloma Lopha Lophacanthus Lophamplexus Lophar
Lophaster Lophbillidium Lophelia Lophialetes Lophiaspis Lophibaluchia
Lophidiaster Lophiobunodon Lophiocypha Lophiodochoerus Lophiodolodus Lophiodolus
Lophiodon Lophiodonticulus Lophiohys Lophiohyus Lophiokephalion Lophiomeryx
Lophioneura Lophioneurodes Lophiopus Lophiornis Lophiostomus Lophiostroma
Lophiotherium Lophiotoma Lophioturris Lophiparamys Lophius Lophobalanus
Lophobatis Lophoblastus Lophocardium Lophocarinophyllum Lophocephalus Lophoceras
Lophocetus Lophochelys Lophochoerus Lophocion Lophoclema Lophocochlias
Lophocoelus Lophocoerus Lophoconcha Lophoconus Lophocorys Lophocranion
Lophocricetus Lophocrinus Lophoctenella Lophoctenium Lophocyon Lophocyrtis
Lophocythere Lophodentina Lophodesella Lophodolithusis Lophodus Lophodytes
Lophogaster Lophogonodon Lophohelia Lophoholcus Lophokloedenia Lopholasma
Lopholatilus Lopholepsis Lopholistriodon Lopholobites Lophomeandra Lophonema
Lophonychia Lophopanopeus Lophophaena Lophophrentis Lophophyllia Lophophyllidium P
Lophophyllum Lophoprosopus Lophoprothyris Lophopsittacus Lophoranina Lophoraninella
Lophorhinus P Lophorhothon P Lophortyx Lophosaukia Lophosmilia Lophosminthus
Lophosphaeridium Lophospira Lophospyris Lophosteus Lophostracon Lophostropheus P
Lophotheca Lophotichium Lophrothyris Lophuromys Lophyrophorus Lopingia
Lopingoceras Lopnorites Lopochites Lorancahyus Lorancameryx Lorangerella
Lordorthis Lordoserphus Lordshillia Loreisomorpha Loreleiella Lorentzia
Lorenzella Lorenziella P Lorenziellites Lorenziellopsis Lorenzinia Lorenzinites
Lorica Loricatosaurus P Loricella Loricera Loricopteraspis Loricula
Loriculina Loriculus Loriella Lorieroceras Loriolaster Loriolella
Loriolia Loriolicrinus Loriolipedina Loriolithyris Lorioloceras Loriolometra
Loripes Loripinus Lorophyton Lorosuchus Lorrettina Lortiella
Loscotaphrus Loshanella Losillasaurus P Losvia Lota Lotagnostus
Lotharingella Lotharingius Lotocrinus Lotoria Lotosaurus Lotosoides
Lottia Lotzeia Lotzeites Lotzia Louisa Louisella
Louisettita Louisina Loulania Loupanus Loupomys Lourinhanosaurus P
Lourinhasaurus P Loutriella Louza Lovaracarcinus Lovarina Lovcenipora
Loveina Lovenechinus Lovenia Lovenicystis Lovenilampas Lovetchenia
Lovetcheniia Lovonemetrida Lowenstamia Lowesaurus Lowoceras Lowtheria
Loxacypraea Loxaulax Loxebala Loxia Loxigilla Loxioides
Loxisonia Loxo Loxobidens Loxoblatta Loxobucania Loxocamarotus
Loxocardium Loxocauda Loxoceras Loxochlamys Loxochoanella Loxocoelus
Loxoconcha Loxocorniculum Loxocrinus Loxodonta Loxodus Loxoedischia
Loxoglypta Loxolithax Loxolithus Loxolophus Loxomma P C Loxonema
Loxonepea Loxoparia Loxopeltis Loxophlebia Loxophleps Loxophragma
Loxophragmus Loxoplocus Loxoptychodon Loxoptyxis Loxorhynchus Loxornis
Loxosonia Loxostelidotus Loxostomina Loxostomodes Loxostomoides Loxostomum
Loxotaphrus Loxotoma Loxotomella Loxsomopteris Loyolophyllum

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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