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Raadshoovenia Raanespongia Raaschella Raaschellina Raaschia Raaschichnus
Raashellina Rabanitina Rabaticeras Rabdacanthus Rabdastrea Rabeignathus
Rabicea Rabidia Rabidosaurus Rabienella Rabienites Rabienops
Rabru Rabuloproetus Rabutina Racemiguembelina Racemina Rachaniephyllum
Rachimentomon Rachiosoma Rachiosteus Rachitrema Rachycentron Raciditor
Rackirhynchia Rackovskia Racodiscula Racovitzaiella Racvetina Radhostium
Radialisporis Radiaspis Radiastraea Radiastrea Radiatodonta Radiatrypa
Radiaxialia Radicanalospongia Radicicyathus Radiciphyllia Radicipora Radicispongia
Radiichnus Radiina Radimatrypa Radimella Radinista Radinskya
Radiobisphaera Radiobrissus Radiocavaria Radiocavea Radiocella Radioceras
Radiocondyla Radioconus Radiocyathus Radiocyclopeus Radiocyphus Radiodactylus P
Radiofascigera Radiofibra Radiographus Radiograptus Radiolichas Radiolitella
Radiolites Radiolithus Radiolus Radiomena Radiomura Radionereites
Radiopecten Radiophron Radiophyllia Radiophyllum Radioplica Radiopora
Radioporacanthodes Radioprionites Radiopyge Radioscutellum Radioscuttelum Radiosphaera
Radiosphaeroporella Radiostroma Radiothalamos Radiotrabeculopora Radiotrypa Radium
Radiurus Radnoria Radoceras Radomorpha Radonia Radotina P
Radotruncana Radstockiceras Raduginella Radula Radulinus Radulonectites
Radulopecten Radulopora Raemeotherium Raerinproetus Raeta Raetella
Raeticodactylus P Raetina Raetomya Rafaelia Rafaeliana Rafanoglossa
Rafetus Rafinesquina Ragactaeon Ragadinia Ragnarok Ragozinia
Raha Rahbahthalamia Rahbahthalmia Rahiolisaurus P Rahonavis P C Rahouiarhynchia
Raibosammina Railtonella Raimbautina Raimondiceras Raina Raincourtia
Raineria Rainerichthys Raja Rajasaurus P C Rajaurisaurus Rajka
Rajkaella Rajorhina Rakhia Rakomeryx Rakomylus Rakosia
Rakovnicia Rakusites Rakverella Ralfina Ralfinella Ralia
Rallacosta Rallicrex Rallotopaphis Rallus Ramacrinus Ramallichthys
Ramalmerina Ramapithecus C Ramasayia Ramavectus Ramellina Ramesses
Ramia Ramifer Ramina Ramiphyllum Ramipora Ramiporalia
Ramiporella Ramiporidra Ramispongia Ramitubus Rammea Ramoceros
Ramochitina Ramofilisparsa Ramonalina Ramonellus Ramonemoura Ramosites
Ramosothalamiella Ramospongia Ramostella P Ramosulichnus Ramovsia Ramovsina
Rampartaspis Ramphastosula Ramphodus Ramphonotus Ramphoprion Ramphosus
Ramsaasalepis Ramsaya Ramsayia Ramsdelepidion Ramsetia Ramseyocrinus
Ramulimonstrum Ramulina Ramulinella Ramulocrinus Ramulophyllum Ramuscyathus
Ramusites Ramuspiculum Ramussenoceras Ramys Rananasus Ranapeltis
Ranasasus Ranculcus Randallia Randaynia Randicephalus Randomia
Ranella Ranellina Rangea Rangeroceras Rangia Rangifer C
Rangimata Rangwapithecus Ranicella Raniceps Ranidina Ranikothalia
Ranilia Raniliformis Ranina Raninella Raninoides Ranis
Rankenella Rankinian Ranorthis Ranularia Ranunculoproetus Ranzania
Raoella Raoultius Rapa Rapamys Rapana Rapator P C
Rapaxavis Rapetosaurus P C Raphanites Raphconilia Raphenacodus Raphibelus
Raphicerus Raphictis Raphidia Raphidiomima Raphidiomimula Raphidiophorus
Raphidiopsis Raphidium Raphidociclicus Raphidodiscus Raphidonema Raphioampyx
Raphiophorus Raphiosaurus Raphischisma Raphispira Raphistoma Raphistomina
Raphitoma Raphogla Raphoneis Raphus P C Rapopsis Raptophasma
Raptorapax Raptorex P Raragnostus Raranimus P Raraxymyia Rarenodia
Raricardium Raricricetodon Raridium Rariella Rarifenestella Rarissimetus
Rarocyathus Rasenia Rasenoides Rasettaspis Rasettia Rasetticyathus
Rasfacrinus Rasia Rasilopsis Rasmussenoceras Rasnicynips Rasnicynomma
Rasnitsia Rasnitsynala Rasnitsynaphis Rasnitsynia Rasnitsyrina Raspailiceras
Rasstriga Rastelligera Rastellum Rastrites Ratburia Ratchaburimys
Ratchasimasaurus P Ratcliffespongia Rathbunopon Rathymotherium Ratifusus Ratinkaspis
Ratiolites Rattus Ratufa Rauffela Rauffia Rauisuchus
Raulinia Raulringueletia Raulvaccia Rauna Raunites Rauserella
Rauserina Rauserites Rautiania Ravatichnus P Ravatosauropus Ravenictis
Ravitrona Ravniella Ravnostomia Ravozetina Rawdonia Rawlinsella
Rawops Raymondarges Raymondaspis Raymondatia Raymondella Raymondia
Raymondiceras Raymondicrinus Raymondina Raymondites P Raymoorea Rayneria
Rayonnoceras C Rayososaurus P Razanandrongobe P

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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