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Reacalymene Reaganaspis Realaspis Realeksella Rebbachisaurus P Rebbanasaurus
Rebeccapecten Rebellatrix Rebuchia Rebuffiochnus Rebusum Receptaculites
Rechnisaurus Recilites Recluzia Recoaroella Recrosalenia Rectacirsa
Rectalloides Rectambitus Rectannulus Rectella Recticardo Recticornia
Recticostastraea Rectifenestella Rectifrontinella Rectigrewingkia Rectigypidida Rectilius
Rectineura Rectiplanes Rectirhynchia Rectithyris Rectitriordo Rectoavesmella
Rectoavesnella Rectobairdia Rectobolivina Rectobulimina Rectobuntonia Rectochernyshinella
Rectocibicides Rectoclymenia Rectocornuspira Rectocorona Rectocyclammia Rectocyclammina
Rectocypris Rectocythere Rectodictyoconus Rectoelphidiella Rectoendothyra Rectoepistominoides
Rectoeponides Rectoglandulina Rectoglomospira Rectograptus Rectoguembelina Rectoillerella
Rectomillerella Rectonaria Rectonemoura Rectonychocella Rectoplacera Rectoseptaglomospirane
Rectoseptaglomospiranella Rectoseptatournayella Rectospinella Rectostipulina Rectotormentum Rectotournayellina
Rectotrachyleberis Rectotrophia Rectseptoceras Rectuvigerina Recula Recurvacanthus
Recurvaster Recurvella Recurvina Recurvirostra Recurvoides Redactineura
Redfieldius Redicirce Redkinia Redlichaspis Redlichella Redlichia P C
Redlichina Redlichops Redmondina Redmondoides Redocla Redondasaurus
Redondasuchus Redondavenator Redonia Redoubtia Redpathoceras Redstonea
Redstonia Redunca Reduvius Reedaspis Reedella Reediella
Reedocalymene Reedoconcha Reedolithus Reedops Reedosepta Reedsoceras
Reedus Reeftonella Reeftonia Reesidites Reesodus Reeveana
Reflexia Refluharpa Refrathella Regadrella Regalerpeton Regaliceratops P
Regalilima Regardrella Regelia Regiana Regiata Regina
Reginacypris Reginaites Reginea Reginella Regisaurus Regispongia
Regius Regnardia Regnellicrinus Regnellicystis Regnosaurus P Regoria
Regozara Regrantia Reguantella Regubea Regulaecystis P Regularites
Regulifer Regulus Rehacythereis Rehbachiella Rehmannia Reichelina
Reichelinella Reifia Reiflingites Reigia Reigiopsis Reigitherium
Reillopleura Reimanelasma Reimaniphyllia Reimanophyllum Reineckeia Reineckeites
Reinhardtites Reinholdella Reintlingerina Reinversella Reishia Reisia
Reisocyathus Reissella Reiswigia Reiszia Reiszorhinus Reithrodon
Reithrodontomys Reithroparamys Reitlingerina Reitziites Rejkocephalus Rejkovicichnus
Rekter Relanus Religa Relindella Rellimia Remacutanger
Remalia Remanellina Remaniella Remera Remesella Remesia
Remesimetra Remia Remiculus Remigolepis Remingtonocetus P Remiornis
Remipyga Remismilia Remisovicrinus Remizites Remnevitoechia Remnita
Remondella Remondia Remopleurella Remopleuridacea Remopleurides Remopleuridiella
Remopleuridioides Remys Renalia P Renatodon Renaudia Rencordulia
Rencunia Rencunius Renea Rengea Renhuaia Renibeyrichia
Renichnus Renicimberis Renicytherura Reniera Renirsmilia Renites
Renitheca Rennensismilia Renngartenella Renniella Renpetia Renphasma
Rensselaeria Rensselaerina Rensselandia Rensselandioidea Renulina Renziceras
Renzimys Renzium Reophacella Reophax Repagulum Repenomamus P
Repentella Repinaella Repinaspis Replcoskenidioides Replicoskenidioides Repmanina
Repomys Repossia Reprehensa Reptadeonella Reptaria Reptelea
Reptescharipora Reptocavea Reptoceritites Reptoclausa Reptofascigera Reptoforicula
Reptolunites Reptolunulites Reptomultelea Reptomulticava Reptomulticlausa Reptomultisparsa
Reptonodicava P Reptonoditrypa Reptoporina Requienia Requisia Reraspis
Resania Resatrix Reschia Resegia Resetocrinus Resigia
Resimopsis Resseraspis Resserella Resseria Resserops Resseropsis
Restes Retamaspis Retaria Retecapsa Retecava Retecoscinus
Retecrisina Retecyathus Retelea Retelytron Retenoa Retentactinia
Reteocrinus Reteograptus Retepora Reteporella Reteporellina Reteporidea
Reteporidra Reteporina Retetumulus Retha Retiacolpites Reticestus
Retichonetes Reticraticularia Reticrisina Reticulacella Reticulaconularia Reticularia
Reticulariina Reticulariopsis Reticulatia Reticulatisporites Reticulatochonetes Reticulatoconus
Reticulatrypa Reticulcoelia Reticulepis Reticulicymbalum Reticulina Reticulinella
Reticulipora Reticulitermes Reticullina Reticulocambria Reticulocarpos Reticuloceras
Reticulochilina Reticulocicada Reticulocoelia Reticulocosta Reticulodus Reticulograptus
Reticulogyra Reticuloharpes Reticulolepis Reticulomedusa Reticuloolithus Reticulopalmula
Reticulophragmium Reticulophragmoides Reticulophrgmoides Reticulopteris Reticulotubulus Reticuloturris
Reticunassa Reticycloceras Retifacies Retilamina Retilaskeya Retillamina
Retimarginifera Retinaphis Retinitus Retinoberotha Retinoda Retiogastrioceras
Retiograptus Retiolites Retiophyllia Retiophyllum Retiopustula Retipilina
Retipirula Retisacculus Retisphaera Retispinopora Retispira Retites
Retitriletes Retizafra Retizitteloceras Retodus Retroceramus Retroclitendoceras
Retrocypoda Retroplexus Retropluma Retrorsichela Retrorsirostra Retrorstrophia
Retrotapes Retrotornoceras Retshitsella Retusa Retusocrinus Retzia
Retziella Retzispirifer Reubenella Reubenia Reudemannicrusta Reuentalina
Reuschella Reuschia Reuscholithus Reusella Reussangia Reussastraea
Reussia Reussiana Reussicoenia Reussicythere Reussiphyllia Reussiphyllon
Reussirella Reussoolina Reussopsammia Reutterodus Revalocrinus Revalocystis
Revalopora Revalotrypa P Reversella Reversocypris Reversoparaparchites Revisylthere
Reviya Revssirella Revueltosaurus Rewaconodon Rewana Rewanobatrachus
Rexea Rexithaerus Rexmela Rexroadus Reyesichnus Reymentella
Reymenticosta Reynellona Reynesella Reynesoceras Reynesocoeloceras Reynoldsiophyllum

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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