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Roadoceras Robergia P Robergiella Robertbutleria Robertella Roberthoffstetteria
Robertia Robertina Robertinoides Robertiolynthus Robertocyathus Robertorthis
Robertsonites Robiacina Robiatherium Robinella Robinia Robinjohnia
Robinsonella Robinsonites Roborovskia Robotium Robroyia Robsoniella
Robsonoceras Robuloides Robulus Robus Robustirhynchia Robustocyathellus
Robustocyathus Robustopachyphloia Robustoschwagerina Robustum Rocacarcinus Rocasaurus P
Rocellaria Rochaeva Rochatorhynchia Rochdalia Rochefortia Rochefortula
Rocheithyris Rochella Rochia Rochinia Rochtex Rockycampacanthus
Rodachia Rodeckia Rodentilites Rodhocetus P Rodiezmoceras Rodighieroites
Rodinosmilia Rodiotherium Rodocanalis Roemerella Roemeria Roemeriella
Roemeripora Roemerispongia Roemeroceras Roemerocrinus Roemerolites Roemerula
Roemerus Roepichnus Rogas Rogenites Rogerella Rogersia
Rogersvillia Roglicia Rogueus Rohdendorfomeyiellla Rohdendorfomyiella Rohea
Rohillites Rohini Rohonilepis Rohonosteus Rohrthrips Roinghites
Roiometra Rojasia Roksaspis Rokycania Rokycanocoryphe Rolandomphalus
Rolfeia Rolfosteus C Rollandiana Rollerites Rollia Rollierella
Rollieria Rolliericidaris Rollmops Roloboceras Rolumbus Romainvillia
Romaleon Romancheina Romania Romaniceras Romaniella Romanites
Romaniteuthis Romanocastor Romanofiber Romanogobio Romanolagus Romanops
Romeosaurus Romeria Romeriscus Romerodus Romingeria Romingerina
Romingoceras Romundina P Roncador Roncania Roncellia Ronconites
Rondocephalus Ronella Rongambonites Rongjiangoceras Rongxiella Ronquillomys
Rontrippia Ronzotherichnus Ronzotherium Rooneyia Roongodus Ropaloceras
Ropalonaria Roperia Rophalis Ropolonellus Ropschiaspis Roquesselsia
Rorespirifer Rorippides Rorqualus Rorringtonia Rosacilla Rosalina
Rosamygale Rosannia Rosasia Rosehillia Rosella Rosellatana
Roselletona Rosendolops Rosenella Rosenellinella Rosenfeldia Roseoporella
Rosieria Rosita Roslerichthys Rosobolus Rosovaspis Rossaeschnidium
Rossalites Rossaspis Rosselia P Rosseliana Rossella Rossiceras
Rossicoceras Rossicurus Rossielella Rossiodus Rossirhynchus Rossiteria
Rossites Rossithyris Rossoceras Rossocoleus Rossocyathella Rossodus
Rossopora Rossospira Rostarca Rostellaca Rostellana Rostellaria
Rostellinda Rostranteris Rostreulima Rostriamynodon Rostricellula C Rostrifinis
Rostrirhynchia Rostrocardia Rostrocerithium Rostroconus Rostrocytheridea Rostrogobio
Rostroperna Rostrornis Rostrospirifer Rota Rotadiscoides Rotadiscus
Rotafolia Rotaforma Rotaia Rotalia Rotaliatina Rotaliatinopsis
Rotalidium Rotalinoides Rotalipora Rotalispora Rotalites Rotamorphina
Rotaratiolites Rotaraxoceras Rotaryus Rotasaccus Rotasphaera Rotaurisaurus
Rotelapillus Rotella Rotellomphalus Rotfanella Rothaniscus Rothastrea
Rothella Rothellina Rothia Rothianiscus Rothina Rothpeltzia
Rothpletzella Rothpletzia Rotiphyllum Rotodactylus Rotodiscoceras Rotoides
Rotopericyclus Rotoporina Rotorbinella Rotoxylon Rottophis Rotula
Rotularia Rotuloidea Rotundacodina Rotundicardia Rotundichnus Rotundipetiolus
Rotundites Rotundocyathus Rotundomys Rotundopteris Rotundostrophia Rotundusichnium
Rouaulita Roudairia Rougiertherium Rouillieria Roulletia Roundya
Roundyella Rousettus Roussanoffoceras Rousseauspira Rousselia Roussyana
Rouxia Roveacrinoides Roveacrinus Rovnocapnia Rovnodidactylomyia Rovnoecus
Rowanpectinus Rowellella Rowia Rowleya Rowleyella Roxania
Roxaniella Roxoa Roxochelys Roya Royalella Royasendia
Royella Roystonea Rozanovicoscinus Rozanovicyathus Rozanoviella Rozdestvenskayites
Rozkowskaella Rozkowskia Rozmanaria Rozmaniella Rozmanospira Rozonovia

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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