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Taatsiinia Tabalqueia Tabantalites Tabantaloceras Tabarhynchus Tabasia
Tabasoporella Tabatopygellina Tabelia Tabellaephyllum Tabellina Tabelliscolex
Taberina Tabernaemontana Tabulaconus Tabulacyathellus Tabulacyathus Tabularia
Tabulatispongia Tabulipora Tabuliporella Tabulophyllum Tacheria Tachillanella
Tachina Tachinus Tachinymphes Tachloconcha Tachornis Tachybaptus
Tachygia Tachylagus Tachylasma Tachymerobius Tachynectes Tachyoryctes
Tachyoryctoides Tachyphyllum Tachypleus Tachyporoides Tachypteron Tachyrhynchella
Tachyrhynchus Tacinia Tactilispina Tacuarembovum P Tadakoustia Tadarida
Tadjikia Tadorna Tadschikia Tadzhikosuchus Taemasacanthus Taemasaspis
Taemasosteus Taemasotrochus Taemcephalus Taemostrophia Taeniactis Taeniaecyathellus
Taeniarca Taeniaster Taeniaturbo Taenicephalina Taenicephalites Taenicephalops
Taenicephalus Taenidium Taeniocellana Taenioconger Taeniocrada P Taeniodictya
Taeniodomus Taeniodon Taeniodus Taeniolabis C Taeniolepis Taeniolites
Taeniopodites Taeniopora Taenioporella Taenioporina Taeniopteris Taeniospira
Taeniothaerus Taeniothrips Taeniura Taeniurites Taenora Taffertia
Taffia Tafforeus Tafilalichthys Tafilaltaspis Tafilaltia Tafilaltoceras
Tafimys Tafnaspis Tagalodes Tagarosuchus Tagazella Tagelus
Tagenarella Tagenocrinus Tagenopsis Tagicetus Tagountia Tagsmiphron
Tahua Tahudrilla Tahulalepis Tahusyrinx Taianocephalus Taidocrinus
Taidonorus Taieria Taiganella Taihangshania Taihangshaniashania Taihungshania
Taijiangia Taijiangocephalus Taimanawa Taimyborus Taimyraspis Taimyrella
Taimyria Taimyrisphex Taimyrodon Taimyrokolymia Taimyrolepis Taimyrolobia
Taimyronectes Taimyrophyllum Taimyropsis Taimyrothyris Taimyrrhynx Tainacris
Tainionautilus Tainoceras Tainotoechia Tainuirhynchia Taioma Taiophlebia
Taipaikia Taipakia Taipidon Taishania Taishanomys Taisyakuphyllum
Taita Taitia Taitzehoella Taitzehoia Taitzuia Taitzuina
Taiwancorbicula Taiwanobarnea Taiziheophyllum Tajaroceras Tajinella Tajmyraphis
Tajmyrella Tajurina Takahashia Takakkawia Takayanagia Takia
Taklamakania Takoum Takracetus P Takshania Talabrica Talacastella
Talacastonia Talacastops Talaeomarrolithus Talahabia Talahphiomys Talahpithecus
Talantatos Talantodiscus Talarocrinus Talarurus P C Talasoproductus Talassoceras
Talattoceras Talaya Talbotina Talbotinella Talbragaraneus Taldycupes
Taldycupidium Taleastroma Talecaster Talenkauen P Talentella Talenticeras
Taleoleptaena Talicypridea Talimaalepis Talimuella Talityphis Talivalia
Tallahattaophis Tallinnella Tallinnellina Tallinnoceras Tallinnopsis Tallorbis
Talmontipora Talmontopus Talochlamys Talocodakia Talopena Talophora
Talos P C Talostolida Talovkorhynchia Talpa Talparia Talpaspongia
Talpavoides Talpavus Talpina Talpinella Talpohenach Talus
Tamanalces Tamandua Tamanja Tamaranella Tamarella Tamarites
Tamaroclema Tamaulipasaurus Tambachia P Tambakia Tambanella Tambaroter
Tambegiroceras Tambia Tamboeria Tambovia Tamdaspis Tamesichthys
Tamianomia Tamias Tamiasciurus Tamilicardia Tamiobates Tamiobatis
Tamiops Tamiosoma Tamonella Tampsia Tamquammys Tanablastus
Tanaia Tanaisosaurus Tanakura Tanaliopsis Tanaocrossus Tanaocystis
Tanaodon Tanaodus Tanaoknemus Tanbaella Tanbaoites Tanchiashanites
Tancredia Tancrediopsis Tancretella Tandarnia Tanea Tanerhynchia
Tangara Tangarasaurus Tangaroasaurus Tangasaurus Tangbailaspis Tangchiashanites
Tanggularella Tangjiaella Tanglangia Tangshanaspis Tangshanella Tangshanodus
Tangshihella Tangshihlingia Tangvayosaurus P Tangwangzhaia Tangxiangia Tangyagraptus
Tangyaia Taniaspidella Tanichthys Tanidromites Taniella Tanimasanoria
Tanius P Taniwhasaurus Tankhella Tannodiscus Tannuaspis Tannudiscus
Tannuella Tannuolaspis Tannuolina Tannuspira Tannuspirifer Tanocleria
Tanolepis Tanoutia Tantunia Tanuchitina Tanupolama Tanus
Tanybregma Tanycameroceras Tanychora Tanychorella Tanycolagreus P Tanyderites
Tanyderophryne Tanymecus Tanymera Tanymykter Tanyochoreta Tanyoscapha
Tanyothyris Tanypodites Tanypsycha Tanysphyra Tanystropheus P C Tanystrosuchus P
Tanytarsus Tanytermes Tanytrachelos P Tanzanonautes Tanzanycteris Taognathus
Taoperdix Taoqupoceras Taoqupognathus Taoqupospira Taosia Taouzites
Taoyuania Tapajotia Tapashanites Tapeinosperma Tapejara P C Tapes
Tapetulasma Taphacris Taphochoerus Tapholyda Taphozous Taphramites
Taphraster Taphrhelminthoida Taphrhelminthopsis Taphrodonta Taphrognathus Taphrorthis
Taphrosaurus Taphrosestria Taphrosphyina Taphrosphys Taphrostoma Taphrostomia
Tapinocalymene Tapinocaninus P Tapinocanius Tapinocephalia Tapinocephalus P Tapinochoerus
Tapinocrinus Tapinogyra Tapinoma Tapinopus Tapinosaurus P Tapinosteus
Tapinotomaria Tapiralum Tapiravus Tapiriscus Tapirulus Tapirus
Tapiscia Taplimella Taplowia Tapochoerus Tapocyon Tapomys
Taponichnus Tapopterum Tappanella Tappanina Tappenosaurus Tapponnierites
Tapuiasaurus P Tapuritreta Taquatomys Taquetochelys Tarachiocrinus Tarachomylax
Taractopora Taracythere Taraisites Tarakanula Taralasma Taramellia
Taramelliceras Tarandrospirifer Taranis Taranshicrinus Tarantinaea Tarantocrinus
Tarantogus Tarascosaurus P Tarassocrinus Taraxaculum Tarayagnostu Tarayagnostus
Tarbagatailites Tarbellastraea Tarbosaurus P C Tarchia P C Tardeceras Tardentactinia
Tardewocklumeria Tardicolumbites Tardontia Tarella Tarentola Tareyacanthus
Tareyaspis Tarfaya Tariccoia Tarichnus Tarijactinoides Tarijamys
Tarimacanthus Tarimathyris Tarimella Tarimoplecta Tarjadia Tarka
Tarkadectes Tarkops Tarletonbeania Tarnomys Taron Tarphophragma
Tarphyceras Tarphyphyllum Tarphypygus Tarphystroma Tarracolimulus Tarraconogyra
Tarragoilus Tarrantoceras Tarrasius Tarratosaurus Tarrichnium Tarricoia
Tarrodacne Tarsabedus Tarsichthys Tarsius C Tarsodactylus Tarsomegamerus
Tarsonecta Tarsophlebia Tarsophlebiopsis Tarsoplectrus Tarsopterella Tarsopterus
Tartaroceras Tartuosteus Tarturia Taruphyllum Tarutiglossa Tarwinia
Tarynaspis Tasadia Tasagnostus Tasbacka Taschigatra Tasgorosailus
Tashanomena Tashkumyrodon Taskanites Taskanoceras Taslestes Tasmalella
Tasmana Tasmanadia Tasmanammina Tasmanaspis Tasmanella Tasmanicytidium
Tasmaniosaurus C Tasmanites P Tasmanobalanus Tasmanocephalus Tasmanoceras Tasmanoconularia
Tasmanocrinus Tasmanognathus Tasmanorthis Tasmatica Tasmeuthria Tasselia
Tasselliana Tastaria Tastavinsaurus P Tatalsminthus Tatankacephalus P Tatankaceratops P
Tatankasaurus Tataouinea P Tataouinella Tatara Tatarakara Tatariella
Tatarina Tatarites Tatarocupes Tataromys Tataronympha Tatarornipes
Tateana Tatechinus Tatediscus Tateiwaia Tatella Tateltella
Tatenectes Tatera Tathiodon Tatijanaecyathus Tatisaurus P Tatjamoa
Tatjania Tatjanicrinus Tatjanophyllum Tatmanius Tatonaspis Tatonkacystis
Tatrasaurus Tatrasuchus Tatulaspis Taubacrex Taubateia Taubatherium
Taubatornis Taublatta Taublattopsis Taucanamo Taucatillocrinus Taudactylus
Tauichthys Taunaspis Taupezia Taurasia Tauraspis Tauraxinus
Tauredon Tauricella Tauriconites Tauridastrum Taurinichthys Tauristorea
Taurocephalus Tauroceras Taurocrinus Tauromenia Tauromeniceras Tauromeryx
Taurops Tauropteryx Taurosaurus Taurotapes Taurothyris Taurotragus
Tauschia Tautosia Tavania Tavanicythere Tavayzopora Taveirosaurus P
Tavoonyia Tavsenia Tawa P Tawasaurus P Tawera Tawstockia
Tawuphyllum Taxichnites Taxidea Taxioura Taxocardia Taxocrinus P
Taxodiella Taxodon Taxogyra Taxonia Taxonus Taxopora
Taxus Taxyceras Taxymys Tayamaia Tayanaella Tayassu
Tayassuichnum Taylorcyathus Taylorius Taymyrelectron Taynaella Tayshira
Tazemmourtia Tazoudasaurus P Tazzarinia Tchabdania Tchadania Tchadotragus
Tchaiaspis Tchaltacerus Tchangsichiton Tcharatheca Tcharella Tchegemithyris
Tchekardichthys Tcherkesovia Tchernyshevioides Tchernyshvioides Tcherskidium Tchingisaurus
Tchirkovaea Tchizhovaella Tchoiria Tchojacyathus Tcholmanvissia Tcholmanvissiella
Tchukeraspis Tchunacanthus Tchuostachia Tchuranitheca

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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