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Tealbya Tealliocaris Tebagathalamia Tebitopora Technitella Technocrinus
Technomyrmex Technophorus Technosaurus P C Tecnocyrtina Tecovasaurus Tecovasuchus
Tectamichelina Tectaplica Tectarea Tectariopsis Tectarius Tectatrypa
Tecticupes Tectifusus Tectiretites Tectisumen Tectonatica Tectonerva
Tectonomys Tectoptilus Tectospira Tectulipora Tectura Tectus
Tedoribaatar Teesium Tega Teganium Tegaspis Tegea
Tegehotherium Tegella Tegeolepis Tegerocyathella Tegerocyathus Tegilarca
Tegillarca Tegmenia Tegoceras Tegopelte Tegotherium Tegula
Tegulalithus Tegulaplax Tegulella Tegulifera Teguliferina Tegulispirifer
Tegulithyris Tegulocrea Tegulorhynchia Tegumentum Tehuacana Tehuelchesaurus P
Teichaster Teichertia Teicherticeras Teichertina Teichertoceras Teichertops
Teichertus Teichichnus Teichochilina Teichopora Teichorhabdus Teichostrophia
Teiichispira Teilhardella Teilhardia Teilhardimys Teilhardina C Teilhardosaurus
Teilostoma Teinistion Teinodictyon Teinolophos C Teinonuculana Teinostoma
Teinostomopsis Teinurosaurus P C Teisseirei Teisseiria Teixeiraea Tejonia
Tekinia Telacapsula Telacodon Telactinopteryx Telaemarrolithus Telaeomarrolithus
Telaeoshaleria Telamocornu Telamonocarcinus Telangiopsis Telangium Telasco
Telecrex Telegraphia Teleidosaurus Teleiocrinus Teleiophyllia Telemactra
Teleoceras P C Teleochilus Teleocrater Teleocydnus Teleodus Teleolophus
Teleoproductus Teleoptyxis Teleorhinus Teleornis Teleosaurus C Teleoschistus
Telephina Telepholis Telephops Telephorium Telephorus Telephus
Telermoceras Telerpeton Telescopium Telescopus Telestes Teletaceras
Telichnus Telicomys Telikosocrinus Teliochilus Teliocrinus Telistrophis
Teljanzella Telleria Tellerina Tellerites Telleroceras Tellerodus
Tellidora Tellidorella Tellimya Tellina Tellinella Tellinidella
Tellinides Tellinimactra Tellinimera Tellinocyclas Tellinomorpha Tellinomya
Tellinopsis Tellinota Tellipiura Tellurimya Telmabates Telmablatta
Telmaeshna Telmasaurus Telmatherium Telmatocyon Telmatodon Telmatornis
Telmatosaurus P C Telmatoscorpio Telmatrechus Telobittacus Teloceras Telodactylites
Telodactylus Telodontomys Telopora Telosichnus Telostoma Telothrips
Telothyris Telsonichnus Telycardia Temaleia Temanella Temblornia
Tembotherium Tembrockia Temertassetia Temnechinus Temnocheilus Temnocidaris
Temnoclemmys Temnoconcha Temnocorpichnus Temnocrinus Temnocyon Temnodiscus
Temnodontosaurus C Temnograptus Temnophyllum Temnopleurus Temnoptychites Temnospira
Temnostigma Temnothorax Temnotrema Temnotrionyx Temnotropis Temnoura
Temperocastor Temperoceras Tempestia Tempskya Temsacus Temujinia
Tenagocrinus Tenagodus Tenarea Tenaturris Tendaguria Tendaguripterus P
Tendagurium Tendagurodon Tendagurutherium Tenea Tenebrio Tenebrion
Tenebrionites Tenedocythere Tenellodermis Teneopteron Teneposita Tenerasaurus
Tenerella Teneremys Tengfengia Tenillus Tenisia Tenisonina
Tenizolepis Tenka Tennentsia Tennericyathus Tennuitella Tenontosaurus P C
Tenor Tentaculites Tentagnostus Tenthredinites Tenthredo Tenthredoides
Tenthyridium Tenticospirifer Tentidonax Tentidonox Tentifrons Tentilenticulina
Tentyridium Tenudomys Tenuiactaeon Tenuiatrypa Tenuibrachiatum Tenuicentrum
Tenuicerithium Tenuichonetes Tenuicorbula Tenuicostella Tenuicrinus Tenuigastrulus
Tenuiglis Tenuihomola Tenuilasma Tenuilorica Tenuimactra Tenuipeltis
Tenuiphyllum Tenuipteria Tenuirachnius Tenuiscala Tenuisinurostrum Tenuisphinctes
Tenuivalvula Teoichthys Tepexicarcinus Tepexichthys Tepexichtys Tepexisaurus
Tepeyacia Tephlon Tephrocyon Teracus Teramachia Terascosceras
Terataspis Teratelasma Teratelasmella Teraterpeton Teratichnus Teratichthys
Teratodon Teratokoptura Teratophon Teratophoneus P Teratophyllum Teratorhynchus
Teratornia C Teratornis C Teratosaurus C Tercensella Tercyathellus Tercyathus
Terebella Terebellaria Terebellina Terebellites Terebellolites Terebellopsis
Terebellum Terebra Terebralia Terebraliopsis Terebraspira Terebratalia
Terebrataliopsis Terebratella Terebratula Terebratulina Terebratulites Terebratuloidea
Terebrella Terebrellina Terebrifusus Terebrimya Terebripora Terebrirostra
Terebritoma Terechtaspis Teredina Teredinopsis Teredo Teredolites
Terefundus Tereingaornis Terektites Terektytes Terelimella Teremachia
Teremelon Terenolepis Teresconularia Teresellus Teresodus Teretia
Teretocnemus Teretrina Teretriphora Teretrum Tergrigorjanzaella Tergulina
Teridontus Terlinguachelys Termatosaurus P Termes Termieraspis Termierella
Termieria Terminalia Terminaster Terminonaris Terminonatator Termitichnus
Termitidiopsis Termitidium Termoides Termopsis Ternania Ternivoluta
Ternstroemites Terocrinus Terpandrus Terpnocrinus Terpsicroton Terpsiphone
Terquemella Terquemia Terquemula Terraecyathus Terraia Terrakea
Terranovella Terranovia Terrapene Terrarboreus Terrestrisuchus Terricola
Terrindusia Tersella Tersiceps Tersicyathus Terskeja Tersoides
Tersomius P Tersus Tertiapatus Tertiaphis Tertonium Tertrema
Tertremoides Teruelia Tervia Tesakoviaspis Teschenites Teserina
Teshioites Tesikella Teslepis Tesnusocaris Tessaradoma Tessarastrum
Tessarelasma Tessarolax Tesselacauda Tesselaster Tesselodon Tesselospongia
Tesseracme Tesseraspis Tesseroplax Tessieria Testacarinata Testajapyx
Testallium Testiispongia Testispongia Testouromys Testudiblatta Testudinalia
Testudinaroides Testudinarum Testudinaster Testudo C Testudooflexoolithus Testudoolithus
Tesuquea Tetamocornu Tetanocrinus Tetanopsyrus P Tetanoptilon Tetheopsis
Tethepomima Tethepomyia Tethneus Tethocyathus Tethya Tethyaster
Tethybatis Tethyoceramus Tethyochonetes Tethysaurus Tethysetta Tethyshadros P
Tethysiella Tethysocarnia Tethyspira Tethysthrips Tethytragus Tetillopsis
Tetinia Tetinka Tetjuchithyris Tetonius C Tetonoides Tetoria
Tetorimya Tetrabelodon Tetrabelus Tetrabrachiocrinus Tetracamera Tetracanthellipsis
Tetracapnuchosphaera Tetracapsa Tetracarcinus Tetraceratops Tetraceroura Tetrachela
Tetrachelus Tetracidaris Tetracionites Tetracionocrinus Tetracircinata Tetraclaenodon
Tetraclita Tetracnemis Tetracoleus Tetraconodon Tetracrinus Tetractinella
Tetractocrinus Tetracus Tetracynodon Tetracystis Tetrada Tetradactylus
Tetradella Tetraditryma Tetradium Tetrafossularia Tetrafulgoria Tetragnatha
Tetragona Tetragonetes Tetragonias Tetragonides Tetragonites Tetragonocephalus
Tetragonoceras Tetragonocrinus Tetragonocyclicus Tetragonoecia Tetragonolepis Tetragonopterus
Tetragonostylops Tetragonotrachelus Tetragonulina Tetragonurus Tetragramma Tetragraptus
Tetragregnon Tetrahoplites Tetrahoplitoides Tetraichnites Tetralasma Tetralichas
Tetralithus Tetraloba Tetralobocrinus Tetralobula Tetralophodon C Tetrameroceras
Tetramerocrinites Tetrameropsis Tetramerorhinus Tetrameryx Tetraminouxia Tetraneurites
Tetranodoceras Tetranota Tetrao Tetraodon Tetraodontella Tetraornithopedia
Tetrapassalus Tetrapaurinella Tetraphalerella Tetraphalerites Tetraphalerus Tetraphora
Tetraphormis Tetraplaria Tetraplecta Tetrapleuroceras Tetrapleurocrinus Tetraplica
Tetrapodium Tetrapodophis P Tetrapodorhabdus Tetrapodosaurus Tetraponera Tetrapora
Tetraporella Tetraporinus Tetraporobrachia Tetraprion Tetraproctosia Tetraprothomo
Tetrapsellium Tetrapsetlium Tetrapterus Tetraptyxis Tetrapygus Tetrapyle
Tetrapylonium Tetraramania Tetrarchiplagia Tetrarectangulum Tetrarhopalus Tetrarhynchia
Tetrarrhabda Tetrasacculus Tetrasauropus Tetraserpula Tetraspidoceras Tetraspinocyrtis
Tetraspongia Tetraspongoactinia Tetraspongodiscus Tetrastoibopus Tetrastorthynx Tetrastylomys
Tetrastylus Tetrasulcata Tetrataxis Tetratheca Tetratholura Tetratoechus
Tetratomia Tetratormentum Tetratrabs Tetratropis Tetratubispira Tetratylus
Tetravaccinites Tetravirga Tetravriga Tetraxylopteris Tetrentactinia Tetriastrum
Tetrinis Tetrocycloecia Tetsaoceras Tettaboilus Tettagalma Tettavus
Tettigoilus Tettigonia Tettoedischia Tettohagla Tetyra Teuchopora
Teucrium Teudopsis Teutloporella Teutomanis Teutonica Teutonophon
Teutonotalpa Teviornis Tewoella Tewonia Texabatis Texacanthoceras
Texacephale P Texacrinus Texanites Texarina Texasella Texasetes P
Texasia Texasodus Texasophis Texastrea Texathyris Texicaprina
Texigryphaea Texoceras Texoceros Texodon Texomys Textilaria
Textispongia Textivenus Textularia Textulariella Textulariopsis Textulina
Texturiphyllum Teyumbaita Teyuwasu P Tezaquina

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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