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Life by Paleontologist/Author
"There's an incomparable rush that comes from finding dinosaur bones. You know you're the first person to lay hands on a critter that lived 80 or 90 million years ago."
Jack Horner
This section of The Dinosaur Fan presents life forms based on the person or persons (e.g., paleontologists) who discovered, co-discovered, named, and/or co-named the life form. If a life form is named by more than one person, that life form will be listed under each person. Also, if the database does not contain the person or persons who discovered a particular life form, that life form will NOT be found in this section of the website.
Use caution; check the data before you use it. NOTE: the information presented throughout this website has NOT been reviewed by any person or organization. All information has been gathered and/or synthesized by me. I am doing my best to provide accurate data however, if you use material from this website for any reason, I would advise you do so with EXTREME CAUTION as there is a good chance that omissions, errors and/or outdated information may exist.
Current Life Form Record Totals
No. of GenusNo. of Species

Top 20 Discoverers of Extinct Life Forms (Validated) Top 20 Discoverers of Extinct Life Forms (Total)
 Paleontologist / Author# of Genus *
Xu, Xing38
Lü, Jun-Chang36
Kellner, Alexander Wilhelm Armin34
Marsh, Othniel Charles31
Wang, Xiao-Lin26
Ji, Qiang25
Norell, Mark A24
Zhou, Zhong-he19
Bonaparte, José Fernando18
Dong, Zhi-Ming18
von Huene, Friedrich Richard18
Clark, James Matthew17
Currie, Philip John17
Cope, Edward Drinker16
Sereno, Paul Callistus16
Galton, Peter Malcolm15
Forster, Catherine A14
Novas, Fernando Emilio14
You, Hai-Lu14
Zhao, Xi-Jin14
 Paleontologist / Author# of Genus *
Xu, Xing64
Marsh, Othniel Charles62
Lü, Jun-Chang50
von Huene, Friedrich Richard48
Cope, Edward Drinker47
Dong, Zhi-Ming46
Kellner, Alexander Wilhelm Armin41
Ji, Qiang40
Zhou, Zhong-he39
Currie, Philip John37
Wang, Xiao-Lin35
Bonaparte, José Fernando34
You, Hai-Lu33
Zhao, Xi-Jin32
Norell, Mark A30
Galton, Peter Malcolm27
Novas, Fernando Emilio27
Sereno, Paul Callistus23
Clark, James Matthew19
Forster, Catherine A16
* These totals do NOT include those life forms for which I have not yet identified the discoverer. If a life form is discovered/named by multiple people, it is included in the counts for each person.

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