Josef Pallenberg
Set(s) that feature and/or include the works of Josef Pallenberg
ACTUAL: the art in this set(s) was either created by the artist specifically for the set(s) or was existing works by the artist which were used with little or no modification.
DERIVED: the art used in this set(s) was copied from and/or based on this artist’s work, usually without consent.
Barsal Animales Prehistóricos Educational Cards - Series 1
Barsal Animales Prehistóricos Educational Cards - Series 2
Barsal Animales Prehistóricos Educational Cards - Series 3
British American Tobacco 1925 Animaux Prehistoriques/Voorhistorishe Dieren Cards
British American Tobacco 1931 Prehistoric Animals Cards - A Series of 25
Bruguera 1952 Album de Zoologia Stickers
Caja de Ahorros de Tarrasa Animales Prehistoricos
Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Zaragoza Grandes Reptiles de Otros Tiempos Serie 32 Stickers
Chocolates Guillen Animales Prehistoricos Cards (Series K)
Collezioni Lampo 1951 Figurine di Animali Stickers
Cracker Jack 1976 Prehistoric Paint Set Cards
Danmark 1935 Af Verdens Billedbog Stickers
Demaret Caramels c.1940 Prehistoric Animals Cards - Series of 25
Erdal-Kwak 1928 Tiere der Kreidezeit Cards (Series 41)
Golden Glow Sales Corp. 1959 Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Stickers
Knapp Electric Inc. 1928 Electric Questioner Game Cards
OGIZ-IZOGIZ 1931 Extinct Animals and Plants Cards
Picture Paster Publicity 1915 The Picture Book of Wisdom Stickers
Quaker Oats Ltd. 1964 Oat Krunchies Prehistoric Animal Cards
Unidentified Order of Ropeco Stickers

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