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An introduction to the Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia along with some statistics regarding what information is available

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Acmaeoblatta Acosmoblatta Actinoblatta Actinoblattula Actinomylacris
Aissoblatta Aiuruocatermes Aleuronympha Amblyblatta Amblymylacris
Ametroblatta Amoeboblatta Amorphoblatta Anablatta Anomoblatta
Anomomylacris Anthracoblattina Anusoblatta Aphelomylacris Aphthoroblattina
Apophthegma Apotypoma Apthoroblattina P C Aragonitermes Araripeblatta
Araripetermes P Archaeomantis Archaeotiphe Archaeotiphites Archimesoblatta
Archimylacris P C Archoblattina Arcofuzia Ardatermes Argentinoblatta
Argentinoblattula Arrhythmoblatta Artitoblattina Artitocoblatta Asemoblatta
Asiatermes Asioblatta Atactoblatta Atimoblatta Austroblattula
Austromylacrites Autoblattina P Auxanoblatta Baissatermes Balachonoblatta
Basiblattina Batola Beviblattina Bifurciblatta Blaberites
Blatta Blattapterix Blattella Blattidium Blattina
Blattinopsiella Blattoidea Blattula Blattulites Blattulopsis
Brachymylacris Brephoblatta Breviblattina Caatingatermes Caenoblatta
Caloblattina Cameloblatta Canaliblatta Cantabritermes Carbonoblatta
Cardioblatta Chalepomylacris Chiloblattula Chopardia Colorifuzia
Comatiblatta Compsoblatta Condorblatta Cratomastotermes Cratovitisma
Cretaholocompsa Cretarhinotermes Cretatermes Ctenoblattina Ctenostematopteryx
Cubitoblatta Cyphomylacris Deformiblatta Deichmuelleria Delpuenteblatta
Dharmatermes Dichronoblatta Dicladoblatta Dictyoblatta Dictyomylacris
Diechoblattina Dinoblatta Dipluroblattina Discoblatta Distatoblatta
Divocina Doryblatta Drepanoblattina Dromoblatta Dromoblattina
Dromocites Drybrookia Durdlestoneia Dysmenes Eadia
Elaphroblatta Elisama Elisamoides Elytropterix Englyptoblatta
Eoplaneta Epheboblatta Ergaula Etapia Etoblattina
Eublattula Eumorphoblatta Euryblattula Exochoblatta Exochomylacris
Fortiblatta Francotermes Friciella Fusoblatta Fuzia
Globula Gondwablatta Gondwanoblatta Gongyloblatta Goniomylacris
Grypoblattites Gurvanoblatta Gyatermes Gyroblatta Haberleoblatta
Heinitzia Hemimylacrella Hemimylacris Hermatoblattina Hermosablatta
Hesperoblatta Hispanoblatta Hsuopterites Huaxiatermes Idiomylacris
Ignaroblatta Ijablatta Irreblatta Ishanablattina Isoplates
Itchetuja Jantaropterix Jitermes Karataublatta Karatavoblatta
Kargalia Kashmiroblatta Kemerowia Keuperoblatta Kinklidoblatta
Kinklidoptera Kisylblatta Kitjakia Kokandoblattina Kridla
Kulmbachiellon Kunguroblattina Laiyangia Lariojablatta Latiblatta
Lebanotermes Leptoblattina Leptolythica Liadoblattina Limmatoblatta
Liparoblatta Lithoblatta Lithomylacris Loxoblatta Macaroblattula
Macroblattina Macrocerca Malmoblattina Mancusoblatta Manoblatta
Mariconitermes Megalocerca Meiatermes Melqartitermes Mesitoblatta
Mesoblatta Mesoblattina Mesoblattopsis Mesoblattula Mesotermopsis
Metachorus Metaphyloblatta Metapoblatta Metaxyblatta Miaroblatta
Miracopteron Mongolblatta Moravamylacris Morazatermes Muelleroblatta
Mutovia Mylacridium Mylacris Mylacrotermes Nannoblattina
Nannoblattula Nearoblatta Necymylacris Nehevblattella Neomylacris
Neorthroblattina Neosimplicius Nepioblatta Netherea Nipponoblatta
Nogueroblatta Nordestinatermes Nula Nuurcala P Nymphoblatta
Oiratia Olethroblatta Ophismoblatta Opismoblatta Opsiomylacris
Orbablattula Orthomylacris Ottweileria Oxynoblatta Pachyblatta
Pachyneuroblattina Palaeoblatta Paleotermopsis Parablattula Paraeuthyrrhapha
Paralatindia Parallelophora Parastylotermes Paratropes Pareinoblatta
Parelthoblatta Paromylacris Parotermes Parvifuzia Paucineura
Pedinoblatta Penetoblatta Periplaneta Perlucipecta Permoblattina
Petropterix Phantocephalus Phauloblatta Phthinomylacris Phylloblatta
Phyloblatta Phylomylacris Piniblattella Plagioblatta Platyblatta
Platymylacris Polyetoblatta Ponopterix Poroblattina Potrerilloblatta
Praeblattella Prantlites Procopoblatta Progonoblattina Prostylopyga
Prostylotermes Protectobia Proterema Pseudomylacris Pseudoplecta
Ptilomylacris Ptiloteuthis Ptyctoblattina Pulchellablatta Pycnoblattina
Pycnoscelus Pyknoblattina Raphidiomima Raphidiomimula Rhipidoblatta
Rhipidoblattina Rhipidoblattinopsis Rhodesiomylacris Rithma Samaroblatta
Samaroblattella Samaroblattula Santoniella Santonitermes Sardyoblatta
Schambeloblattina Scleroblatta Scutinoblattina Shanxiblatta Shartegoblattina
Sibiroblatta Sinoblatta Sivis Skok Sobytie
Sogdoblatta Solemnia Sooblatta Soomylacris Sphaleroblattina
Stantonia Stantoniella Stegoblatta Stenomylacris Stenotegmina
Stephanoblatta Sterzelia Strebloblattula Striatotegmen Stygetoblatta
Subioblatta Svabula Syagriotermes C Symphyoblatta Syncoptoblatta
Syscioblatta Sysciolata Sysciophlebia Systoloblatta Tanytermes
Tarakanula Taublatta Taublattopsis Telmablatta Testudiblatta
Thuringoblatta Tomioblatta Transitoblatta Triassoblatta Trirhabdoblattina
Turoniblatta Ulmeriella Umenocoleus Ungoneurites Vitisma
Voltziablatta Vrtula Xenoblatta Xonpepetla Yanjingtermes
Yongdingia Zavjaloblatta Zeunera

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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