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Sea Urchins
Abatus Abertella Acanthechinopsis P Acanthechinus Acriaster
Acrocidaris Acrolusia Acropeltis Acrosalenia Acrosaster
Actinodiscus Actinophyma Adelopneustes Adytaster Aeolopneustes
Agassizia Aguayoaster Albertechinus Allocentrotus Allomma
Allotoxaster Alpicidaris Ambipleurus Amblypgus Amblypneustes
Amblypygus Ammotrophus Amoraster Amphiope Anaulocidaris
Ancylocidaris Anisaser Anisaster Anisocidaris Anorthopygus
Anorthoscutum Antillaster Apatopygus Aphelaster Aplocidaris
Apoxypetalum Apparatocycloides Aptilechinus Apycnodiscus Arachniopleurus
Arachnoides Araeosoma Arbacia Arbacina Arbia
Arcaechinus Archaechinus Archaeocidaris Archiacia Arkarua P
Arnaudaster Asaphechinus Asterocidaris Asterostoma Asthenosoma
Astriclypeus Astrodapsis Astrolampas Astrolampus Astropygaulus
Atactus Atelospatangus Atlasaster Atopechinus Aulechinus
Aurelianaster Australanthus Austrocidaris Balanocidaris Barnumia
Basseaster Baueria Besairecidaris Blaviaster Bolbaster
Boletechinus Bothriocidaris Bothryopneustes Bothryopneutes Botriopygus
Bramus Breynia Brightonia Brisaster Brissoides
Brissolampas Brissomorpha Brissopatagus Brissopneustes Brissopsis
Brissus Brochechinus Brochopleurus Bromidechinus Brutocycloides
Caenholectypus Caenocidaris Cagaster Calilampus Calocidaris
Camerogalerus Cardabia Cardiaster Cardiolampas Cardiopelta
Cardiotaxis Caribbaster Cassidulus Catopygus Cavanechinus
Centropygus Centrostephanus Cestobrissus Chelonechinus Cheopsia
Chimaerocycloides Chondrocidaris Chuniola Cibaster Cidaris
Cidaroidea Cidaropsis Cionobrissus Circopeltis Clarkiella
Claviaster Cleistechinus Cluniaster Clypeanthus Clypeaster
Clypeolampas Clypeopygus Clypeus Codechinus Codiopsis
Coelopleurus Coenholectypus Colliclypeus Collyrites Collyropsis
Colpotiara Concavocycloides Conoclypeus Conoclypus Conolampas
Conulus Coptodiscus Coraster Corechinus Corthya
Coryslus Corystites Cossmannaster Cottaldia Cotteaudia
Cottreaucorys Cravenechinus Crinocidaris Crucibrissus Cryptechinus
Ctenoimbricata Cubanaster Cyamidia Cyathocidaris Cyclaster
Cyclocystoides Cyclolampas Cyphosoma Cyrtoma Daradaster
Delocidaris Dendraster Deneechinus Desmechinus Desorella
Devonocidaris Diadema Diademopsis Dialithocidaris Dialyaster
Diastocycloides Dictyocanthus Dictyopleurus Dicyclocidaris Diplechinus
Diplocidaris Diplodetus Diplopodia Diploporaster Diplosalenia
Diplotagma Disaster Discholectypus Discoidea Discoides
Distefanaster Ditremaster Dixieus Dixonia Domechinus
Dorocidaris Douvillaster Dubarechinus Dumblea Duncaniaster
Duperieria Durhamella Dysaster Echinanthus Echinarachnius
Echinobrissus Echinocardium Echinoconus Echinocorys Echinocrinus
Echinocyamus Echinocyathus Echinocyphus Echinocystites Echinodiscus
Echinogalerus Echinoida Echinolampas Echinometra Echinoneus
Echinopedina Echinopsis Echinostrephus Echinothuria Echinotiara
Echinus Ectinechinus Ellipsechinus Elliptechinus Enallaster
Enallopneustes Encope Endeodiadema Engelia Enichaster
Entomaster Eocidaris Eodiadema Eogaleropygus Eolampas
Eosalenia Eoscutella Eoscutum Eothuria Epiaster
Erbechinus Eucidaris Eupatagus Eurhodia Eurypetalum
Eurypneustes Eurysalenia Evechinus Faorina Farquharsonia
Faujasia Fauraster Fellaster Fellius Fernandezaster
Fibularia Fibulaster Fibulina Fossulaster Fournierechinus
Fourtaunia Gagaria Galeaster Galeola Galeraster
Galerites Galeroclypeus Galeropygus Ganbirretia Garumnaster
Gauthieria Gauthiosoma Gentilia Gibbaster Gillechinus
Giraliaster Gitolampas Globator Glyphocyphus Glyphopneustes
Glypotocidaris Glyptechinus Glypticus Glyptocidaris Glyptocyphus
Glyptodiadema Gomezinus Gomphechinus Gongrochanus Goniocidaris
Goniophorus Goniopygus Goniosigma Gonzalezaster Gotlandechinus
Gracilechinus Grammechinus Granobrissoides Graphepleurus Grasia
Gregoryaster Gualtieria Guettaria Gymnocidaris Gymnodiadema
Gymnopatagus Habanaster Hagenowia Haimea Hardouinia
Harduinia Harenacorystes Hattopsis Hebertia Hebertides
Heliocidaris Heliophora Helodiadema Hemiaster Hemicara
Hemicidaris Hemidiadema Hemifaorina Hemigymnia Hemipatagus
Hemipedina Hemipneustes Hemithylus Hemitiaris Hernandezaster
Herreraster Hesperaster Hessotiara Heteraster Heterobrissus
Heterocentrotus Heterocidaris Heterodiadema Heterolampas Heteropedina
Heteropodia Heterosalenia Hikelaster Hirudocidaris Histocidaris
Holaster Holcopneustes Holectypus Homoeaster Homoeopetalus
Hupea Huttonechinus Hyattechinus Hyboclypus Hypechinus
Hypodiadema Hypopygurus Hyposalenia P Hypsopatagus Hypsopygaster
Hysteraster Idiocidaris Iheringiana Iheringiella Iheringina
Ilarionia Infraclypeus Infulaster Integraster Iraniaster
Irenechinus Irregularia Isaster Isechinus Ismidaster
Isomicraster Isopetalum Isopneustes Jacksonaster Jacquiertia
Jeannetia Jeronia Jolyclypus Karlaster Kephrenia
Kertaster Kewia Kierechinus Kina Kongielechinus
Koninckocidaris Labrotaxis Laevipatagus Laganum Lajanaster
Lambertechinus Lambertiaster Lambertona Lampadaster Lampadocorys
Lanieria Lanternarius Laticlypus Ledidocidaris Lefortia
Leiocidaris Leiocyphus Leioechinus Leiopedina Leiostomaster
Lenicyamidia Leniechinus Lenita Lenticidaris Leodia
Lepidechinoides Lepidechinus Lepidesthes Lepidocentrus Leptechinus
Leptocidaris Leptopleurus Leptosalenia Leurocidaris Levicidaris
Leviechinus Leymeriaster Linguacycloides Linthia Loriolella
Loriolia Loriolipedina Lovenechinus Lovenia Lovenilampas
Lutetiaster Lytechinus Maccoya Macraster Macrodiadema
Macropneustes Magnosia Maretia Mariania Martinechinus
Mattsechinus Mauritanaster Mazzettia Mecaster Medocechinus
Meekechinus Megacidaris Megapetalus Megapneustes Megaporocidaris
Mellita Mellitella Melonechinus Menocidaris Menopygus
Menuthiaster Meoma Mepygurus Merocidaris Merriamaster
Mesodiadema Messaoudia Metalia Metaporinus Metholectypus
Micraster C Microcyphus Microdiadema Microlampas Micromithrax
Micropedina Micropsidia Micropsis Migliorinia Mikrocidari
Mikrocidario Mikrocidaris Milnia Minicidaris Miocidaris
Mirechinus Moira Moiropsis Mokotibaster Monocycloides
Monodiadema Monophoraster Monostychia Moronaster Mortensenaster
Mortonella Mundaster Murravechinus Murraypneustes Myriastiches
Narindechinus Narrawayella Nenoticidaris Neobothriocidaris Neocatopygus
Neocyclocystoides Neoglobator Neolaganum Neolampas Neoproraster
Neorumphia Nicholsodiscus Nipponaster Noetlingaster Nordenskjoeldaster
Nortonechinus Notocidaris Notolampas Nucleolites Nucleopygus
Nudechinus Nudicidaris Nudobrissus Ochetes Oedematocidaris
Offaster Oligophyma Oligopodia Oligoporus Oligopygus
Oolopygus Opechinus Opisopneustes Opissaster Orbignyana
Ornithaster Orthaster Orthocidaris Orthopsis Oustechinus
Oustechnius Oviclypeus Ovulaster Ovulechinus Pachycidaris
Palaechinus Palaeodiadema Palaeodiscus Palaeopedina Palaeostoma
Paleoechinoneus Paleopneustes Palhemiaster Palmeraster Palmerius
Parabrissus Paracentrotus Paracidaris Paradoxechinus Paradoxocycloides
Paraheteraster Paralampas Parapygus Parasalenia Parascutella
Paraster Parhabdocidaris Parmulechinus Paronaster Parvicidaris
Paurocidaris Pediculicaudina Pedina Pedinopsis Pedinothuria
Pelanechinus Pelanodiadema Pentechinus Pentedium Peraspatangus
Periarchus Periaster Peribrissus Pericosmus Perischocidaris
Perischodomus Permocidaris Peronella Peronellites Peroniaster
Petalobrissus Phalacrocidaris Phalacropedina Pharaonaster Pholidechinus
Pholidocidaris Phyllacanthus Phyllobrissus Phymapatagus Phymechinus
Phymopedina Phymosoma Phymotaxis Physaster Pictaviechinus
Pileus Pisolampas Plagiobrissus Plagiochasma Platipygus
Platybrissus Platycycloides Platypygus Platyspatus Plectrodus
Plegiocidaris Pleiechinus Pleiocyphus Plesiaster Plesiechinus
Plesiocidaris Plesiocorys Plesiolampas Plesiopatagus Pleurodiadema
Pliolampas Pliotoxaster Plococidaris Polycidaris Polycyphus
Polydesmaster Polydiadema Polyplacida Polysalenia Polytaxicidaris
Polytryphocycloides Pomaster Porechinus Poriocidaris Porocidaris
Poropeltaris Porosoma Porpitella Porterpygus Pourtalesia
Prenaster Printechinus Prionechinus Prionocidaris Procassidulus
Procidaris Proescutella Progonechinus Proholaster Pronechinus
Prophyllacanthus Proraster Prosostoma Protenaster Proterocidaris
Protobrissus Protocidaris Protolampas Protoscutella Prowillungaster
Psammechinus Psephechinus Psephoaster Pseudananchys Pseudarbacia
Pseudarbacina Pseudechinus Pseudholaster Pseudobrissus Pseudocentrotus
Pseudocidaris P Pseudodiadema Pseudodicoptella Pseudoffaster Pseudogibbaster
Pseudoholaster Pseudolinthia Pseudopedina Pseudopygaulus Pseudopygurus
Pseudorthopsis Pseudosalenia Pseudosorella Pseudowashitaster Pusillaster
Pygaster Pygaulus Pygidiolampas Pygmaeocidaris Pygomalus
Pygopistes Pygopyrina Pygorhynchus Pygorhytis Pygospatangus
Pyguropsis Pygurostoma Pygurus Pyrina Rachiosoma
Radiobrissus Radiocyphus Radiolus Recrosalenia Remondella
Rhabdocidaris Rhenechinus Rhopostoma Rhyncholampas Rhynchopygus
Rhynobrissus Rispolia Rojasia Rolliericidaris Rotula
Rotuloidea Royasendia Rumphia Runa Salenia
Salenidia Salenocidaris Salmacis Samlandaster Sanchezaster
Sanchezella Santeelampas Sardocidaris Savainiaster Saviniaster
Scagliaster Scaphechinus Scaptodiadema Schizaster Schizechinus
Schizobrissus Schizopneustes Scholiechinus Scolechinus Scoliechinus
Scutaster Scutella Scutellaster Scutellina Scutellinoides
Scutulum Semipetalion Serpianotiaris Seunaster Silurocidaris
Sinaecidaris Sismondia Smithiaster Smithocycloides Somalechinus
Somaliaster Spaniocyphus Spatagobrissus Spatagoides Spatangomorpha
Spatangus Sphaerechinus Sphaerotiaris Sphenaster Stegaster
Stegopygus Stenechinus Stenoaster Stenonaster Stereocidaris
Sternotaxis Stigmatopygus Stirechinus Stomaporus Stomechinus
Stomopneustes Stomopneutes Stromatocystides Strongylocentrotus Studeria
Stylocidaris Taimanawa Taphraster Tarphypygus Tatechinus
Temnechinus Temnocidaris Temnopleurus Temnotrema Tenuirachnius
Termieria Tessieria Tetracidaris Tetragramma Tetrapygus
Tetraramania Thagastea Thebaster Thierychinus Tholaster
Thylechinus Tiarechinopsis Tiarechinus Tiaridia Tiaromma
Titanaster Tithonia Togocyamus Tornquistellus Tournoueraster
Toxaster Toxopatagus Toxopneustes Trachyaster Trachypatagus
Tretocidaris Triadechinus Triadocidaris Triadotiaris Triassicidaris
Triplacidia Tripneustes Tripylus Trisalenia Trochalosoma
Trochodiadema Trochoechinus Trochotiara Tubocaudina Turanglaster
Tylocidaris Unibothriocidaris Unifascia Valsalenia Vaquerosella
Verbeekia Vernius Victoriaster Vinchuscanchaia Vologesia
Vomeraster Washitaster Weisbordella Willungaster Winkleria
Wrightia Wuarnia Wythella Xenechinus Xenocidaris
Xysteria Zardinechinus Zenocentrotus Zeuglopleurus Zeugopleurus
Zuffardia Zumoffenia Zygocycloides

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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