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Abrohemeroscopus Adelophlebia Aegyptidium Aeschna Aeschnidiella
Aeschnidiopsis Aeschnidium P Aeschnogomphus P Aeschnophlebia Aeschnopsis
Aeshna Afrotriassothemis Aktassia Alloaeschna Amblyopteron
Amnifleckia Anax Angaroneura Angloaeschnidium Anglopetalura
Angustiphlebia Anisophlebia Anisozygopteron Anomalaeschna Anomothemis
Antitaxineura Araripechlorogomphus P Araripegomphus P Araripelibellula P Araripeliupanshania
Araripephlebia Archithemis Argentinopetala Asiopteron Austrolibellula
Austroprotolindenia Baissaeshna Basiaeschna Bathmophlebia Bavarophlebia
Bellabrunetia Bergeriaeschnidia Bolcacordulia Bolcathemis Brunetaeschnidium
Burmaphlebia Campterophlebia Caraphlebia Caussanelia Chrysogomphus
Condalia Cooperaeschnidium Coramaeschnidium Cordulagomphus P Cratocordulia
Cratogomphus Cratohagenius Cratolindenia Cratopetalia Cratopetalura
Cratostenophlebia Cretalloaeschna Cretaneophya Cretapetalura Cretastenophlebia
Croatocordulia Ctenogampsophlebia Curviarculia Cyclothemis Cymatophlebia P
Cymatophlebiella Cymatophlebiopsis Dahurium Decoraeshna Delclosaeschidium
Dialothemis Diastatomma Diastatommites Diastatopaeschnidium Diplax
Dissurus Dorsettia Dracontaeschnidium Elattogomphus Enigmaeshna
Ensphingophlebia Eocordulia Eosagrion Eotanypteryx Epitheca
Epophthalmia Erichschmidtia Estemoa Eumorbaeschna Euthemis
Falsisophoaeschna Ferganophlebia Frenguellia Gampsophlebia Gasophlebia
Germanophlebia Gigantoaeschnidium Gobiaeshna Gomphaeschna Gomphaeschnaoides
Gomphidae Gomphoides Gomphus Gondvanogomphus Grimmenopteron
Guyuanaeschnidia Hemerobioides Hemeroscopus Henrotayia Heterophlebia
Heterothemis Hispanochlorogomphus Hispanostenophlebia Hoyaeshna Hsiufua
Huabeia Huaxiagomphus Huncoaeshna Hypsomelana Hypsophlebia
Hypsothemis Iberoaeschnidium Ilerdaegomphus Isophlebia Isophlebiodes
Italophlebia Ixtahua Jagoria Jarzembowskiaeschnidium Jeanlegrandia
Jibeigomphus Jujusia Juracordulia Juragomphus Juraheterophlebia
Juralibellula Karatawia Kazachophlebia Kazakhophlebiella Kesseleraeschnidium
Kimmeridgebrachypteraeschidium Kobdoneura Lanthus Leptaeschnidium Liadothemis
Liadotypus Liassogomphus Liassophlebia Liassostenophlebia Libellula
Libellulium Linaeschnidium Lingomphus Liogomphus Lithemis
Lithoaeschnidium Lithogomphus Liupanshania Lleidoaeschnidium Macromia
Magnasupplephlebia Magnathemis Malmaeschnidium Mediaeschna Megaphlebia
Melanohypsa Merlax Mesochlorogomphus Mesocordulia Mesoepiophlebia
Mesomantidion Mesonetopsis Mesophlebia Mesostenophlebia Mesuropetala P
Miocordulia Mioidionyx Miopetalura Misofaeschnidium Molercordulia
Mongoliaeshna Morbaeschna Myopophlebia Nacholonda Nannoaeschnidium
Nannogomphus Necracantha Necrogomphus Necygomphus Neimengogomphus
Nodalula Nothomacromia Oligaeschna Oligoaeschna Oligocaemia
Olonkia Onychothemis Oreophlebia Oreopterella Oreopteron
Orthaeschnites Orthemis Oryctodiplax Oryctothemis Oshinia
Palaeaeschna Palaeogomphus Palaeolibellula Palaeomacromia Palaeophlebia
Palaeophya Parabrachydiplax Parabrunetia Paracordulagomphus Paracymatophlebia
Paraeschnopsis Parafleckium Paragonophlebia Paraheterophlebia Paraliassophlebia
Paraliupanshania Paramesuropetala Paramorbaeschna Parapetala Paraplagiophlebia
Parastenophlebia Parawalleria Parazygoptera Parelthothemis Pauciphlebia
Pauropteron Peraphlebia Perissophlebia Petrophlebia Petrothemis
Pheugothemis Phthitogomphus Plagiophlebia Plesigomphaeschnaoides Priscogomphus
Pritykinia Pritykiniella Proaeschna Procordulagomphus Proeuthemis
Progobiaeshna Progomphaeschnaoides Progonophlebia Prohemeroscopus Prohoyaeshna
Proinogomphus Prorhyothemis Prostenophlebia Proterogomphus Protolindenia
Pseudocymatophlebia Pseudoeuphaea Pseudotriassothemis Pternopteron Pycnothemis
Qibinlina Rencordulia Rhabdothemis Rossaeschnidium Rudiaeschna
Sagulia Santanoptera Sarytashia Selenothemis Shurabiola
Sibirioneura Sinacymatophlebia Sinaeschnidia Sinahemeroscopus Sinitsia
Sinoeuthemis Sinojagoria Sinokaratawia Sinostenophlebia Sloveniatrum
Sogdophlebia Sogdopterites Sogdopteron Sogdothemis Sogjutella
Solnhofenia Somatochlora Sona Sophoaeschna Sopholibellula
Sphenophlebia Stenogomphus Stenophlebia P Sterope Strongylogomphus
Stylaeschnidium Sympetrum Syrrhoe Tauropteryx Telmaeshna
Temnostigma Trameobasileus Triassolestodes Triassoneura Triassophlebia
Triassothemis Trigonophlebia Turanopteron Turanothemis Urogomphus
Valdaeshna Valdicordulia Walleria Wightonia Xanthohypsa
Xeta Zygokaratawia

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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