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Preshistoric Jawless Fish †
Aachenaspis Aceraspis P Achanarella P Acrotomaspis Aestiaspis
Alainaspis Allocryptaspis P Althaspis Amaltheolepis Americaspis P
Amphiaspis P Anatolepis Anatolepsis Anchipteraspis Andinaspis
Angaralepis Angaraspis Anglaspis P Angraspis Anjianspis
Antquisagittaspis Apalolepis P Aphataspis P Aporemaspis Arandaspis P C
Archegonaspis Archipelepis P Archodus Areyongalepis Aserotaspis
Asiaspis Asketaspis Aspidosteus Astraspis P C Atelaspis
Ateleaspis P Athenaegis P Auchenaspis P Australolepis Axinaspis
Balticaspis Barlowodus Belonaspis Benneviaspis Birkenia C
Boothaspis Boothialepis Boothiaspis Boreania Boreaspis
Brachipteraspis Bryantaspis Bystrowia Camptaspis Canadapteraspis
Canonia Cardipeltis Cephalaspis C Chattertonodus Clydonaspis
Coelolepides Coelolepis Comaspis Cometicercus Conopiscius
Cornovichthys Corvaspis Corveolepis Coscinodus Cowielepis
Crenosteus Ctenaspis Ctenopleuron Cyathaspis Cyclodiscaspis
Damaspis Darmuthia Dartmuthia Davelaspis Dayongaspis
Diademaspis Diandongaspis Didymaspis Dikenaspis Dinaspidella
Dipnoides Dobraspis Dongfangaspis Doryaspis P Dotaspis
Drepanaspis C Drepanolepis Duyunolepis Dyreaspis Ectinaspis
Edaphaspis Eestilepis Eglonaspis Eleochera Empedaspis
Endeiolepis Ennosviaspis Erepsilepis Eriptychius Erpsilepis
Errivaspis Escharaspis Escuminaspis Eucyclaspis Eugaleaspis
Europrotapsis Europrotaspis Fieldingaspis Furcacauda Gabreyaspis
Galeaspis Gampsolepis Ganosteus Gantarostraspis Geraspis
Gerronaspis Gigantaspis Gilpichthys Glacialepis Glossoidaspis
Gompholepis Gompsolepis Gonioporus Goniporus Grumantaspis
Guerichosteus Gunaspis Gustavaspis Gyropeltus Haikouichthys P C
Hanyangaspis Hapilaspis Hariosteus Helenolepis Hemicyclapsis C
Hemicyclaspis Hemiteleaspis Hibernaspis Hildenaspis Hirella
Hoburgilepis Hoelaspis Homalaspidella Homaspidella Huananaspis
Ilemoraspis Illoganellia Irregulareaspis Irregulariaspis Jamoytius C
Jaymoytius Jesslepis Kallostracon Kallostrakon Karelosteus
Katoporodus Kawalepsis Kiaeraspis Kiangsuaspis Kieraspis
Kureykaspis Kwangnanaspis Lampraspis Lanarkia Larnovaspis
Larolepis Lasanius Latirostraspis Laxaspis Lecanaspis
Legendrelepis Lepidaspis Levesquaspis Liivilepis Liliaspis
Listraspis Litotaspis Loganellia Longodus Loricopteraspis
Lungmenshanaspis Machairaspis Manbrookia Maurylepis Meishanaspis
Miltaspis Mimetaspis Myllokunmingia Mylopteraspidella Mylopteraspis
Nahanniaspis Nanpanaspis Natlaspis Nectaspis Neeyambaspis
Neoduyunaspis Nethertonodus Nikolivia Niurolepis Nochelaspis
Norselaspis Nunavutia Obliaspis Obruchevia Oeselaspis
Oeselia Olbiaspis Oniscolepis Oreaspis Oredezhosteus
Overia Palaeodus Palaeospondylus P Palaeosteus Paraduyunaspis
Paralogania Parameteoraspis Parametereoaspis Parametereoraspis Parathelodus
Paraturinia Pattenaspis Pelaspis Pelurgaspis Pezopallichthyes
Pezopallichthys Pharyngolepis Phialaspis Phillipsilepis Phlebolepis
Pilolepsis Pionaspis Pipiscius Pircanchaspis Pirumaspis
Pituriaspis Podolaspis Polybranchiaspis Polymerolepis Poraspis
Poriferaspis Porophoraspis Praetrilogania Procephalaspis Prosarctaspis
Protaspis Protopteraspis Psammolepis Psammosteus Psephaspis
Pteraspis C Pterygolepis Ptomaspis Putoranaspis Pycnaspis
Pycnolepis Pycnosteus Qingmenaspis Rabdacanthus Ramsaasalepis
Rhabdiodus Rhachiaspis Rhinopteraspis Rhyncholepis Rohonosteus
Ruhnulepis Rytidolepis Saaremaaspis Saarolepis Sacabambaspis C
Sanchaspis Sandivia Sangiaspis Sanidaspis Sanqiaspis
Schidiosteus Schizosteus Sclerodus Scolenaspis Securiaspis
Septentrionalis Seretaspis Severaspis Shielia Shuyu
Siberiaspis Sigurdia Silmalepis Sinogaleaspis Sinoszechuanaspis
Siyingia Skamolepis Sophialepis Spangenhelmaspis Spatulaspis
Sphenonectris Spitsbergaspis Spokoinolepis Stegobranchiaspis Steinaspis
Stensiopelta Stroinolepis Strophisterus Stroshiperus Strosipherus
Superciliaspis Szechuanaspis Tahulalepis Talimaalepis Talivalia
Tannuaspis Tareyaspis Tartuosteus Tauraspis Tesakoviaspis
Tesseraspis Thelodus Thelolepis Thelolepsis Thulolepis
Thyestes Timanaspis Tolypelepis Torpedaspis Traquairaspis
Traquairosteus Tremataspis Trewinia Tridensaspis Trimerolepis
Trygonaspis Tuberculaspis Turinea Turinia Tuvaspis
Tuxeraspis Tylodus Tyriaspis Ukrainaspis Ulititaspis
Ulutitaspis Unarkaspis Valiukia Valyalepis Vernonaspis
Vesikulepis Vilkitskilepis Waengsjoeaspis Weigeltaspis Witaaspis
Wladysagitta Woodfjordaspis Wumengshanaspis Xiushuiaspis Xylaspis
Yoglinia Yunnanogaleaspis Yvonaspis Zascinaspis Zenaspis
Zhongjianichthys Zuegelepis Zychaspis P

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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