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Scorpionflies, Hangingflies, Earwigflies, etc.
Afristella Afrochoristella Agetochorista Agetochoristella Agetopanorpa
Allochorista Altajopanorpa Anemeca Aneuretopsyche Angustichorista
Anormochorista Antiquanabittacus Archebittacus Archepetromantis Archipanorpa
Aristopsyche Asiachorista Asiobittacus Austromerope Austropanorpa
Austropanorpodes Auxobittacus Baianochorista Baissobittacus Baissopsyche
Baltipanorpa Bellicimbrophlebia Belmontia Bittacus Blattomerope
Boreomerope Burmomerope Callietheira Callopanorpa Choristopanorpa
Choristopsyche Choristotanyderus Chrysopanorpa Cimbrophlebia Cretacochorista
Curvilarva Cyclopterina Cyclorista Dahurochorista Dahurolarva
Dinokanaga Dinopanorpa Echinopetromantis Eomerope Eorpa
Epicharmesopsyche Erdosia Exilibittacus Ferghanopsyche Forcinerva
Formosibittacus Fortiholcorpa Garazhovka Gigantoageta Haplobittacus
Holcorpa Itaphlebia Izjumus Jeholopsyche Jibeiorthophlebia
Jichoristella Junggarochorista Juracimbrophlebia Jurahylobittacus Kaltana
Kaltanochorista Kamochorista Karattacus Karaungira Kazachopanorpa
Ladinochorista Laurentiptera Liassochorista Liassopanorpa Liassophila
Lichnomesopsyche Lithopanorpa Longifurcula Malmocimbrophlebia Malmyzha
Marimerobius Martynopanorpa Mecaenigma Megabittacus Megachorista
Mendozachorista Mesageta Mesobittacus Mesochorista Mesopanorpa
Mesopanorpodes Mesopsyche Mesoses Mesotanyderus Metaxybittacus
Mezena Minusinia Miomeca Miriholcorpa Mirorcimbrophlebia
Mongolobittacus Moravochorista Muchoria Namdyrus Nannochoristella
Nedubrovia Neochoristella Neoparachorista Neopermopanorpa Neopetromantis
Neorthophlebia Neuropsyche Oochorista Orthophlebia Orthophlebioides
Ovomezena Palaeobittacus Palaeoboreus Panorpa Parabelmontia
Parabittacus Parageta Paranedubrovia Parapolycentropus Parorthophlebia
Perfecticimbrophlebia Permeca Permila Permocentropus Permochorista
Permomerope Permopanorpa Permopsyche Permotanyderus Permotipula
Petrochorista Petromantis P Phipoides Pinnachorista Platychorista P
Pleobittacus Plesiobittacus Polydicrobittacus Preanabittacus Probittacus
Prochoristella Pronotiothauma Protobittacus Protochorista Protopanorpa
Protopanorpoides Protorthophlebia Protorthphlebia Pseudochorista Pseudomerope
Pseudomeropella Pseudonannochorista Pseudopolycentropodes Pseudopolycentropus Ptychopteropsis
Pulcheripanorpa Reprehensa Robinjohnia Seniorita Sibiriothauma
Sinoagetopanorpa Sinopolycentropus Sogdopsyche Stenomerope Stenopanorpa
Stereochorista Stigmarista Sylvopanorpa Synorthophlebia Tarantogus
Tatarakara Telobittacus Thaumatomerope Tipulidites Tjulkinella
Tomiochorista Triasoparachorista Triassochorista Triassochoristites Triassopsyche
Tshekarchiereus Tshekardopanorpa Tsuchingothauma Turanopsyche Tutujasina
Tychtodelopterum Tychtopsyche Typhothauma Uraloageta Vitimopsyche
Westphalomerope Xenochorista Xenochoristella Xenopanorpa Yanorthophlebia

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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