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Prehistoric Crocodylomorphs †
Acherontisuchus Adamantinasuchus P Adzhosuchus Aegisuchus Aegyptosuchus
Aeolodon Alligatorellus P Alligatorium Allodaposuchus P Almadasuchus
Amargasuchus Amphicotylus Anatosuchus P Anglosuchus P Anteophthalmosuchus
Arambourgisuchus Araripesuchus P Armadillosuchus P Artzosuchus P Atlantosuchus
Atoposaurus P Ayllusuchus Baharijodon Barberenasuchus Barcinosuchus
Barinasuchus Baroqueosuchus Batrachomimus Baurusuchus Bergisuchus
Bernissartia Borealosuchus Brachygnathosuchus Brasileosaurus Bretesuchus
Brillanceausuchus Caipirasuchus Calsoyasuchus P Campinasuchus Candidodon
Caririsuchus Carnufex P Caryonosuchus Cerrejonisuchus P Chenanisuchus
Chiayusuchus Chimaerasuchus Clarencea Coelosuchus Comahuesuchus
Congosaurus Coringasuchus Crocodilaemus Cynodontosuchus Dahutherium
Dakotasuchus Denazinosuchus Dianchungosaurus P Diandongosuchus Dianosuchus
Dibothrosuchus P Dijaquesopus Diplocynodus Diplosaurus Dolichochampsa
Doratodon Dromicosuchus P Dyrosaurus Edentosuchus Eleiosuchus
Elosuchus Entradasuchus Eopneumatosuchus Ephoenosaurus Eremosuchus
Eutretauranosuchus Fruitachampsa Gasparinisuchus Gavialinum Gilchristosuchus
Gobiosuchus Gondwanasuchus Goniopholis C Goniopholix Guarinisuchus
Hadongsuchus Haematosaurus Hallopus Hamadasuchus Hemiprotosuchus
Hesperosuchus C Heterosuchus Hsisosuchus Hulkepholis Hylaeochampsa
Hyposaurus Iberosuchus Iharkutosuchus Ilchunaia Ischyrochampsa
Isisfordia Itasuchus Junggarsuchus Kambara Kansajsuchus
Kaprosuchus P C Karatausuchus Kayentasuchus P Kemkemia Khoratosuchus
Krokolithes Kyasuchus Labidiosuchus Laganosuchus Laiyangpus
Langstonia Leiokarinosuchus Lesothosuchus Libycosuchus Lisboasaurus
Litargosuchus P Lithargosuchus Lomasuchus Lorosuchus Lusitanisuchus
Macellodus Macellognathus Macelognathus Macrorhynchus Macrospondylus
Mahajangasuchus Malawisuchus Mariliasuchus Maroccosuchus Massaliasuchus
Meridiosaurus Miadanasuchus Microchampsa Microsuchus Moltealtosuchus
Montealtosuchus Montsecosuchus Morrinhosuchus Mycterosuchus Nannosuchus
Neuquensuchus Nihilichnus Nominosuchus Nothochampsa Notosuchus
Oceanosuchus Orthosuchus Oweniasuchus Pabwehshi Pachycheilosuchus P
Pakasuchus Paluxysuchus Paralligator Paratetrasauropus Pedeticosaurus
Pehuenchesuchus Peipesuchus Peirosaurus Pepesuchus Petrosuchus
Pholidosaurus Phosphatosaurus Phyllodontosuchus P Pietraroiasuchus Pinacosuchus
Pinaosuchus Pissarrachampsa P Planocrania Platyognathus Platysuchus
Pliogonodon Poposaurus Pristichamphus Pristichampsus Protosuchus C
Pseudhesperosuchus Redondavenator Rhabdognathus Rhabdosaurus Rhytisodon
Rugosuchus Saltoposuchus P C Sarcosuchus P C Saurodesmus Sebecus
Sericodon Shamosuchus Shantungosuchus Shartegosuchus Shuvosaurus
Siamosuchus Sichuanosuchus Sillosuchus Simosuchus Sokotosaurus
Sokotosuchus Sphagesaurus Sphenosuchus Stolokrosuchus Stomatosuchus
Stratiosuchus Stratiotosuchus Sunosuchus Susisuchus Symptosuchus
Tagarosuchus Teleorhinus Terminonaris Terrestrisuchus C Theriosuchus
Tianchungosaurus Tilemsisuchus Trematochampsa Trialestes Turanosuchus
Turfanosuchus Uberabasuchus Unasuchus Uruguaysuchus Vectisuchus
Wanosuchus Wargosuchus Weigeltisuchus Woodbinesuchus Wurnosaurus
Yacarerani Yonghesuchus Zaraasuchus Zatomus Zholsuchus
Zosuchus Zulmasuchus

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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