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An introduction to the Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia along with some statistics regarding what information is available

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Gulls, Auks, Waders, etc.
Actitis Alca P C Alces Alcodes Australca
Bartramia Belanopteryx Belgirallus Boutersema Boutersemia
Brachyramphus Brachyrhamphus Burhinus Calidris Capella
Catarractes Catharacta Cepphus Cerorhinca Cestration
Charadrius Chroicocephala Cimolopteryx Coenocorypha Dakotornis
Divisulcus Dolicopterus Dorypaltus Elorius Endomychura
Erolia Fluviatitavis Fratercula Gallinago Gaviota
Glareola Graculavus Himantopus Jacana Janipes
Jiliniornis Kievornis Laornis Laricola Larus
Limicolavis Limosa Limosavis Loncornis Mancalla
Miocepphus Mioglareola Miomancalla Mirolia Morsoravis
Numenius Nupharanassa Ocyplanus Oreopholus Palaeotringa
Paleotringa Paractiornis Paractitis Phalaropus Pinguinus P C
Plautus Pliolunda Pluvialis Praemancalla Precursor
Prosobonia Pseudocepphus Pseudosterna Ptychoramphus Recurvirostra
Remiornis Rissa Sarjeantopodus Scolopax Stercorarius
Sterna Synthliboramphus Telmatornis Totanus Tringa
Turnipax Turnix Uria Vanellus Volgavis

Name The name (genus) of the life form.
  Life Form Family Group  The family group to which the life form belongs.
This life form is Globally Extinct.  or  At least one species of this life form still exists today.  The 'cross' symbol indicates that this life form is globally extinct whereas the 'heart' symbol indicates that at least one species of this life form still exists today.
Pictures (artist illustrations and/or photos of fossils) are available in the detail page
Images of collectibles (scans/photos of cards, stickers, etc.) are available in the detail page

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